Real Insect Jewelry coming soon...

REAL INSECT Jewelry is coming back!

Last August, in 2017 I introduced a small batch of REAL INSECT Jewelry. It was a mix of bracelets and necklaces. Within 24 hours, all items were sold out!

I had been debating on whether or not to bring it back. People really seemed to like them alot and I also mentioned that there were more items that were due to come out in 2018.

Now, while this set of jewelry is technically NOT Satanic by definition. I felt that it still qualifies as part of just being unique and eclectic in a dark sense by which Satanists appreciate and love. Now the jewelry is due to arrive this month and there is other new additions to the line that will be added.

If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, please do so ASAP. The way to do that is simply by visiting out Facebook page. Then, on the left hand side where all the tabs are, click on EMAIL SIGN UP. Put your email in and done! Our newsletter goes out about once every 2 months or longer. Rarely is it once a month, depending on upcoming news and updates I have to share.

The latest newsletter that went out was in regards to the Sigil of Baphomet RING that is being worked on. I was the first to ever produce the Sigil of Baphomet ring for a mass market. Since I founded this company, occult jewelry started a trend in popularity. Alot of new jewelry companies and sellers are jumping in to compete with my website. While some are major companies and can beat me to the punch on some designs, there is still a BIG distinct difference between me and THEM. That is, understanding the market.

By understanding the market, I mean, understanding SATANISTS. Who better to cater to Satanists than a Satanist?? I mean, these big companies don't like dealing with small fry guys like myself. They don't want to produce the items I hit them up for in the beginning. Its not until I find other smaller manufacturers that gave me my big break that said YES to me that they suddenly began to wake up to the demand that always existed but they failed to cater to. This is, in so many ways, discriminatory. However, I am still small and I am by far not a political group so fighting off this discriminatory bullshit is not in my best interest. It was better to just keep going and bypass the nonsense. I told myself that its best to stay focused on the goal and these guys would eat my dust on a later date.

Now that there is a huge surge of occult jewelry sellers, some are literally mimicking my own brand of ideas. Some are making plush dolls to match mine, others are coming out with rings with pendant designs I already have. The problem for me has always been funding. I am solely supported by the amount of sales I can generate to produce the next great idea. This is why it is now more than ever, IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT your Satanic Seller of goods. ESPECIALLY if they are in the U.S.A. Alot of sellers are coming from other countries and marketing to U.S. buyers. They see what I have created, the following, the trend, and they want a piece of the pie! The thing that sucks is, if more people buy from them, the little guys get squeezed out and then, when these giants want to save money by cutting down on costs, they start cutting down on quality and craftsmanship. THESE TWO WORDS, Quality and Craftsmanship is MY SLOGAN its what I have been selling my brand on since day one.

Now, these insect jewelry pieces, they are not necessarily MY designs but I KNOW that they are hard to find. Yeah, you can do an Amazon search but how the hell do you describe it? That is part of the problem with searching online. Also, because they were so popular the first time around, I figured that I will personally, hand select the few that I think fits the personality of a Satanist or Left Hand Path religion so again, its about the fact that I am catering to OUR market base that these giant companies SIMPLY DO NOT DO. These giants just watch trends and observe numbers. Once they figure out what is trending, they create something that takes me 6 months to do in a matter of a week or two and they beat me to the punch. Now, not everything has beating me to be first but the fact remains, they have the kind of funding only a guy like me could dream of. I don't have a million dollars in the bank. Therefore, I cannot just wave a finger at someone and that begins the production lines to start cranking out goods.

The Devil Heart Collection is also due to come back this month. I am about a week away from finding out when its it literally on its way to me. Once I get them stocked, I will make a FB announcement.

The Devil Heart Ring has been in high demand lately. I had gotten lots of emails regarding when it was coming back. I know alot of guys out there want to get something like this for their wives or girlfriends. This set of jewelry is also great for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, even Xmas...Yes, Satanists gift each other during the holidays too. Its not so much the holiday's meaning but the act of giving that they celebrate and THAT, is something EVERYONE can do. This ring will come in size 5 and up.

A new update will be posted on the Sigil of Baphomet ring later this month. This time, the update will be shared on Facebook. It will be to show the progress of the ring as it is currently still in production. Right now, the only thing we are doing is getting the details down and then comes the negotiations for pricing.

Once the piece goes into production, a NEWSLETTER will go out and I will most likely Do a PRE-ORDER Offer. It will likely just be a FREE SHIPPING OFFER with priority given to those who place their PRE-ORDER. So it is important that you sign up if you want to participate in that and get updated on new items from time to time. I am also going to talk about T-shirts. Many people have asked and there is still nobody that can come through for me. There is a lack of talent out there and alot of that talent is NOT just in finding artists but in people who are also in business of printing shirts etc. Alot of amateurs and its not a good thing for me right now. Sadly.

So that is all I have for now. Drop me a line or comment on facebook regarding this blog. As always, your support is highly appreciate and Hail Satan! ~ Xerxes

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