So What!?

So you read the Satanic Bible and you finally realize who you are. So what? Your newfound admiration for Satanism is so great that you feel the need to quench your thirst for knowledge so you pick up a couple more books. You enjoy some but don't particularly care for others, suddenly you find desire in meeting like minded what? There was a time before Facebook that referring yourself to be a Satanist was taboo. People chose to remain underground about their beliefs. Now, in the age of internet and more importantly social media, more and more Satanists are coming out.

The reason is quite simple, you are safe being a keyboard ninja if you decide to be open and you get backlash. These days, however, so many people have formed social groups and went so far as to form their own spin on a new Church of Satan. Big fucking deal, I say. So what? It's clear to see why COS would preach against other groups being formed. All organizations survive and thrive based on the membership it has. It's like business. The more support you have, the longer you'll stay afloat and relevant. I personally don't care. As time goes on, every organization needs to change with the times or get lost in the past. That's a FACT OF LIFE.

Then there's the few who feel so compelled to try to debate every other Satanist's view on Satanism. You read the books, you applied yourself the title of Satanist and you create a forum to have your never ending debates. I'm here to say, congratulations on your personal achievement to have empowered yourself via Satanism but now, get over it! Seriously.

The Satanic rules of the Earth, particularly the one that states to not give your opinion unless asked. That's what this boils down to. The harsh reality is, nobody fucking cares how YOU interpret Satanism. It's fair to say we all share CORE philosophy but along the way, in some details, there exists difference of opinion. Even LaVey stated this would occur.

If you're the person who needs to drop $225 for a membership, that's on you. If you feel like COS isn't for you but The Satanic Temple fits your needs, there's nothing wrong with that either. At this stage in the name of Satan, with so many groups forming, it really doesn't matter where you belong and what you believe. No Satanist is ever expected to agree on everything. It's quite fascinating to me. Seeing young people discover themselves and trying to put a stake in the ground to formalize their own spin on Satanism. It's utterly ridiculous at this point. The Church of Satan, for me, I give credit where it's due. Anton LaVey created it, wrote The Satanic Bible, by which we ALL call ourselves Satanists due to the fact, we read THAT book...PERIOD. Most of us, grew up when there was nothing else. We wouldn't be who we are without the sources of knowledge they put out for us. They also don't partake much in politics. Whether it's for particular reasons or not, it really doesn't matter. They don't and that's that. Then there's The Satanic Temple, they are heavily involved in lots of social issues that affects us, whether you're a Satanist or not. They created a movement in their own way. They've garnered a lot of support and criticism as expected. What ever you do under the cloak of Satanism, the bottom line is, nobody fucking cares. Keep your opinions to yourself, unless you're asked. Support the agendas that are aligned with our core beliefs. There's a lot of great groups out there, none of which should be at war with each other since their mission statements are probably quite different. In the end, keep educating yourself, stay wise,

and Hail Satan!

~ Xerxes

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