What's Ahead in 2019

First of all, GIVE Semper_Preparatus a follow on Instagram. I promise you, the pics do not disappoint. She is a fashion blogger and model. Her styles range from preppy and to goth and everything in-between. She is a PRIME example of "Thee Satanist" I envisioned when I began to create quality Satanic jewelry that was more respectable than just ordinary garbage we were sold on in places like Hot Topic or occult shops that were mainly Pagan and Wiccan.

If you have followed my facebook page since 2013 when it all began, you probably know my story. If not, dig deep into the Blogs from as far back as when I first created the website and included the blog page. The short story is like anything else. I created this brand to answer the call for something worthy of what the ELITE Satanist IS. The way Satanists were portrayed in the days of Anton LaVey. Well dressed, educated, and never god-fearing to question everything. The snappy fashions they wore said it all. It was stylish and sharp. Their intellect, always on point. This is why I LOVE this Instagram lady...Just beautiful and well represented. I could not resist but to ask her if she would like to do a collaboration. She now represents the way to wear our Satanic Jewelry brand with her incredible talents in modeling. The talent is in the photoshoots. The colors, the clothes, the light and dark tones that change in every pic. That desire for wanting more. Makes you want to scroll up to see her eyes yet, you get enough to enjoy the pic and never more. The jewelry, an incredible way she combines with various styles. Satanists DO NOT need to wear BLACK all day, every day. The most common misconception of what Satanists do. This is not GOTH...though Goth is related heavily to music and fashion of all things dark and dreary, the Satanist is found 'underground'. Found in various career positions, never revealing their true nature to keep the hysteria and criticism from those who do not understand us down and always keeping things professional. That is who Satanists are. She represents an accurate portrayal of Satanists in day to day life. This is why she will be a STAPLE of my brand.

Now lets get on with what's ahead before the 2018 year is over. As you know, I finally got around to bringing COLORED Baphomet sigils. That is now an option and I produced them in small numbers so the supply is limited. There will be MORE color combinations coming in 2019. This season, get them while they are available. I will NOT bring them back once they are sold out, IF Demand for them is low. I put a lot of time and funding into this and this entire site operates on the support of all who make purchases. If an item is very popular, I keep restocking. If its slow and not wanted, well, that's the end of that piece when it sells out.

December is almost here. Not long ago, I introduced a prototype of the new version of a Goat of Mendes. You may not know, that The Satanic Temple has not contacted me to create more items for their site. I have a few ideas but they simply do not communicate much with me to even discuss anything. I would LOVE to work with them on things and even to help their causes, but as they say, you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. So that's that. Due to overwhelming demand for a TST necklace, I chose not to get into a copyright battle over it. (Not that I fear losing, as I believe that they don't really have anything filed for it. The COST of just fighting back with lawyers is what I rather not do. I rather put that kind of money into something more useful). I decided to create a Goat of Mendes since it IS of religious nature and therefore cannot be copyrighted.

All religious figures, artwork, etc. cannot be legally copyrighted. This is based on my understanding of the law on the research I have done. Grant it, perhaps their entire SIGIL of TST is also not allowed to be copyrighted BUT much like The Church of Satan, they CAN copyright it IF it INCLUDES TST in it, as per the pendant I once created for them. Still one of my best creations I ever had the pleasure of doing. Anyway, I have not confirmed that such a TST Sigil has been copyrighted. In some cases, that I had researched, courts can usually base decisions on when the image was first published and used by a person or organization that designed it. This is based on a lawsuit of a company I had 15% ownership of in the late 90's early 2000's. It was called Kiss Kosmos, LOOK IT UP! That experience has served me well since then. Another company took our name as if they were the ones whom came up with it. Kisa Kosmos was founded by a friend of mine. Kisa Kosmos stands for Cosmic Kitten in Russian. It was fashion label out of Hawaii. The entire ordeal was based on just who published it first. At some point, the expense of having an attorney to keep the fight going was too much. We were going to continue to use our brand name and wait and see if the other company will make the expense to bring us to court again so that we wouldn't have to. The entire experience was expensive and this was MANY years before MySpace, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Instagram, ....damn, come to think of it, the internet was a dinosaur back then. No support like the kind TST got to fund the Baphomet Statue through crowdfunding.

This Goat of Mendes Version 2 or 2.0 or whatever means works best to describe it is COMING THIS DECEMBER. It will probably be the last piece for 2018. Some people have asked if I will be setting up a pre-order. I probably CAN do that. I don't think it will be much beneficial however, the price is going to very fair. This project was not complicated to do. Its very light weight. Much like the inverted pentacle or unicursal hexagram. If you own one of those, then you will know what I mean.

If you are subscribed to the newsletter, I might offer a pre-order option and be one of the first few people before I even publish the pics. Look for this piece, FIRST or SECOND WEEK of DECEMBER!

The Sigil of Anton LaVey necklace. This season, it it TRENDING! It is the most popular piece right now. Everyone loves it. Its a good size, not heavy and extremely durable.

Stainless Steel 316L with 18k Gold Plating. It will take more than sandpaper, a chisel, or even a saw to get the gold to come off. Grant it, you can cut through it, but the color will not flake off or chip off while banging the shit out of it. That's HIGH QUALITY! THIS DECEMBER, if all goes well, expect a NEW version of this. JUST IN TIME to make it a stocking Stuffer...Yeah, I know, Satanists celebrate Xmas? The short answer is, ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Satanists do not celebrate the religious fictional aspect created for the Christian followers. We celebrate the Winter Solstice and the traditions of giving and sharing. A concept that is widely adopted by ALL major religions of the world. Christianity is just ONE of them. SOME Satanists adopted this portion of the celebration and therefore they do the deed...that of gift-giving.

Finally, I am going to show one of the FIRST images produced when I started the LILITH pendant that is due EARLY 2019.

This is NOT going to be the exact image of what the final piece will look like. This was the concept I envision of the current LILITH pendants that exist right now. I wanted to really change it and make a more modern version of it. As I did with the BAPHOMET pendant (the little 3D Baphomet pendant), this project is months in the making. alot of creative thinking and much talent hired to bring this image to life but with some major changes, of course. Here you will see that the rings she holds will remain part of LILITH. The wings too. Although here, they are more like Bat-wings...In the previous pendants that exist now, she has a banner wrapped around her breasts and her um, you know, the privates. I get why they did that but in 2018, we are past that. Even WICCAN jewelry has "The Goddess" in a nude setting. This is not because we want NUDITY. Its because the figure represents a woman's femininity. That is part of what Lilith represents. Her femininity and then other features that lets us know that its not just another "Goddess" piece, its LILITH 100%.

This image does NO justice to what the final production will look like, however, it serves as a BASE as to the direction the piece is going towards.

In 2019, I will be phasing out some of the most popular items. Here's why: KNOCK-OPFs. There is a growing trend with KNOCK OFF copies of what I am doing. Suddenly, everyone in the jewelry space is copying my methods and style by which my jewelry appeals to the customers. The look, the clean edges, they concepts. Not so much the designs itself...for example, The Seal of Lucifer. the Seal itself, anyone can use but its the way a PENDANT was created around that symbol. There are people who will copy that style and literally dumb it down to make it less expensive to produce and eventually compete with me. They compete with me on my OWN creative way of designing the pendant around the symbol. That is what is bothersome. I will either phase out some of these pendants and create new ones that will be more competitive to push the competition out of existence OR I may just focus on producing a less expensive version that is similar to those whom are copying my methods BUT still maintain the CRAFTSMANSHIP that you can expect from me. INCLUDING the 2 Year Warranty that my items carry. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If it damages prematurely, not relating to wear and tear, I REPLACE THEM ALL. So expect the Seal of Lucifer, Satanic Cross, to either get phased out for new versions of perhaps I will just bring new versions to go along with the older stuff in stock.

I will also be introducing a new SEAL OF LUCIFER RING in 2019. This has been in demand for some time now and I will make it a priority in 2019, at last! As you can see, all through 2018, this demand was present but none have come up with a better looking piece. I say this now for future reference because when I introduce the ring, you will then see the copy-cats that will follow. This is a good thing as it is a bad thing. Its good to know that I become a trend-setter for others to follow but its also a curse when they mimic my style too. I much rather want to see others do their OWN style instead of copying mine. THEREFORE, what you will also see in 2019 its that NOT ALL ITEMS will get listed on Amazon anymore. Amazon has sellers from foreign countries and there is existing software that allows people to see what other SELLER'S sales are in the products they sell. This is a FACT and this is MORE THAN LIKELY why I am getting copy-cat sellers on Amazon directly competing with my style of jewelry making. So to keep them from doing that, some items will remain ON MY SITE only until I am comfortable enough to finally list it on Amazon. I often say, it PAYS to follow my social media and now you will know why, in 2019.

That is all I got. Look for the deals on Instagram and Facebook to get a chance to get these items before 2019. PRICES WILL GO UP due to the political Trade Wars happening. This is beyond my control. Also, if you have not yet Subscribed, PLEASE DO SO NOW. Its good to know what is coming to lock in a deal on launch date.


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