Baphomet Crochet Dolls and more Updates for 2016 and Beyond.

We recently began having operations out of Brazil that would sell and ship to the Satanists of Brazil. They have shown much interest in Satanic Jewelry by Xerxes that it seemed only logical that we make a move to make it more affordable for them to get. The shipping from the U.S. is rather high to ship overseas in some countries where the U.S. currency is high. Because we price everything based on U.S. costs to produce and ship, this can be expensive in some markets across the globe.

We were happy to have partnered with Caroline in Brazil and we developed a Brazil website specifically for those who wish to buy directly from there where it makes more sense, financially. Visit our Brazilian website and let us know what you think:

As a result of our connection to Brazil, I recently discovered an entrepreneur in Brazil that makes these incredible crochet dolls. Grant it, crochet is something many of us in the U.S. sort of take for granted. Its like a hobby for those who are into crochet. However, we always appreciate a crochet knitted sweater by ANYONE who takes the time to make it and gift it to us. This is common practice among those who knit crochet as a hobby. However, it is VERY rare that someone makes a business around this concept of crochet knitting. The problem with that type of business model, speaking as a business man myself, is that it takes SO much time to make just ONE of practically ANYTHING! When the product is finished, you can only realistically ask a fair market price for whatever it may be, such as sweater. A sweater might cost $40 on the high end if its a designer piece. The time it takes to make one, could be days! SO, economically, it doesn't make sense to do that as a business.

The interesting thing about this, is that, we found a young lady in Brazil that literally makes this for a living. Based on what we know, each Baphomet doll takes a full day to make. SO when orders come in, she takes one full day to complete an order of just ONE doll. However, this is NOT the ONLY type of dolls she makes. She makes characters for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and of course, OUR very OWN BAPHOMET!! The cutest thing ever, even if you are a guy's GUY you have to admit when you see the pics, they ARE cute to see. When I inquired about this, I asked about selling and shipping to the U.S. but she is not there yet. Plus, the demand would shoot through the roof and it is unlikely she would be able to keep up on that kind of demand.

I was right there with her on her start-up. I remember the early days and I remember that I literally had to seek out the support of many, just like I STILL do right now! I took it upon myself to help support her venture by placing an order myself and I share the pics afterwards which resulted in alot of interest! I then decided to not only support her venture buy purchasing a couple for my own collection but I would also VOLUNTEER my time and ability to get the word out to all who expressed interest in this.

I do not make ANY money on this. She charges approximately $20 for each doll, no matter what you ask for. In this case, a Baphomet doll. PLUS, the cost of shipping is so expensive, its more than the cost of the dolls! The best thing to do is to purchase lots of dolls so has to split the shipping expense amongst everyone who wanted one. This is what I put together for all those who expressed interested. I then created a temporary page that will remain for anyone who wants to participate in my efforts to support her business venture. Again, nothing is made as profit for MY WEBSITE OR BUSINESS. I only offer my time to get them imported for anyone interested in making an order and then ship them to you when they arrive. That's it! I am not even asking for the envelope or anything! So please visit the CUSTOM page to read the rest of the details and your support is much appreciated!

The next thing I want to discuss, but ONLY that I am working on new items that are coming soon, this fall. In the past and on Facebook, I mentioned that The Sigil of Anton LaVey will not be reproduced in the way it was pictured before. They are officially SOLD OUT at the time I write this. ONLY 3 remain on the Amazon Prime inventory. The Sigil of Anton LaVey has already been in production for some time now. There is a new and improved version coming soon. This new version will have my own personal twist to the look of the design; it will be 3D look. This is a new concept I am working on and was planned for 2017 and the future items. If you are a Newsletter Subscriber, I will be discussing this in more detail soon. SO, the new LaVey sigil will be smaller and very similar to the original version only that its 3D and much better changes. This is going to be great for those who want to wear them 24/7 and a good size for the ladies who are not always into big bulky pieces I have created in the past.

Newsletter Subscribers will get more in-depth description on this and more of what is coming this fall. As I get closer to release dates, I will share that information on this blog. However, Newsletter Subscribers will NOT ONLY get the latest updates, but I am considering adding a few special offers for those seeking to get something new or a 2nd or 3rd piece of something they might already have, without paying the full price. I can only do this occasionally and is totally dependent on other factors that allow me to do this. Especially since many of them have already purchased in the past and continue to come back to add to their collection.

Just to add a little taste of what's coming: A new women's only ring, 2 pendants - 3D and Stainless Steel, plus 2 new Baphomet pendants, one of which I have already briefly mentioned about that's due in September....the OTHER...well, its a SURPRISE! Pays to be a newsletter subscriber because I will offer these new additions to them FIRST and THEN will open it up to ALL, everywhere else.

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