Oswald Wirth Coming in September 2016

Just wanted to make this short and sweet. In the past few weeks, pics have been surfacing online about the Oswald Wirth version of the Sigil of Baphomet. This is the piece that tooks us to new heights on a global scale. The most sought after and desired version of the SoB necklace (pictured).

In the early days, we designed them at a cost that was affordable for us to make at the time plus, it met many design quality and standards that we felt everyone would appreciate. The little steps we took in making the piece an over-all masterpiece. Since then, some competitor has also used that design but failed miserably on over-all design and craftsmanship. Needless to say, their way of doing things is a much lower standard and it SHOWS! However, don't let me try to convince you. Take a look for yourself! I thrown them into the same pit of just about EVERYONE that has come before us and produced subpar products. Its no wonder why they came and went in a fragment of time.

Lately, they claim to have been the first to produce a pendant that caters to the LGBT community. The fact of the matter is, they are NOT the first. Its been around and quite frankly, not so original. There is nothing original about using the rainbow colors with anything. Its clearly a matter of trying to capitalize on an idea and just like the others before, I am sure that some day, when nothing proves to sell, they will fold this hobby of theirs. Last I saw, they are on their second "Clearance Sale" of the year. The last time they had one, was back in April...just a few short months ago. I personally believe there's talent there that exists, but they lack direction and knowledge of business. Even a non-profit organization can be a failure because it needs to be run like a business. There's investments made and revenues produced. Alot goes into this stuff. I am very vocal about how hard this is. I make no bones about it. We are personally 3 years into producing jewelry and we STILL roll over

much of everything to continue adding new additions that people only dreamed of having. This year in particular has been HUGE. Lots of new upgrades in the product quality along with new items. While they claim to have a big year, the Clearance Sale says it all. The stuff they come up with also speaks volumes. Let me just give a shout out to them and say, KEEP YOUR DAY JOB, trust me.

Moving on...We recently launched the much anticipated piece, The Seal of Lucifer and it has been a huge success! We are very pleased that everyone has been supportive of this item and we are working hard to bring the pricing down on older items. The more we can produce, the cheaper things get on PRICE NOT QUALITY! Much of the first half of the year was focused on upgrading the quality of older inventory. Phasing out the old and bringing in the new. Now for the second half of this year, it's all about rolling out the NEW items. The Seal of Lucifer was the first...NEXT if the Sigil of Baphomet, the Oswald Wirth version. Named after the man who drew it in early books on Satanism or occult literature.

Now, this is an upgrade of an older version we carried...but sticking with our plan to bring something new, we are also bring something that is NEW but also part of something old...a RE-Design, if you will. We will announce it when this piece rolls out, so you will have the option of replacing your old Baphomet necklace with a Stainless Steel version OR perhaps get a new version of an original classic that will also be stainless steel. I am also going to do something unique this month. I am going to start listing COMBOS on Ebay. Depending on how that goes, I will likely roll out combos on Amazon too. These would be combos of two or 3 necklaces/Rings for a great offer when combined. I understand that buying one item at a time may get expensive. I realized that people would appreciate a 2 for 1 deal and I am working on getting something like that soon. Look for that in the next few days this month.

SO...that is all I have for this blog. Lots to cover but best to just leave a tease. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you probably already know what I left out. There is still another 2 necklaces in production right now. One is a redesign of something I phased out (sold-out by now) and a totally NEW item that is ahead of schedule for how we plan on doing new items in 2017. Look for the new blog by the end of August. I am hoping to have pics of what will come AFTER the September launch. YOU will LOVE the next two pieces, I personally guarantee it!


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