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Quick update: Baphomet Plush dolls are already ON THEIR WAY to the PRE-Order Buyers. The last minute push to get the production finished at the scheduled date it was planned for was met with some other unexpected setbacks. As as a result, I had to make some arrangements to break up the shipment into 2 shipments. One by AIR Freight and the other by Sea. The Air shipment is much faster but costly. I wanted to keep the Pre-Orders on schedule as I had promised. However, this is likely the last time I will ever do another Pre-Order offer. These unexpected circumstances can be costly to force a promise I stated before. As we grow, we meet new challenges and its safe to not announce new items until we literally have them at hand to offer. SO...if you are reading this and you were a PRE-Order buyer for the Baphomet Plush doll, you will get it in at minimum of 2 days from this post if you are in the U.S. The others will make their way soon-after.

Now on the short and sweet blog. As it states, MEMBERS ONLY. The new TEMPORARY page added to the site. Its meant to take up a Survey on new items I am working on. This is just a sampling of what is coming soon. Finished product pics are posted and there is still room for changes where we see it fit and perhaps where potential customers might want to also see.

I felt the survey would serve two basic purposes. One, show off what I am working on next. Second, to get the opinion of what people think and whether or not they would prefer something slightly different on what is shown in the pics. Since these items are not at full scale production yet, this can still be changed if enough people suggest particular changes. Otherwise, its likely that this will likely be relatively close to the final production of what is due to come out in the next few weeks.

You MUST email me for a password that allows access to the page. The reason is simple. It keeps trolls out from spying on my next move or for that matter, to stop them from getting idea spin-offs. Know what I mean? For example, seeing my projects and then they turn around and try to make a spin-off of something I created but with enough changes that they will claim as their own ideas.

A prime example for the members only page was also due to a recent twist I did that. made a competitor to rush to beat me on what he thought was something I would bring out. I mentioned a few times on Facebook that cufflinks would be something I would consider soon. Yet, the simple and short answer is HELL NO, NEVER. Hardly anyone walks around with French cuff Dress shirts, the type that require cuff links to be worn because this particular style of shirt does NOT have a button at the cuffs. The French cuff shirts are extended sleeves with the cuffs folded back a couple times and requires a cuff link to gold the cuff in place in a unique style that looks different than just a typical cuff. Anyway, the competitor literally felt compelled to beat me to this by being FIRST to bring it to market. Just like I have brought a lot of jewelry to market by being first in nearly all of them. This competitor obviously does not perform due diligence to research the demand, IF it exists before creating a new product.

This was the case for making the members only page. To keep people like this from trying to get a jump on my ideas. I know that the same competitor has already made his move to create a pendant that would otherwise be seeming obvious that it would also be my next move. However, little did he know that I waited patiently to allow him to think he was ahead of the race on this one. Once I saw what he did, I knew his resources were spent and he would not be able to copy my next move. Which, by the way, would not have been the typical move he thought I would make. As I have said countless times before, specifically on Facebook, the brand undergoes constant improvising. Every step of the fucking way for the past 5 years I have been doing this. So in the end, he fell for it!

I welcome everyone to shoot me an email and I will determine who I would like to hear from regarding the pics and poll I posted in the MEMBERS ONLY page.

Now, the members only page has potential for more. Part of the reason I want to get an email from some of you. If you are accepted and provided with the password to access the pics, you can send your comments directly to me, via email. These comments and reviews will not be publicly shared on social media. This is just for me only and perhaps some dialog can ensue via email. Everything is read and considered. Your input is important and I am open to make changes if your idea is helpful.

So that is it, I wanted to just get straight to the point on this blog. No pics, no excessive chatter, lol. I will await to hear from you. Hail Satan!


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