What's in store for FALL

Most of us have seen this image floating around for some time now. Like all pics that entertain social media, its all fun and games until you ask yourself, Hey wait a minute, WHY CAN'T HAVE THIS? I mean. REALLY? WHY IS THIS NOT OUT YET?

That is the question many have been asking for about 2 years now. However, since I am one of the few if not ONLY person whom has answered the call to bring the things we longed to have seen in the market, it takes a little more time to answer the call than it is just to ask the question in the first place.

Many of you know the age old story by now, on how this website began. It started in March of 2013. After being a Satanist since 1997, I had yet to see anything that I could wear. I mean, Satanists don't have a "LOOK" per say. They don't have to, but there's some that just want a little something, like a nice piece of jewelry or a lapel pin that they can wear as to partly self express who they are. The Satanists are proud people but never the type to rub it into peoples faces. Unlike the God-believing religions that feel they need to convince you that the world is flat. Having a medallion or a necklace would have been nice. Yet, the few that have come and gone over the years personally, were not meeting my standard. I always felt that a piece needs to be of a respectable kind. You can't take your religion as serious if you are going to wear something that doesn't reflect how you feel about your own believes. Isn't that what self expression is about? Wearing something that truly defines you by what you wear and wearing a piece of shit would never suffice, if you are a Satanist. So in 2013, it was a soft launch and the reaction from everyone has carried me to this point. A much more improved website. A very entertaining Facebook and Instagram and so much more to come. However, not only have the site and the following grown, but so has the improvement of the products. They have come a LONG WAYS since the first days and all in a VERY SHORT TIME! ONLY 4 YEARS SO FAR!

This year, I have done so much. I phased out a few things, and also introduced many more new items. Now, some old items that were phased out, will be making come back in 2018. The Brimstone necklace was once offered in RED. That will come back and possibly in more colors. The Seal of Lucifer, I brought back an older piece this year but redesigned in a smaller size, stainless steel, and just looks amazing! The original stand alone Seal of Lucifer pendant in black has NEVER been introduced in other colors. Partly because the experiment was with the Brimstone pendant. If the red was popular, I expected people to ask if the Seal of Lucifer would be introduced in RED as well or for that matter, MORE COLORS. In 2018, that will be a new consideration given. I will make a Facebook announcement and possibly create a poll on the website to ask people to sort of express their thoughts or take a vote on what they would like to see.

Now we are in the FALL season, so many things have already been introduced this year and there is still room for at least ONE MORE ITEM. The Baphomet Plush doll. Before this project began, I had found a Crochet Doll maker in Brazil who was making a VERY CUTE Baphomet crochet doll. Still does actually. However, due to the economic situation in Brazil, that doll is hardly a best seller, UNTIL I CAME ALONG. I have a business partner in Brazil and through the use of the internet, we eventually connected and I took it upon myself to. support this doll maker. I asked here to let me know about her business of making crochet dolls. She told me that each one takes a full day to make. As you know, crochet dolls are hand-made. NO factory can produce them in such a way. SO I knew that there existed a demand for such a doll. Grant it, its not a PLUS doll but its a doll nonetheless and very cute, if I may add. The deal I struck with her was quite simple, I would NOT make money on this deal. The cost of shipping to the U.S. is extremely high. The only way its beneficial is that she send a few dozen in one shipment. The cost is nearly the same to ship one or a dozen! Therefore, I had her make about a dozen to get me started. Now, since each one takes a day, I knew it would take some time and NOT just 12 days...because there's other orders she needs to fill during that time. Plus the fact that this girl needs to take a break once in a while. SO there it was, a waiting game. It would take about 15-20 days after all was said and done and this doesn't include at least a week or two for delivery time!

Once the dolls arrived, they were a big hit with everyone. The first batch sold in about 3-4 days. I quickly asked for more and it sucked that everyone had to wait a little longer again! So there I was, waiting. Mind you, I don't make anything on these. This is how it worked. I would put my money down to pay for all this and the real risk was that if people didn't want them, I LOSE! I get stuck with all the dolls. Even if I sold them for less than the cost of making them and getting them here, the loss is all mine. I was really worried the first time around but when they sold as quickly as they did, I felt great that someone was going to benefit from this, certainly not myself but that's not why I was doing it. I wanted to meet the demand people had for such a doll AND I wanted to support someone who has a dying craft that is almost non-existent here in the U.S. I was and still am a middle man in this ordeal. So that is the short story on how I was able to bring this to you all.

Now here we are, the crochet dolls are now phased out. I have none left. Only one...one that I keep for my own collection of things. People STILL keep asking about a plush doll. SO, I began to look into it around the time I placed my last order of crochet dolls. I told the doll maker that I wanted to pull my resources to make it happen. I did not want to let the doll maker down because I really liked how she made the crochet doll appear so cute. A plush doll should have that important element. I believe it does. Making one that is too serious like the 'grown-up' version of its drawn counterpart would not make for a good plush doll. It needed that soft look to it when you stare it. It simply needed to be cute. So using some of the design elements of the plush doll's cuteness, I felt compelled to offer the doll maker a royalty deal for allowing me to utilize the likeness of the crochet dolls that she created.

Now also consider that there are people RIGHT NOW trying to replicate the crochet doll and let me tell you guys, THEY SUCK! I mean, I have to be honest, they simply cannot do it! They may have the same shape or relatively close but the face and other features are obscure. The end result is nothing like what the crochet dolls I was offering. I think people would appreciate KNOWING this because I really do search the world over, high and low, in search of producers that can bring the products I have to life. But not so much for just putting them out there, they gotta meet my standards. This is where you separate the men from the boys. Where leadership skills come into play. These producers have the means to produce but at times, I have to step in to guide them. Its a lot like coaching and managing a sports team. You have to try to get the best talent out of each individual player to get the results you ultimately want! That's my role, that's what I do.

Now to end this lengthy blog, lol, I will conclude that yes, the Baphomet Plush Doll is being produced at this time. It has been worked on for some time now and we are nearing the end of production. There is still a few more details that need to be worked on, such as packaging. I won't go into the details of that process but its all part of the ever growing elements of the products you get and the service that comes in bringing this to the U.S. The products you dreamed of seeing will all be a reality in short order. However, patience is key and supporting me is HIGHLY USEFUL and necessary. If you like what I have to offer, please purchase. This, in turn, helps go into production for more items going forward. So for that, I thank you once again for bringing this site, this far, SO FAR...

Forever Forward! - Xerxes

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