The Seal of Lucifer

The Seal of Lucifer has finally dropped! Much fanfare and anticipation since the original version from way back in 2014. The newly designed version meets the criteria that ALL Satanists and Luciferians were expecting to see. Small as it may be, this piece is solid high grade surgical steel 316L Stainless! Which basically means that for the complexity of the design, such as in the little 'arms', those will not easily be broken!

Anyone can claim what ever they want. They can say that all items we produce are some how "Cheap" because we are not members to any specific organization or group, but the fact is, we cater to them ALL regardless of a few bad individuals that find some jealousy in our quality of work. The market has spoken! We are the best in the world because Satanists choose with their own wisdom and knowledge! They decided what sets US apart from the others of such similar products. We personally extend our gratitude with each blog to all whom have gotten us this far....THANK YOU!

Moving forward...2016 has definitely been a big year. We do not just SAY its going to be a big year and come out with just one or two new pieces. In fact, we have been cranking out new pieces in higher quality than ever before. Our old inventory has nearly been phased out by now. We have succcessfully made a transition into STEEL because of the fact that we can competitively offer the same price as others yet offer a produce that can never be easily copied by anyone. This was just one of many new items we launched this year. However, it was the MOST anticipated release of the year! The Seal of Lucifer!

Now we are still working on remaking our inventory into new and improved versions in steel. Also making adjustments where we feel people would rather have them. Satanism is no longer the 'under-ground' religion it once was. We have recongnized this and we realized that we needed to create jewelry for the everyday-wearer. The older stuff was designed of much lesser material because it was expected that it would not matter since it was a piece that would have been worn once in a while, for such things as special outtings or ritual. What ever the case, they were not developed with the person having to wear it every single day. However, since the popularity grew, we listened to the demand and we realized that we needed to create the Oswald Wirth Baphomet version that started our movement into a STAINLESS STEEL version. That is what is coming soon.

Production has already started and I have personally given my factory amply amount of time to produce a much larger quantity than ever before to meet demand. We realize that by now, many of you are still hanging on to the older version that probably has turned brown by now. The piece, still holding up and all but the silver finish probably has faded since. Therefore, stainless steel is essential for those who wear theirs 24/7 and without ever losing any of its luster from the time you receive it. That is why we have already phased out the pendant (the old version) and going into the new one soon.

This is the new Oswald Wirth baphomet version. A more detailed and darker version compared to the Maurice Bessy Baphomet that The Church of Satan had adopted as part of their trademark. Stainless steel is completely different than working with the copper and brass alloy versions that I once carried. It requires more effort and at times, we have to go back and create even more because during the engraving process, the artwork cracks! The engraving is done so as to make room for the resin that will become a part of the metal. Then, after all is said and done, the polishing process can still crack the design. Believe me, the work that goes into making these is NOT easy. So much funding is required and for the price that you buy these for, believe me when I say its a STEAL! If it were easy, the competition would have done this by now. Its not easy to gather the technology and the means to create such masterpieces. However, the piece is timeless and rewarding. Well worth every dollar spent! If you purchased one of the stainless steel pendants before, you would already know this. If this is your first time reading this and thinking about it, now you know. This is absolutely the best in the world today, only in the USA and ONLY here on this website!

Along with this new re-creation, there is more coming. Lapel Pins have nearly officially sold out by now. New versions are in the works. They will be smaller and we are trying to narrow down the design we want to go with and the color(s). However, that is NOT ALL...we have other items coming hopefully by November or December. We are anticipating that we might not have enough time to squeeze out all that we had planned. We are making a move that will be past jewelry but that is scheduled for 2017...we might even launch a new necklace that no other has created in the way we intend to release. Those details will be coming after the release of this one. This is STILL only the beginning. 2017 will prove that we are going to be the ONLY source for Satanic needs from now on.

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