A Recap on recent works, Seal of Lucifer, and what you didn't know about The Sigil of Anton LaVe

While I was working on making new ring sizes a couple months back, I was doing some even more sweeping changes. As you have probably seen by now, the rings are still high quality but now they are lighter in weight. The head of the ring was reduced in weight. This makes the rings appeal more to women who do not like bulging ring weights on their smaller fingers (compared to men's fingers).

The Seal of Lucifer was one that had weighed in on my mind since the beginning of the year but with so much demand for ring sizes, I had to come up with that first. If you've followed previous blogs before, you will probably remember that I DID ask my factories to produce more rings sizes before. However, the unfortunate thing that happens from time to time is when the CEO makes a call and that order gets messed up down below. The factories ended up re-producing the SAME sizes I already HAD so new ring sizes were just out of the question for what seemed like the longest of time!

Now that we are here with the new ring sizes, at last, I made it a point to get a jump on a new pendant introduction. I have not had anything new since the start of 2016. Only RE-Introducing pendants in NEW colors...oh and there is that Maurice Bessy Baphomet pendant. That was always a project for the past 3 years. It was always a goal of mine to have The Church of Satan approve a joint effort I was trying to forge where we could have created a commemorative piece that would celebrate 50 years since the founding of the Church of Satan. However, as I have told the story many times, they had someone else in mind. They went with someone who had no business experience and was in the midst of a start-up. Like many before and since, they come and go due to real lack of finally producing something of quality and craftsmanship. I was a little disappointed but they made a case on the fact that I was not a Church of Satan member and that they prefer to deal with their own before they consider anyone else. And so it was...I brushed it off and let it be. I went on to produce the Maurice Bessy Baphomet just in time for the 50 year anniversary. It is not the way I would have done it. Meaning, I would have added some more special and proprietary significance to the piece and it would have been on a joint effort to bring this beautiful piece to life if only they would be open to have a discussion on it. Instead, they looked through the peephole with their minds already made up, probably before they even took a look. I am sure they are looking now, however. The "LaVeyan" Satanists are definitely pleased and I am sure they are not at liberty to discuss how they really feel over this telling tale. Such is life. My door is still open if they ever choose to work with me. I do not take it personal as it may sound but truth be told, I was really surprised by the response. I would still look forward to doing at least ONE project with them in the future. Whenever that may be.

The Maurice Bessy pendant came and went and still going strong. Then came The Satanic Temple pendants. Many members were anticipating that pendant. It had been in the works for quite a long time! It was mind blowing when it was finally released! So the success of that piece is going extremely well and I personally felt it was my best work YET! Right after the TST pendants, I was pressed to work on the still one that was all ME. The Seal of Lucifer had already been in the works for a prototype. What you have seen in recently released pics on Instagram and Facebook is the very first run of the pendant. After I review it and test it, then give the order to ramp up production and get them going. Now, that time is near. This July, The Seal of Lucifer will be released in what has been all the rave for the past 2 months!

Here's a little bit of information on it. The pendant will be made of High Grade Surgical Steel (316L Stainless). What is that 316L? It is basically a grading that refers to the quality of steel that is being used. Generally, 316L is the best used in jewelry making too. The color is a resin baked into the metal. The color will not fade or chip. Also, due to the piece having so much negative space within the design, it feels quite light for being steel. I also personally try bending or breaking the metal arms that extend in the design plus other areas of the design too and NOTHING happens. The metal is solid and strong and will not break easily. Very high quality piece. There is nothing else like it in the world today...UNTIL JULY!

Speaking of describing the quality and material of pendants, I will end this blog with a little fact that MOST people NEVER KNEW...and probably STILL DO NOT KNOW. The Sigil of Anton LaVey pendant. The lightning bolt. It will never fade or chip...not easily anyway...Here's why: ready for this???

The lightning bolt on The Sigil of Anton LaVey pendants is made of 18k Gold plating. Yes, its really 18k Gold...Plating, of course, but nonetheless. This explains why the color will not come off or fade. If it were painted on, it would fade or rub off with time. If it were anything other than gold plating, it would chip as well. This applied with a particular process for plating with Gold...SO NOW YOU KNOW! I ONLY produce high quality items that require little to no maintenance. This bit of information will soon be added to the listings on the site and everywhere else!

Get it while you can. The current model is close to being sold out and it will not be reproduced. I am currently working on remaking a new version. A version I am SURE everyone will approve of.

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