The Witch

The Church of Satan apparently decided to PASS on promoting this movie...ACCORDING TO THEM and I say that with a HUGE emphasis. The reality is we will never truly know what went on behind closed doors. I have made many deals behind closed doors. I can assure you, when it comes to promoting, there's alot going on than we know in the public spectrum of things.

My feeling is that they passed up an opportunity just like they did when I approached them myself early on when I began creating Sigil of Baphomet jewelry and related items. I wanted to create a piece and I was hoping to get an endorsement that would allow me to USE the name and/or title "Church of Satan"...however, they declined. Simply stating that they had someone else already in mind to front the so called competition. Its hardly a competition since they have clearly missed the mark on so many levels but that's another topic for another day. The fact is, it was a missed opportunity. I would have offered a royalty in perpetuity for some limited rights to using the words...I mean, WHO turns down such an offer!??? They wouldn't even meet with me.

This stems from a recent post on the Church of Satan posted in their NEWS section (blog) of their website. The fact of the matter is, the marketing specialists for the producers of the movie THE WITCH sent messages to those who would be fitting to promote such a movie. Its the hottest topic of our time, Satanism! Why wouldn't you ask for such publicity? I am sure they would have been honored to have Mr. Gilmore do a promo. However, this marketing strategy goes out to ALL whom would be qualifiers to do such a promo. Naturally, the "neo-Satanists" as Gilmore referr to them as, took it upon themselves lend a helping hand. That group is known as The Satanic Temple.

I mean, lately its truly amazes me why the COS continues to remain in the shadows these days. I have nothing against the organization personally as so many of its members have supported my craft, that of providing the highest quality Satanic jewelry. It just makes a hard impression on me to see why they would be so picky on matters like this. Makes one wonder, indeed.

Could it be because The Satanic Temple beat them to the punch? I mean, I would assume that they would want nothing to do in CONJUNCTION with any other organization. Such was the case when The Temple of Set was formed. They literally set themselves apart and literally 'does not play well others'. I can honestly way that this is perhaps a prime example of the backlash The Church of Satan has recieved regarding the leadership these days.

Let me simply state that there is NO organization above any other, nor is there a person greater than any other. The ideology that you can set yourself apart from all and have this "I Stand alone" attitude as if it somehow makes you unique is a false concept these days. That concept of being has fallen through the cracks since the invention of social media. Get with the program!

I know alot of what I say regarding the CoS may come off as being some sort of thing against them. Its hardly the case, I would do this to anyone or group. Let's face it, Satanists will call anyone's bullshit when they see it. Let's not try to save-face and spin it a different direction, cause we can clearly see what is being said and what is really the truth of the matter.

I personally feel that The Satanic Temple's promotion of The Witch movie is a great one. I would have equally been as great if not, incredible, to have seen The Church of Satan stand behind it as well. As for all this talk about The Blair Witch project, that epic failure of a movie...geesh! Where do I start with that? I don't think "LIVE-STREAM" was available in 2000. The Church of Satan had just gotten its Domain Name about 2-3 years earlier. The internet was still rather young and Facebook was not yet available during that time, let alone YouTube. I mean, come on, what's the real reason they choose not to promote THE WITCH? I think the answer can be asimple reason:

The Satanic Temple had accepted to do it prior to being asked and were told that SOME Satanic organizations were already standing behind the movie, therefore, its an all or nothing for the spotlight....OR

Perhaps you turned it down, with the notion that this is 'beyond us' (like that of some lower class) and therefore The Satanic Temple, wise to take up the opportunity, DID So...

Based on my own personal experience, the second reason is likely...but either one could be a possibility.

If anyone wonders WHY I support The Satanic Temple as much as I do...its simple. They also supported and promoted me in the past. The CoS, however, did not. A missed opportunity and still the world turns....

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