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Sigil of Baphomet Ring SS .925 Custom Made

NEW! Custom made jewelry is back as an option. It was previously an option that was listed before and it is finally back again! 

Custom Made jewelry is now available for any design, size, and metal (precious metals only). They can also include any gem, stone, or diamond. Depending on your budget, we can create something for you without the worries of getting turned down. Part of the history of the foundation of our brand was that many jewelers would turn me away when I desired something more custom to my desires for jewelry. 

Now this service comes to you as an option along with the already produced stainless steel productions listed. In the past, custom made jewelry would start at about $500 for a ring like this. The reason for this was because new set-up costs and the labor to create them, such as molds, were needed to be created by actual hands and not machinery. The fact that actual labor is required for these items that require intricate details is the ONLY way to produce this and so with that, each project was always from scratch. 

I would create the jewelry in the USA and I used manufacturers that would create the items. This was the last time the service was available. The problem then was that these manufacturers would scrap projects like molds after they were used. So each time I out-sourced the project to them for custom orders, they would would literally start from the beginning and the price would always remain high as a result of that. Now, things have changed. I found a new manufacturer and we made an arrangement so that I get to keep the molds as part of a proprietary element to that. So now that the costs associated with the set up and creating molds, I can eliminate that cost after the first ring is created and the molds can be continued to be used for future orders. This savings is also passed to the buyers and therefore, dramatically reducing the cost from $500 to $200. 

Sterling Silver far outweighs the look and feel of what Stainless Steel does for jewelry. I created this piece for myself and for the purposes of photos to have in the listings and social media. These pics really show the distinction between the two qualities in the details and attention they get when being produced. This service is also for those who really appreciate jewelry and understand the VALUE that Silver and Gold has. It is an investment as much as the enjoyment you will get from owning such a fine piece of jewelry. This was created for those few individuals who would prefer something more upscale in their attire and accessories. Nothing does it like fine jewelry! Literally!

Upcoming Products:

Chains! More chains are going to be added. Same style chains already sold, just different lengths and some will be ALL BLACK to match some of the pendants that are also being worked on.

Pendants: Unicursal Hexagram - Silver color (Stainless Steel) and ALL BLACK (Stainless Steel) are coming soon. Estimated time of arrival: Late July/Early August

Prototype production: A new Goat of Mendes head pendant is being produced. This will resemble The Satanic Temple's Goat of Mendes image on their logo. The prototype is being produced and SHOULD go into production by September and probably available by October 2018.

The New Sigil of Baphomet Stainless Steel ring , ALL BLACK - Estimated Time of Arrival: Mid-to-Late August 2018 

This is the ring that is more affordable and has also gained some popularity on social media already! 

Priced to sell at a great price of $25-$30

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