Baphomet Pop Up Greeting Card

We have officially launched the newest Sigil of Baphomet, the Maurice Bessy version that is commonly used and adopted by the Church of Satan. In this new version, the red backdrop with black goat of Mendes outlined, ALL on BLACK stainless steel. By the time you are reading this blog, you will have noticed the new piece in our inventory.

In 2018 will be a very unique situation that we are continuing to bring new design versions that no one else is doing. This new Sigil is the first of 3 planned for this year SO FAR. The 3 were planned last year and we are working on getting down to the last one before we considering creating new items. There will be at least ONE more SIGIL, a TST (The Satanic Temple) piece, and a NEW RING DESIGN is part of the agenda for this year. This is ONLY in the JEWELRY category, however.

About a year ago next month, I had the pleasure of meeting a representative from a company that makes these pop-up greeting cards. These cards have been slowly making waves since then. Every few months you will start seeing ads about them. They are really quite something to see I'm person. I had the pleasure of seeing some very complex designs that was so impressive I purchased a couple just for samples.

You might be familiar with these pop-up greeting cards from companies called LOVE POPS but believe it or now, it was about 3 years ago that LOVE POPS was featured on the ABC show SHARK TANK. They had gotten a deal and since they now have some large funds to grow their business, is the result why you are seeing more and more ads regarding these pop-up greeting cards. NOW, I have to be very clear and specific that I am NOT associated with LOVE POPS in any way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, the technology used in making these greeting cards is NOT owned by LOVE POPS. This is something you will not hear about anywhere else. So why am I telling you this? That's because they do not own patent technology and believe it or not, they are manufactured and produced in Vietnam. LOVE POPS created a business model around this technological concept to create a product and brand of greeting cards. Now, what I am tryin get at, is that I am not interested in seeking any form of competition against them, no. Not at all. However, I DO love the greeting cards and I KNOW that 99% percent of the current designs are NOT catering to Satanists. This is where I come in.

This year, it is my intent to finally reach out to my source that is connected to the company in Vietnam that produces these greeting cards. I think the product is good as a concept but I was more interested in design elements that would cater to the stuff this website is based on, Satanism...or for the most part, Baphomet in particular.

I am excited to announce that the intent is there, this year. I plan on starting the process of creating a Baphomet Pop Up Greeting card. This is just ONE of a few other ideas that I am going to consider for the year.

So what are your thoughts on this? If you follow us on Facebook, let us know what you think about the greeting cards. They are definitely not the kind of greeting card that you would want to throw away once you get one. They are unique and collectible. Just like our Baphomet plush dolls!

Hail Satan


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