Debunking "Permission" to use Sigil of Baphomet. The truth of the matter.

I also want to clarify something publicly. I do not intend to create car decals or Gay men calendars any time soon. Its so far off cue on what my market is, unlike the competition, they are literally all over the place at this point. Here, we stick to what Satanists have long desired for, Quality Satanic Jewelry, plain and simple!

Changes to the website are already being made for February. New Pic of the Month/Week and I am featuring a very special guest whom will be a staple to my marketing dynamic for the product line. Most of you will be familiar with the face based on the pics I have posted in the recent past. I am also getting a new shipment this weekend. Stand By for a NEW RELEASE. I anticipate 2-3 more releases leading up to April. Afterwards, there's likely to be new additions as early a MONTHLY but NO later than 3 months MAX until the end of the year!

I am keeping the promise of 2016 being a really big year for me, all thanks to YOU the supporters. I am in existence because YOU, the market demanded quality grade Satanic Jewelry for the longest time and that time has ARRIVED! I will continue to do this until there is no longer a demand for all that I set out to create.

Many people still attempt to attack my listings on Ebay and Amazon and even on my website and facebook regarding "PERMISSION RIGHTS" as they so often speak of. The fact of the matter is, The Sigil of Baphomet is a religious symbol. Its no different than any other religious symbol such as a Crucifix, a Ying-Yang, or a pagan Pentagram. In business, these are generally referred to as "Generic" symbols or artwork. Means, they are just every day symbols that have no merit for copyright legistlation around it. So to once again clarify, The Church of Satan has a TRADEMARK on the Sigil of Baphomet WITH THE WORDS "Church of Satan".

SO what does this mean? You may ask. It means that The Church of Satan created a BRAND. Plain and Simple. They protect it by utilizing a symbol WITH WORDS AND this establishes rule of law against anyone or company to uses "CHURCH OF SATAN" with a symbol like the one they use, which is basically The Sigil of Baphomet OR LIKENESS.

In a court of law, using the symbol alone would be a very difficult argument to make against, as it would be for a Christian organization claiming a stake that a crucifix is owned by the organization. About the only leg ANY organization would have to stand on is when their NAME is USED. The symbol hardly plays a role. However, in this case ANY pentagram or LIKENESS would not be legal to use IF and ONLY IF, the words "CHURCH OF SATAN" are used WITH IT. Meaning...the reason The Church of Satan protected their BRAND was not so much to protect the SIGIL OF BAPHOMET symbol ITSELF. It was to protect ANYONE OR COMPANY to CLAIM that THEY ARE or ARE CONNECTED TO THE CHURCH OF SATAN. Placing a SIMILAR IMAGE of the Sigil of Baphomet or the EXACT image that The Church of Satan USES PLUS THE WORDS "Church of Satan" would be deemed illegal. AND THAT, my friends, is what is illegal and would require written expressed permission from The Church of Satan. SO unless, there is a brokered deal between a party and the CoS, no one can use their name nor make reference or attempt to claim that they are associated WITH The Church of Satan.

Therefore, I once again clarify that I am not associated with The Church of Satan. This in no way determines what my beliefs are. Nor was it ever required to be a MEMBER to be recognized a Satanist. Not being a member and creating Baphomet jewelry in the image of Baphomet is NOT against the law.

Despite the fact that I have officially DEBUNKED many people's theories as to what is legal or not, it seems like suddenly Church of Satan members are having a moral crisis about what is right or what is wrong. Quite franly, I am the most successful individual that ever offered Satanic jewelry since The Church of Satan's website once had an ecommerce page called Emporium years ago. They were not the first, nor the last to create a market. The demand has always existed but too many people with little to no KNOWLEDGE about how 'sausage is made' in the world of business have come and

Let's face it. Everyone knows that if you can create a better mousetrap, you will gain some degree of noteriaty over the quality of your product. Its not rocket science. Despite this, Church of Satan members and supporters alike seem to have this moral concern over what I do for some reason. I assure you, I am not breaking the law. We have consulted with attorneys, crossed our T's and dotted our I's when we set out to create something big. My company is successful and perhaps taking the spotlight away from your cherished organization and technically they should have learned to master this feat by now. However, people will do what they will. Occassionally, I still get met with people trying to discredit my work as being cheap somehow because I am not a member of the Church of Satan.

I am not a member of The Satanic Temple either but they certainly do not disagree with what I do. Matter of fact, we have built a repectable business relationship. I have also SUPPLIED MANY Church of Satan MEMBERS with pendants. You see, EVERY MEMBER of The Church of Satan is STILL AN INVIDIDUAL. Not ALL members of CoS are hateful towards what I do. I would say 90% of Church of Satan Members GLOBALLY are my customers. Many tell me that they love the quality. It has nothing to do with whether or not I have "PERMISSION". Permission was NEVER NEEDED IN THE FIRST PLACE, yet, they respect what I do and they continue to purchase the items I offer. To THOSE Satanists, members of The Church of Satan...or not, THANK YOU. I read the comments, I read the emails from all over the world. I read everything. I am not alone in my work. I have a great little company and we strive hard to create nothing but the best. There will always be a few that will disagree with the facts I laid out, but that's ok. In the end, the only thing that matters is: I will be here til the very END until the market decides that my products are no longer wanted.

This never had anything to do with PERMISSION. Know the law and you cannot argue the facts. You heard it from ME first. - Xerxes

Now, as stated before. 2016 is a big year. New item releases about every month is the goal. I also plan on getting into different categories but fairly close to the things we desire the most, Satanic!

Follow me on Facebook, leave comments, recommendations, pics, etc. Also, keep in mind that if you are a seller on Ebay, Amazon, or Website in Europe and want to sell these items there, I have a WHOLESALE PAGE set up and I am open to discuss an opportunity with you. Its as simple as an email.

That is all I have for now, til next time, Dark Blessings!


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