ORIGINAL and still the BEST!

For months I have said that competition is always just around the corner. Always trolling my website, my facebook page, and looking to see what I will come up with next. I was the first to create Sigil of Baphomet pendants with design features that reflect a better quality and craftsmanship. The things that make them have a more professional look and feel to them PLUS the color that will never fade with time and not to mention the weight that they have.

We were the first to bring an NEW level of quality and craftsmanship. These very words is what we sell ourselves on. Nothing less, nothing more. This had nothing to do with "permission" from anyone. This was basically about a product that carried something meaningful to the people we were catering to, The Satanist.

We were the first to create The Sigil of Baphomet RING in Sterling Silver and STILL have the most creative design that is UNMATCHED by any jeweler out there, and that goes for the competition. They simply do not have the technology nor the ability to bring something better to market. WE DO.

When we announced the ability to produce a ring, the competition quickly moved to be the first to create it. We were there first. SINCE then, we have been contracted to do custom ring orders for high prominent figures...ALL with the current design listing shown on the shop page.

Since then, we also came up with a more affordable means to create a Baphomet ring for ALL to purchase without taking too much of the quality and craftsmanship. Grant it, the design is not as detailed since you get what you pay for with us. However, you DO get quite a great piece nonetheless and the price is EXTREMELY reasonable. The rings are created in Stainless Steel and more sizes are coming! As for the competition, they still have not been able to match us on this feat! The reason is simple, they are not well funded and rightfully so. When you create something, the markets set the tone and pace of who's clearly a winner and who's a loser. We set out to do quality on day one and to be ORIGINAL. Satanists worldwide have supported me and THEY decided who was the clear cut winner. For that, WE THANK YOU!

Then came a piece that we knew would turn off many in The Church of Satan. It was the Sigil of Anton LaVey. We did not copy their original design, we did our OWN rendition. We also knew that the original piece that was owned by Anton LaVey was unique only to him. No one in The Church of Satan was allowed to replicate it. We personally thought it was a good design but we felt it could be

so much more, hence the reason for our own version. Then, the competition soon followed and apparantly, a costly one. No wonder why everything is always a custom order. They do not feel confident if they invest in creating them and then selling them. Afraid of having them stocked for ages I take it. We were confindent and we continue to sell them like hot cakes. Its a good way to honor the legacy of a man but unfortunate that today's leadership is not in tune with what Satanists really want and appreciate.

It is needless to say that we caught on to the trolls online. Every time we announced a new pendant or new item we are working on, the competition is soon to follow. Personally, we embrace competition. Competition lets the market appreciate quality and craftsmanship MORE after they see what else is out there. We know what it takes to create these items. Alot goes into the planning and even more goes into the work involve.

Just like the Sigil of Anton LaVey was such a great success, we came up with yet other designs that were not going to be easily replicated. We created The Satanic Cross in stainless steel! The Satanic Cross has floated around the internet for ages. Some have attempted to create pendants but failed on appeal and creativity. We had created the Satanic Cross that met BOTH but we started to experiment with a new method of creating our product line. It was stainless steel.

The stainless steel concept came about after many requests for sterling silver. However, I, the founder of the webstore 'SigilofBaphomet' is a man that loves his numbers. As an active investor in the New York Stock Exchange, I know the commodities market which includes some of the precious metals we are familar with, such as Gold and Silver. Silver and gold prices were affected deeply during the countries recession and those prices has yet to come down further to make them what they once were. We are fully aware of this and realized that those who are attempting to create competition using silver as a means to somehow make their products more valuable is actually a foolish one. The price of silver will eventually go down, therefore, making the products less valuable as a metal. Not only that, but the design flaws and unoriginal creativity is not so appealing to most. Further adding the possibility of failure like ALL past webstores The Church of Satan has hosted in the past.

The Satanic Cross WE created is STILL the best compared to all else out there. Not easy to produce stainless steel, renditions that MIGHT exists are in pewter or unknown metals. Not only that, but the color is also CLOISONNE. A technique that applies color to metal whereas the color will never fade with time. Essentially this piece will last FOREVER and for the price, its definitely WORTH IT.

Now, in case you wonder, YES. The competition quickly moved to create their own version...and has quickly reclused into abyss since. Our best guess is, they hardly sold any, IF ANY at all. Their design was not so welcomed.

SO you see, the competition is always trying to keep up. Even the Sigil of Baphomet that we use was then taken up by the competition. One thing is being creative and original but another is quality and craftsmanship. It seems that the competition is always one or the other but NEVER a combination of all 4 essentials. That is where we stand. Its a solid foundation I have established and MORE IS COMING.

Now, the Black and Red 2 inch has been copied. Not in an exact way; they use the Maurice Bessy baphomet version, however, the two-tone color version. THAT was Xerxes' idea from the beginning. We welcome competition but we feel its rather ironic how they seem to literally follow in our shadows with every move we make. TO ALL SATANISTS whom have supported us, we want thank you for the support and we are confident that you can distinguish the difference between US and other less qualified candidates that create Satanic Jewelry.

To make things even more interesting, the competition even uses OUR name. They purchased domain names for website addresses with OUR name so as to confuse everyone. Let it be said today that the tactics used are rather shady indeed. However, this is the reason for the blog today. To clarify what is happening right now. Those who have purchased from us before, already know. Does who plan on purchasing, its as simple as "BUYER BEWARE". We hope you take a good look around and make a conscious choice. We pride ourselves on the work that we do and Satanists globally has expressed it many times over.

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