What's New for 2016

2015 was an incredible year! The website had finally reached new levels of popularity as word is catching on that QUALITY Satan

ic Jewelry is finally on the market. The CRAFTSMANSHIP speaks for itself and those who have been supportive of my works since the beginning have taken it upon themselves to spread the word! Thank you all for the show of support and purchases made since the beginning!

The big thing in 2015 was the Sigil of Baphomet ring. Most of you followed the blogs as I updated the process of getting it done. I was the first to EVER produce the ring for custom made orders and I was also the first to EVER create the ring for a mass market. Thanks to all those who have purchased the pendants, I kept rolling over the funds to work on producing the rings on a large scale. There was still some challenges when I began the journey, including the most recent one when I had ordered the factory to produce more sizes.

Now, I normally do not talk about day to day operations but running a company single-handedly is not an easy task. This website and the productions that come out of them are all done by one man, ME! Its a big task. In 2016, I decided it was finally time to take it on full time. Therefore, this means, things will start improving immediately. Most of which you probably wouldn't care if you are reading this now. Anyhow, I will keep it simple on what you can DEFINITELY take note of in this new year.

The first thing is, MORE sizes are being produced. Yes, I KNOW EVERYONE is waiting for a size 13 ring to drop. I ordered more sizes and the factory was stuck on a previous order that was not cancelled out. So they produced MORE rings in sizes I already HAD. Therefore, DO NOT BE SURPRISED if you see a drop in prices on these rings as I need to find a means to unload them so we can proceed to make room for new sizes. Do not worry though, the process takes time but the sizes WILL arrive...I promise this. For now, enjoy the next few items I have in store.

Now...due to the fact that there are internet trolls staking out my facebook page and website to get a drop on what I have planned next, I cannot go into specifics on the MORE important projectst I have until I am ready to introduce them. The reason is simple. Too many competitors are copying my ideas to get a jump the excitement of what's to come. Not only that, these same people have purchased DOMAIN NAMES that resemble my OWN web address so as to confuse everyone. THEN, they make claims that my items are fake or somehow not allowed. Believe me when I say this, all my items are not copyrighted. I know the law, its been discussed with legal counsel and that is about the gist of what I will say regarding this matter. The other thing is, my ideas are based on making something better where others have failed. Its not a copy of something in existence. The Baphomet ring was never around if it were not for me. Anyhow, the Satanic Cross is another piece that is hard for the competition to copy. For one, it is a design that is original. There are not many that are like it....IF they resemble it, I GUARANTEE that the quality and craftsmanship is UNMATCHED. PLUS the price is another thing. I make it very affordable.

Now....in 2016 I have a few things I am going to work on. I will probably bring smaller sized cuff-links. Tie clasps are going to be optional. Depending on demand, I will consider tie-clasps. Next, is lapel pins in a small size. So far, the size I have, 1.5 inch seems to work for many people. They are high quality, clean, and BELIEVE ME, the butterfly clasp on the back of a lapel pin does NOT determine quality. I choose a simply clasp for comfort reasons. Its that simple. Something thick and bulky will be uncomfortable and can't always be worn with everything. I did the research before creating them.

Next is something I will say has been a long time coming. I am still working on Stainless Steel 1.5 inch Sigil of Baphomet pendants in Black color and my signature piece, the 2 inch Black and Red Baphomet necklace. These will be much higher in price but its for those who will want the piece to last a LIFETIME. I WILL make them LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The fact that the will be steel says it all. Less maintenance and long lasting. Sterling silver is something that is not worth doing at this time. The reason is simple, Silver is extremely expensive on the commodities market. If you follow the New York Stock Exchange, you will be paying alot for silver and in a couple years it will be worth half as much if you tried selling it. SO for one thing, I do not wish to invest in something that will decrease in value. Gold is a prime example of what it used to cost to what it is now...it was once $2K an OUNCE...now its in the hundreds...but still pretty expensive. Definitely not worth it. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, when IT IS FEASIBLE, I will make these in STERLING SILVER...until then, I am doing Stainless Steel.

The biggest addition to the inventory is coming in April. The Maurice Bessy Version is coming in Stainless Steel PLUS I will work on getting the current Baphomet that I use now in Stainless Steel as well. This will be a commemration piece dedicated to the 50 year anniversary of the foundation of The Church of Satan. The Maurice Bessy Baphomet that I am creating IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE CHURCH OF SATAN. This is strictly OUR rendition and commerative piece. MAYBE A ONE TIME PRODUCTION but that is to be determined. If for some reason I cannot produce a stainless steel version by then, an alloy version will be create as they are much easier and faster to produce by the factory.

But wait there's more....I am also working on bringing a 1.5 inch Seal of Lucifer pendant. It will be created in 2 designs but this is yet to be determined. The Seal of Lucifer will have a much edgier look, darker to say the least and I hope to have this created in Stainless Steel as well. The release date is to be determined since I am currently working on the Maurice Bessy Baphomet AND more ring sizes.

The list goes on my friends. 2016 is going to be a big year of nothing short of GROWTH for me. I plan on introducing new products EVERY 3 months at minimum. At best, I hope I can do every month and a half, to two months ...at best. Lots of new things coming. I hope that you can continue to support me and all the things I will start creating will likely be outside of the jewelry category BUT these will be USEFUL things. Things that we can use daily or occassionally but definitely useful. They will not be just novelty items...unless you are a collector of sorts.

This year also starts out with a new concept for the website. You will see that there is a couple little things I added. PIC OF THE WEEK and PIC OF THE MONTH. If you wish to be considered, tag us on Instagram, Share on Facebook, or Email it to me....I get TONS of emails and pics sent to me often. I am always reading about what your thoughts are on the items I offer. You know who you are and thanks for the praise. Much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to ready this blog, I normally try keeping them short and simple but I wanted to update visitors to the site about what's coming in 2016. LIKE US on Facebook to stay informed AND sign up for a monthly Newsletter to get DEALS for the month NOT shared on Facebook.

Darkest Days are coming....Xerxes

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