We are Growing! Now Available in new COUNTRIES....

Indeed we are growing. We are currently sold in some stores in the following countries, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and of course, the U.S. where we are based. Recently, we added 2 more countries we are happy to announce: JAPAN and CANADA! We have also been contacted by a company in Vietnam and we hope that they will carry our line and we can promote them and share links on our site.

Since we have recently become recognized by many countries globally, many are interested in stocking our line of items and we will continue to make a move to create more unique items that cater to Satanists. These items are not so much related to pagan or wiccan religions...NOT YET anyway. For the time being, there is SO much we would like to produce to satisfy the decades of never having such great items of fantastic quality. Until we get a few more items rolled out, we will eventually make a move to create items related to other left hand path religions. Our recent necklace, The Baphomet necklace has met such success with many in the Left Hand Path community. Baphomet stretches across many of those religions including Satanism. Its one of the figures/symbols that is quite common and we are the very FIRST to have ever produced a pendant like this. While there's been a few Baphomet pieces our there, ours is the first 3D - Stand alone piece! No one has ever created it until now. We are the first and ONLY.

In recent months leading up to this release, I discussed how I was adopting new technology that will enable us to produce items that push new boundaries when creating jewelry. The type of boundaries that are hard to do when working with steel. Unlike precious metals, we adopted new tech and methods by which we can create items that are not as old fashioned compared to sculpting and creating molds like jewelers in precious metals still do today. Working with steel takes on its own separate challenges and we have finally mastered some of that concept.

Since the launch of the Baphomet necklace, we have incorporated the help of a few good people along the way. Our latest addition is Angel Dunne whom joins 'The Sigil of Baphomet' with her talents in 3D modeling and design! She also brings some essential skills in graphic design as well PLUS her amazing beauty never went unnoticed. She had been a long time supporter/customer prior and we also bring her to join the ranks of Xerxes' Dark Angels, our necklace models! Many of you have seen her pics over the course of time and she seems to have pulled the most LIKES on Facebook with hardly any effort to promote our line. Masses of followers agree, she is indeed STUNNING! We welcome her for ALL aspects of who she is and what she does. She is an asset to our brand and we are officially underway to create our next necklace that without her, we could NOT possibly make! SO...

our next necklace, will be a collaboration between me and Angel and I want also simply state, WELCOME ABOARD!

Other necklace models that have joined my line are Maddie from right here in Arizona where I am based, Iosua, a MALE necklace model in Florida, Raven a staple on Instagram and Facebook out of Pennsylvania, and of course, still my ORIGINAL necklace model and friend, ROSE from California!! Plus, my awesome friend and extended partner in Brazil, Caroline!

We are in a few countries and growing. I hope that this trend continues so that people in other countries can have a chance to get access to my line of jewelry and save on shipping. I also want to once again THANK Satanists globally for the support and purchases that take us to new levels of abilities to create the items we only dreamed of for decades prior. This is still very early and only the beginning. Having Angel join my side on creating new items will take us to new levels I could only dream of. As of now, our next necklace pendant is being called 'Satan' , 'Demonic Devil', 'Devil', and 'Demon' just to name a few ways we have referred to the project...with names like that, you can ONLY wonder what is coming next with a name like that. If you think my Baphomet necklace was great, wait until you see this in 2017!

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