Hey, Xerxes. 2 questions. Are you a member of the Church of Satan? If so, I heard that The Satanic T

The Question was asked on Facebook on this night. My response was rather long but it was long over due. Someone couldn't have asked a better way to settle the score about my thoughts on this. Grant it, my past remarks are rather critical, but I can't sugar coat the facts as I see them. So here is my thoughts from the outside looking in:

I am not a member of either organization. I personally don't believe that there is this hatred towards each other. HOWEVER, some of the members of BOTH organizations make statements that say why they do not agree with the 'other' organization. Depending on the one they associate with OR they are a member of. The CoS, is basically the foundation of how Satanism has structured. Before 1966, there was never any set of rules or sense of organization.

LaVey did that when he wrote The Satanic Bible. It was the first time it people came together to form an organization, with some rule of law within the structure. The books after that were based on just that, how a Satanist should conduct himself, etc...and so much more to learn about what Satanism SHOULD BE in our MODERN TIME, that is. They even had some people leave and start their own "branch" to sort of speak, like The Temple of Set. Many more came after that. However, most never got the notoriety that The Satanic Temple has achieved in the past 3 years. Now, due to that simple fact and the fact the The Satanic Temple truly accepts many different opinions, many have openly argued against the leadership of the CoS since LaVey's passing. Then there's the fact that CoS has thrown out some criticism about what TST is doing. Just one RECENT example is a blog by Gilmore on the CoS website that refers to TST members as Neo-Satanists and such words that make TST look like child's play. TST leadership has never said anything negative, however, the members; a different story.

It all began with how Gilmore and CoS members are reacting to the popularity TST is getting. The fact is, they are completely different organizations in the way they function. CoS is very old school. They have this sense of a hierarchy system in place that is based on your level of success. They created a brand around the Baphomet logo and they trademarked the LOGO WITH THE WORDS "Church of Satan" and they discourage anyone from straying away from CoS leadership/membership. TST is more open and welcoming of Atheists and the likes of other religions not related to Christianity. They garner support because they are a separate organization that is not so much like a CHURCH in a sense, but rather a Satanic Revolution. A politically driven organization that utilizes Satanism as the basis to keep the Christian right from literally taking over the country. CoS, stands to be more of a philosophical organization. Which is great! It's always been that way and looks like it will always BE that way. Grant it, from MY OWN PERSONAL view, I think they COULD have just given TST some acknowledgement and recognition for the work that they are doing but instead, they took a different direction. The leadership of both organizations hardly squabble over who said what. They KNOW what was said or written in public forums and they just go about the agenda that they stand by. However, the supporters and the members alike are more vocal about what they see and read and rightfully so! I have alot of CoS members whom have purchased my items, so have many TST members...and Satanists across the GLOBE that are part of organizations I NEVER KNEW existed. In the end, a Satanist is an individual. Each having their own opinion and many who share the same train of thought. Me, I support TST for what they are doing and ALSO based on personal experience, when I began creating these works or art, they were my first big supporter. CoS on the other hand, turned me away. I still have the email. I am going to print it and frame it. They say that every business experiences a moment that sets the drive to stay motivated and become successful. This was it for me. I was turned away and I did not give up and set out to garner the support of many across the planet, literally. Nothing against CoS, I just wonder about the directions they make and where they plan on going with it. But that's MY opinion. Xerxes

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