Oswald Wirth SoB Necklaces

Oswald Wirth Sigil of Baphomet Necklaces by Xerxes

The Oswald Wirth Sigil of Baphomet pendants have arrived. As promised, September is the month where I re-introduced the Oswald Wirth Sigil of Baphomet pendants. Before this month, these were made and sold as a copper and brass alloy. About 2 years back, they were originally created out of alloy for the ease of producing plus the fact that it was assumed that most people would have worn theirs outside of their clothing on certain occasions.

Years ago, most people were still in the closet about their beliefs. Satanism is not a religion people are ready to accept from those who claim to be Satanists! Its a a form of religious discrimination. During World War 2 era, people could not determine who was Jewish or not if they did not dress the part. In Satanism, there is NO dress attire that is required so as to give it away that you may be a Satanist. Therefore, just like Jews in the past, they had a couple options, either remain silent about your beliefs, or literally try not dress the part or wear anything culturally related.

These days, we do not have those problems, or DO we? Fact is, people still get a bad taste in their mouth when ever you mention that you are a Satanist. Its not so bad for them if you say that you are an Atheist, but they almost take a stance against you the second you mention what your true beliefs are. This is especially the case when its Satanism.

Thus, The Satanic Temple was fast on the rise to be one the world's most recognized Satanic Organizations since the foundation of Anton LaVey's The Church of Satan. It was the dawn of a new era in America. The Satanic Revolution had begun with Lucien Greaves and The Satanic Temple was formed. Quickly having vast media attention across the globe and having an impact on Satanism as an ABOVE-GROUND religion with a political agenda for acceptance and respect for all other religions non-Christian!

Since then, I have been at the forefront of the Satanic Revolution by providing a means to fully represent who we are without the need to even verbally state it. I began to roll out the necklaces that carried the pendants that represent us all! The Sigil of Baphomet is the base symbology that represents our way of life. To each Satanist, Satanism takes on different forms, but all share some of the same foundation stemming from Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible and MOST importantly, the modern era of the Satanism that represents us now, The Satanic Temple's 7 tenets. Two different organizations representing Satanism as it has evolved over the decades. The Satanic Temple being at the forefront of the modern day Satanic Revolution and myself, the creator of the jewelry that makes much more than just a fashion statement.

There are many other items on the site, all representing different sects of Satanism and/or Luciferianism. The one design that had taken the lead away from the age old version that was the Maurice Bessy version of the Sigil of Baphomet that was adopted by The Church of Satan to the new version we have grown to love, the Oswald Wirth Sigil of Baphomet. This is the design that has garnered us the successful reputation for design, however, not only that, I also implemented the best quality available upon my financial capabilities. The support of Satanists globally has finally got us to this stage where I can finally produce them in high grade surgical steel. A feat, NO OTHER competitor has been able to do. This is decades late in the making but finally, I have made it a dream come true.

Nowadays, Satanists email me and tell me how they wear their medallions openly and proud to be a Satanist. Thus, a great piece of jewelry is ESSENTIAL to justify this pride so as not to make it appear like its just a PHASE in your life. These magnificent pieces of jewelry represent the seriousness that goes into the quality and craftsmanship that it takes into making them. Thus, the wearer can express that their beliefs are a force to be reckoned as well. This is not a phase and we are no longer in the closet. This is also not a GIFT STORE gag, this is the symbology that truly represents us. A Satanists expects ONLY the BEST! You demand it, we produce it! Its that simple....Hail Satan!

I am proud to say that the Oswald Wirth in Stainless Steel was the dream I envisioned in creating 3 years ago when this journey began. I put my time and money behind everything to get me to this point. Thanks to all Satanists who shared that vision and supported this venture, one purchase at a time. The time has now come to finally own the exquisite piece that started this movement, The Sigil of Baphomet Oswald Wirth in Black and our Signature piece in Black and Red combination.

Wear it with pride! - Ave Satanas! - Xerxes

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