Anton LaVey Sigil and Baphomet Necklaces

The much anticipated Sigil of Anton LaVey necklace has finally arrived in its newly designed concept. It is the ONLY piece that I have re-created 4 times now! Each time getting better and better! Meanwhile, the rest of the inventory is on its 2nd or 3rd generation and of course, all the rave is about STAINLESS STEEL! Affordable, not like Gold or Silver where the markets are still keeping the prices high on such precious metals. Steel remains affordable and I happen to have the technological means to create things in steel. Steel is one of those metals where if done correctly, should practically last a long time. You may have noticed that there is always a "316L" after words like Stainless or Stainless Steel. This is primarily because there's different types of metal qualities WITHIN the steel industry. 316L basically means that its the type of steel that is considered STAINLESS. Stainless referring to the fact that it will not rust. Grant it, most people assume that it will not rust, however, all steel rusts. The only difference is, stainless steel by design is made to outlast other types of steel alloys that WILL rust within our lifetime. Surgical tools used in hospitals are also stamped with 316L. It is the preferred steel for obvious reasons. When it came to doing jewelry at an affordable price, steel was the best because it can compete against jewelers who work with precious metals but demand such high prices not only for the cost of the precious metal itself but for their labor as well. Not only that, I personally choose steel because of its longevity! Its also almost 100% maintenance-free. As a jewelry wearer myself, I hate having to clean jewelry once in a while. I prefer to wear something 24/7 that will not bother me and I can shower with it on and never have to worry about rust or turning my skin green. Not only that, but I don't have to worry about damage to my pieces. This is essentially why steel became an optimum choice for creating the jewelry we have come to admire. The Sigil of Anton LaVey was the choosen piece where I was going to experiment with on 3D elements of design, plus other factors such as gold plating as it was done in the 3rd generation.

In the 3rd generation of creating the LaVey sigil, gold plating was one that I could NOT go cheap on. Most people in the U.S. are highly critical of plating in general. When it comes to jewelry, plating absolutely sucks and its a NO NO when it comes to purchasing anything that is plated! In order to be the best Satanic Jeweler in the world, I could not afford the criticism of my supporters to get plating that would eventually come off. This was a big problem in the first and second generation of this very piece. The lighting bolt would eventually wear off. While the price was good for what you got, I wanted to really stretch the longevity of the product by making it that much more worth the purchase in the future. I enjoyed the first 2 generations but I realized that people would probably want something that would last a bit longer for their money. Not that they were outrageously priced, but who does NOT appreciate something that will last a little long for their money? Right? So that was the goal here. I experimented with redesigning certain aspects of the design that I would have preferred if I had the means plus, improvise on longevity. The 3rd generation should have been the last straw but when I started getting into doing something more 3D, that is when I wanted to push the boundaries. I also took into consideration other aspects of what people have been wanting to see. A smaller size was ONE of them.

Fast forward to now. The LaVey piece finally arrived. 3 dimensional, QUALITY plating that would literally need a hammer and a chisel to take the plating off and still stainless steel and POLISHED for a nice sparkling reflection. When I got the prototype, I quickly threw it on. I used a lighter and shorter chain since the pendant was smaller. TO my shocking surprise, people who have NO CLUE what the pendant represented were literally complimenting me on it! They loved it! I mean, I was taken back by how many were telling me how nice it looks. Nevermind the fact that the star is inverted, they just loved the look of the overall piece. The light gold in the middle also sparked interest in some. That is when I realized that if THESE people liked it, obviously SATANISTS would too! So the project was given the ok to go full-on production scale.

During the production process, I realized that I needed to end the year with a piece that truly represents ME and my WEBSITE BRAND: Sigil of Baphomet, as it is called. Specifically, BAPHOMET. That is when the idea struck me instantly! Why not be the first to create the Baphomet pendant in such a way that's never been created before? I was also really motivated by looking at the pictures of The Satanic Temple's Baphomet Statue that they created. It is by far, my best piece to-date! Since experimenting with the LaVey sigil, the Baphomet pendant was sort of a breeze to do. I went all out on the details! Its truly a remarkable piece to own. PLUS a very expensive journey it was! It was expensive in that, I am utilizing more expensive means to create this. The technology used to create it was far more than I imagined but I knew that once it came to life, it would be highly appreciated by those who own it. I most certainly AM now that its finally here.

So...this is a brief description of what it came to be in creating these two beautiful items. As a result of the bombardment of my email account, LOL, many people have expressed how happy they are with it and some have even shared some new ideas with me of what they would like to eventually see. Well, I am always open to hearing them and I also throw in my nickel's worth into the mix of ideas. I sit on these ideas long and hard. While doing this, I also take the time to research online to see if anything is already out there in existence. Once I realize that it is NOT, I CONTINUE to sit on these ideas and ponder them some more! Well, one of them was quite easy to know what I had to do. An inverted Star pendant....without the lightning bolt! Obviously, that would be a representation of the late Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan. Now before anyone's panties get in a bunch. That design was never copyrighted and not only that but my design is slightly different that would avoid such thing, IF it existed. All the research has been done prior to production...and yes, I HAVE AN ACTIVE LAWYER that handles my legal matters. I ALSO came up with other ideas during this journey of two pendant necklaces. SO....I CURRENTLY have 3 already IN THE WORKS...PLUS...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...The Satanic Temple has reached out to me and it is likely we will begin discussions soon. I have some proposals I would like to run by them ....these are based on ideas that I conjured up in my head that would HIGHLY reflect PART of their Baphomet logo OR rather, a close resemblance...but of course, this is MY idea, not theirs. I plan on presenting them with my idea, partially, and see if they would want to modify it to make it THEIRS in such a way that would represent The Satanic Temple exclusively OR perhaps I will venture out on my own and create a new design that is a near representation. Of course, because they have been a strong supporter of my works, I will also consider pricing it so as to give them a charitable amount for each one sold. This is simply MY OWN DOING...not that I have to. Those who have come to know me, also know a little about my generosity. I support the causes The Satanic Temple has taken upon and because I support various groups, I cannot become a member of any particular group. It is best I remain neutral in that regard.

So...look forward to the facebook and instagram posts and future blogs. Does any one really read these? Let me know...been thinking of taking it down. Alot of what can be said here can also be said in video or Facebook...what are your thoughts? I'd like to hear from you.

Ave Satanas!

Xerxes - owner of the world's best Satanic Jewelry website...all thanks be to the Satanists who have supported this cause! Hail Satan!

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