Bringing Back the Blog Page

It had almost been a year since I last posted a blog. Last December to be exact. After many new additions and transformations, it felt right to finally bring back the blog page. WHY? The reason was simple, social media is highly driven by the visuals. Pics and videos are all the rave and they dominate the social media platform. Plus, much of what I need to say is most of the time needs to remain short and to the point otherwise, it becomes too long for people to stay engaged and perhaps its just a waste of time to share much of any READING material and eventually it gets buried with the other posts that need to be shared. Another thing a blog page can do, is that it stays relatively current since anyone go back to read past posts regarding new products of all the way back to the earlier days to see some of what the transition was like during the growth of this site and the product line.

Anyway, aside from that this blog page will serve to also introduce new items that are coming. SO...I wanted to keep this short and to get to the point...The blog page is back and staying for good. I know a lot of people seem to want to engage on Facebook too. I am considering opening up a page on this site, like a members only site for those who want to connect or socialize with other Satanists. This is just an idea at the moment, but I want to ask, what do YOU think?

As always, this site will expand into other social media platforms. I recently opened up Pinterest again. I am not much of a fan of that since its all based on pics. SO if that's the case, pics will uploaded of what is offered here and eventually I will open up boards for pics that are Satanic related in areas such as humor and other entertaining aspects of pics.

SO again, if anyone ever has any ideas or thoughts, I'd like to hear from you. This post will shared on Facebook and share your thoughts there regarding this. I am open to hear from you. If any.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend and don't forget to HAIL SATAN!


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