The NEW* Sigil of Baphomet Necklace - High Grade Surgical Steel - 316L

The new Sigil of Baphomet necklace has arrived! We are the FIRST IN THE WORLD to have brought high quality and craftmanship Satanic jewelry at the grand scale of production EVER produced. Before us, there were just a few individuals that had taken up the call to produce them but failed and disappeared in the end.

Since we started this 3 years ago on March 11th 2013, the journey seemed long at the time. We did produce them to the best of our ability at that time. It was the first time in recent DECADES that another person had attempted to produce pendants with a goal of being something MORE than a small scale production by hand. We came into the picture knowing that competition would soon follow and we were determined to improve the quality and the craftsmanship as time went on.

We improved it fast over the course of just 3 years. Each time, acquiring the mechanisms and the skilled labor of many to produce something that would leave the competition behind while we take the lead into a production that is STILL unmatched.

Now the time has finally come. The Sigil of Baphomet necklace has been produced for the first time, in a high grade, surgical steel (316L - Stainless), engraved with the appropriate title of the design on the back, also engraved on the front with the added color black resin (Cloisonne), polished to a shine with a very exquisite shine overall.

What makes this piece so unique is that there are little to NO manufacturers in the world that can work with steel. Steel is such a better metal than just precious metals in that it requires NO maintenance or cleaning, it can be polished to a luster and HOLD that luster for longer than precious metals. Plus, the strength of steel is unmatched by gold or silver. But wait, there's more...THE COST~! The cost of steel is much lower than precious metals. This day and age, the cost of gold had sky-rocketed due to global inflation resulting from the waves of Recession on every country in the world. Until this rides itself out, and it COULD take years, the cost of precious metals will remain HIGH, including silver and gold...AND it would be OBSURED to invest into the purchase of a precious metal when the likelihood that the price you pay for SILVER TODAY will GO DOWN TOMORROW...therefore, making your jewelry worth LESS than what you buy it for. This is something some of our competitors have not put so much thought into. They try so hard to compete with us that they start to mimick our designs (which they have clearly shown some epic design flaws in their work) AND they think by offering it in SILVER that somehow that makes it better. The truth of the matter is, it would be a BAD investment for the next few years if not, the next decade, for the BUYER anyway, maybe not so much for the maker. You would get a double-whammy; design flaws where the details clearly miss the mark on EYE-APPEAL AND the cost you pay for the item will devalue over time. I need to also state that simply having "thicker" pendants doesn't make them any more better. NOR does having an endorsement from ANY organization. I personally do NOT get any endorsement from The Satanic Temple, an organization I strongly and openly support. However, THEY have been supportive of our services we offer and for that, we hold them in high regards. Eye for an eye, right?

Next, I want to RE-Introduce The Satanic Cross pendants that are quickly becoming popular with The Satanic Temple AND MANY other Satanic organizations WORLDWIDE. The new versions in steel and the NEW BLOOD RED SATANIC CROSS necklace! These new pics really bring out the color of both pieces. We have incorporated the used of a photo studio SPECIFICALLY for pics of our inventory and the results of these pics are just amazing! They now show the details in a well lit environment. Check these out:

The pics are so clear you can even see lint dust if you observe carefully. Just amazing pics, I have to be honest. All items are handled with white gloves and masks. They are handled with the respect they deserve as I command it for our line of jewelry. It may not be precious metals but they definitely can compete with it on EYE APPEAL.

Now check out the Sigil of Anton LaVey and of course, my signature piece, the 2 inch Black and Red Sigil of Baphomet necklace:

Need I say more? The quality is superior! There is NO other competitor that can match this. Don't be surprised if they start to incorporate random items to introduce to their website, this is a sure-tell sign that they recognize that there is no competing for something people can get at a better price for the best quality in the world. It only make sense. You buy Xerxes, you get the best!

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