Honor in Business Practices and New Unveil for October 2017!

I had this long blog about this pic...but I think its self explanatory. No honor in a business that can't be honest with its customers. One of the hardest things about being in business is that as a business, you always need to take the high road with everybody. You always gotta be the one to take the criticism from customers as well as the things they post. However, I wouldn't burn anyone or for lack of a better way to say it, talk shit, if the proof was not clearly evident.

I get emailed by many people who appreciate the products I have produced and I also get a lot of emails from those who have been burned on transactions by other sellers. Not gonna name names since its literally more than ONE competitor, but perhaps there is ONE whom stands out the most that I hear about. Now mind you, I am NOT asking for this information. I am NOT asking anyone to troll other sites. They come to me when they honestly feel they need to just give me a shot and see if they can get their expectations met. And guess what happens? I exceed their expectations on all levels. Customer service, returns, quality, and shipping. Shipping being the main one. I ship next day, every day. I accept returns, I do exchanges, I ship to locations no competitor can do. Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry is literally a GLOBAL BRAND PERIOD. This is not stated enough but should be!

Recently, I played dead by not producing the next obvious move in Satanic Jewelry, creating colored sigils in stainless steel. I literally played dead to allow someone to come with it first, or so they would think they were first. I had prototypes on the ready.

The thing is, some of the competitors have copied my every move and I intended to play THEIR game this time only that the real reason went further than just a silly game. My jewelry is game-changing! No one has ever serviced the Satanic community with quality products the way I have in the decades before. So with that, I knew that the obvious move was to make the colored sigils but I needed to make it extra special on the colors. I wanted to make sure that MY THINKING was UNIQUE. I played dead to see if competition would do the same. The fact that they DID NOT, literally tells me that this is why the supporters of the Sigil of Baphomet website had made it a success. They support something unique and original. Quality and Craftsmanship is officially a GIVEN at this point. Not having that, is like stepping into a race without running shoes.

Now that I unveiled how I tricked trolls and competitors into spending time and money ahead of making my next move that will not be in their budget mimic my productions. I am going to introduce colored sigils this late fall. SO HOLD YOUR HORSES, have some patience on this because I am getting a lot of praise on a the WHITE sigil of Baphomet already, The prototypes have already been created, the only thing I am doing now, it literally TESTING them now. There will also be a RED Sigil of Baphomet coming. For that, I created 3 different versions. The problem I am having with that one is that a certain competitor created a NICKEL pendant...and if you don't know about what I have said before on Facebook, NICKEL IS WHAT CAUSES YOUR SKIN TO TURN GREEN. I mean SERIOUSLY!! Who does this?? If its bad for someone's skin, why would you make this? The jewelry is practically worthless? However, give some credit for being honest at least ONE time here:

Now, needless to say, all my designs are carefully thought out. Experience in jewelry helps and goes a long way. The size of the pendants, the length of the chains, the styles etc...every detail is considered. It was appalling to me when I began to see someone copy my style. Literally every piece I create, they are soon to follow. They do not do their own versions, they copy MINE, 100% Yet, there is one thing no one can ever copy, quality, craftsmanship (attention to detail) and customer service. Obviously, based on the countless emails I get, customer service is severely lacking! This is not to bash other others in the same category but I am merely making a case for what you can expect when you buy from this site. We are a global brand and it is NOT BY mistake! Its due to the high praise given by Satanists globally!

Now, we are in OCTOBER ...and I must ask those who have taken interest in the Baphomet PLUSH doll. Should there be a PRE-ORDER? I don't think I can offer much in PRE-ORDER as far as discount. You see, the PRE-ORDER concept that I began and others have copied too, was because during the early days, these items were costly! I invested a lot to get production started and in order to regain that investment, a pre-order was a good way to start. By the time the items came in, I would have already re-invested the funds get the next project started. Over time, I would continue to invest my own personal funds along with the funds collected from the sales and so on. It helped pay for hired help and other valuable resources to keep this operation going. It was started from hardly any money and has been growing considerably SINCE. There is currently NO end in sight as to when I will stop with growth. All items listed will always be available for sale even if there is a break of time in between, all items will be back in stock sooner or later and with the occasional introduction of something new once in a while.

SO without further ado, I will drop the first pic of the Baphomet Plus Doll...THE PINK colored one. This will be ONE of the first 2 to arrive and of course, with time, new colors will be added. Once again, I am the FIRST to bring to life something many have been searching for now at least a few years. The idea is now a reality. Hail Satan!

The Baphomet PLUSH Doll designed after the popular Crochet Doll version. Due to the popularity of the Crochet doll and its cuteness. This plush doll was created with that in mind. Keeping some of the elements that the crochet doll had. 100% UNIQUE, ORIGINAL DESIGN.

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