The future of Satanic Jewerly

Once again, I am here to discuss what's in store for the near future. Normally, I share this sort of thing with the Newsletter Subscribers while offering a special offer for the month. This time, however, I want to make it open to the public. So here we go.

The New Surgical Steel version of the Sigil of Baphomet necklace is a huge success. The goal has finally been achieved. I have finally reached the ultimate level of quality and craftsmanship with that piece. Truly a very clean and solid piece that is near indestructible! It has great weight to it, never EVER requires maintenance, the surface is smooth, the color will never come off. Grant it, it can come off with some heave wear and tear but clearly it holds up against the elements! Yes, this piece will never even RUST. Its stainless steel. You buy it once, you buy it for LIFE!

Those whom did not follow me from the beginning 3 years ago, are not aware that at some point, I had reached out to The Church of Satan regarding making a commemorative piece to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the foundation of the Church of Satan. This piece WOULD have been the one! Unfortunately, they had someone else in mind at the time and based on accounts I get from buyers, well, lets just say I wish them the best and I would highly recommend they keep their day job, just saying.

In April, since to me, its more or less a month long celebration that freed the minds of many throughout the world. The freedom to be yourself that stemmed from the foundation of The Church of Satan by Anton LaVey. Many, myself included, discovered our inner Satanist upon reading The Satanic Bible. I am sure ALL Satanists today can agree to that fact. There's alot that we can appreciate about The Church of Satan for what it was then and what it meant to us when we discovered ourselves to be who we are today, Satanists.

Since I always felt that April should be a month long of remembrance, I wanted to take the opportunity to make the push to clear out the inventory to make a strong move for what I am doing soon. We are going into improving the quality of the inventory by making them into Stainless Steel, particularly of surgical steel since it holds the best quality possible. You see, 3 years ago, the pendants were made of material that was affordable and not much consideration was given to the fact that Satanists were coming 'above=ground' at the time. The Satanic Revolution was VERY much in its infancy. The jewelry at the time was designed with affordable metals but the design itself needed to "kick-ass" for lack of a better way of saying it. It needed to at best, look amazing but keep it affordable. The one thing that was never considered was that it would worn and TUCKED IN the person's shirt.

The problem with doing that, is that, the pendants were made of alloys and coated with a silver coat that would eventually wear off as a natural process. However, with body chemistry and people literally so in love with their necklace that some would never take it off at all. Therefore, they got it wet while showering PLUS the natural body chemistry when worn against the skin. People with allergens with some metals or alloys would not be able to keep it on long plus the pendant will deteriorate around the edges and the backside.

Since those early days, I have come a long ways and improvised the material. However, there was so much inventory in stock, I had to wait until it was time to make new productions. That is when I decided that the time was right to make the pendants durable for every day wear and tear. Regardless of whether or not you tuck it in, if you are OLD-SCHOOL Satanist that remains 'Under-ground' or you are part of the new generation that is open about your affiliations and beliefs. The jewelry needed to take a new step in the right direction. That is exactly what I accomplished, just in time to for April!

However, the competition has take on new directions too. While attempting to keep pace with us, they failed yet again. Missing the mark on quality and assuming that because our versions were heavier and thick so that its appropriate in that regard that they can directly compete with us. I mean, I understand their desire to stay competitive but when they also mimicked my signature piece, I was surprised that from the looks of things, they must not participate or be much involved in the production because their mimicking took a turn for the worse and backfired. It looked like something the Mickey Mouse could would have created.

Though my words may sound harsh, I hold back no punches on reality. If someone else could do better, I would most certainly have acknowledged it and perhaps gracefully stepped out of being in the same business....but that's just me. This is the same exact reason WHY 3 years ago the Sigil of Baphomet website got started! I was sick and tired of NEVER seeing anything I could PROUDLY WEAR...PROUDLY! I can't stress it enough to say that. Most Satanists across the planet will agree, that upon discovering what I have brought to market, they wear theirs with more dignified pride! Before us, what other option was there? Hot Topic? Spencers? Costume Jewelry? Or How about when people would get creative and invert crosses or Wiccan pentacles? Yeah, I still see a few of those around. Just invert it and call it Satanic, right? WRONG!! Fuck that shit! This is exactly why I STILL keep pushing for higher quality and craftsmanship! Xerxes Enterprises is the parent company behind SigilofBaphomet website and this is part of the mission. We are DONE wearing jokes around our necks! The Satanist, perhaps one of the most rational thinking and smartest living beings on Earth would demand nothing better than the absolute best jewelry. That is what I, Xerxes, brings to the table!

Moving on...Here's what's coming soon and where are going next.

More ring sizes! Size 13, the most sought after size is definitely coming. Colored and Uncolored. This time, the uncolored rings will have a little bit of a twist to them. In order to master my craft, the uncolored portion will be polished to a shine, making the entire piece impressive than every. As the old inventory sells out, we will produce them in this new concept. Sizes 13, 8, and 9 are coming.

The Satanic Temple pendants are almost here. We were sanctioned to produce a RED and BLACK pendant. Pictured here is an incomplete RED pendant. This is a sample of what you can expect to see, plus there will be a Black one, not pictured. The Satanic Temple as also notified that I had created some rings as samples of what we can do. Exquisitely magnificent pieces indeed! They were not able to fund the rings at the time but there is no doubt in my mind that once the sales of the necklaces goes over well, they will be able to fund the rings in the near future. We will not be selling them, we are simply manufacturers of THEIR jewelry. The reason we show the pics on this website is really to express that buyers get the guaranteed backing of a quality piece directly from US. TST was also one of the earliest supporters when we were just getting started making jewelry 3 years ago.

As for The Church of Satan, as I mentioned before, they had someone else in mind. My door is open should they ever want to sanction US to create a MASTERPIECE EXCLUSIVE ONLY FOR THEM TO USE, SELL, OR OTHERWISE. Yes, you heard it here first. We have also negotiated in making jewelry for many other organizations but TST is one of our biggest and we are proud to cater them.

I am also working on a NEW version of the Seal of Lucifer. The previous version I once carried sold out long ago and I never reproduced it. There's still many people out there that wish to buy something like that. Since we have better abilities these days that has allowed us to work with steel. The Seal of Lucifer will be done in much the same way another pendant was created. Its simple by design, clean and some sharp edges. It will also serve as a 2 sided piece. That is about the extent I will discuss what you can expect to get.

Next will also be a bracelet. The bracelet has been something I have been working on but at a snail's pace. The reason for this was because I also wanted to create a watch. The two kinda went hand in hand but in the end, the watch idea has been set aside. Instead, I will go in the direction of a bracelet. It will be a fusion of steel and leather. Now before you fill your head with the typical leather bands that have metal parts on top, that is NOT how I will design it. I am thinking a little more edgier. I am also considering using a more exotic leather, like STINGRAY or PYTHON. This MAY be a bit too high end in regards to the price tag so the option to do the leather we are commonly used to (cow) will probably be the first option. Unlike what others have done, we will prevail where others have failed. Doing a Bangle bracelet is mostly for women. I want mine to significantly cater to both sexes without question! So again, its still VERY early for this project and I will discuss it more with pics as we intend to have this out by early summer.

There is also a new ladies only necklace coming just in time for Mother's Day. I posted a pic that was very blurry but at the time I received it, it was to serve a purpose. That purpose was merely to get a glimpse of what I has asking the factory to create for me. Its gonna be a VERY stylish piece, NOT NECESSARILY meant for Satanic women but literally anyone outside of Satanism would be able to wear it. It's a cute little heart stone with the devilish horns and tail, in Sterling Silver. The stone will vary in colors, such as Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, and possibly Green. The jury is still out on the details for now. Expect it by end of April, just in time for Mother's Day.

To recap the blog, this month, prices are slashed on alloy pendants, great opportunity to take advantage of these pendants. Once they are gone, they will not be introduce in the same way or price for that matter. New versions are obviously more but well worth the cost for a lifetime!


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