The Xerxes Channel

Introducing the new page addition to the website, The Xerxes Channel.

First, allow me to talk a little about the MEMBERS pages. The pages are just a nice addition for a few reasons. It serves multiple purposes. For one, its a great way to really socialize with other Satanists OUTSIDE of the social dominance like Facebook.

Facebook is a huge and dominating website. It took an army to build and code all its functions. The problem with such a website is that it has many flaws. The site grew so much, so fast that it is bound to have flaws. For one, you are noticing that there is no such thing as privacy with facebook. Someone, somewhere is watching EVERYTHING YOU SHARE. Yeah, it's true. You may think you are safe, but you are NOT. There is a reason why your videos or pictures are banned when it appears that they caught on to them. Facebook has algorithms that are meant to detect things like breasts in pictures. They have it fine tuned, right down to the nipple. So that is typically how they know when their nipple policy kicks in on you. When you appeal it, it goes to PHYSICAL inspection on the history of that pic. So they find out when it was posted, how it was shared, who shared it, etc. and eventually the decision is made on whether to reinstate you. SO, that is what leads me to create a space. A small space but still something for someone should they want to use it.

The members pages now has capabilities to allow its members to have their own blog space in it. Its a lot like social media giants like facebook. Call it a blog or a Feed, what's the difference these days? Hardly any. The concept is almost the same. You can also write a little about yourself as an intro. Hell, anything goes IF YOU WANT TO UTILIZE IT. Share pics, videos, whatever works and you can also share the links to your profile. Grant it, they will need to be members, which mind you, is free. Do you think I should just have it wide open for anyone to come and check out the members pages? Let me know. I am open to hear your thoughts on this. Keep in mind, this site has been growing through the support of many and NOT JUST through the purchases made.

Now, See No Evil/Hear No Evil was previously the name for this page. I renamed it and plan to just keep it as a video channel. There is also LIVE Stream capabilities but that is yet to be determined. I will start with just pre-recorded content. Right now, I welcome you to simply check out the quick 4 minute video and drop a comment. I am testing the channel with this for now. Until I can get some more videos lined up. I hope that this will serve as entertainment and a place to do some dialogue as well. All for fun for the time being. Only time will tell. The more people give feedback and input, the more

Also, if you have not yet done so, check out the Millennial Pagan Podcast where I was a guest. The topic was regarding WHY pagans need to be more accepting of Satanists since we technically DO fall under the Left Hand Path religious groups. Yet, time and time again, some of them treat us as if they are right hand path religious people. Check it out, by clicking here: Millennial Pagan Podcast.

We touched up on a variety of topics in the podcast and on a personal level, I gotta say that I was sad that there was so much to talk about but time was limited. Therefore, the Xerxes Channel will also serve as a place to continue this dialogue but perhaps not with the same people as in the podcast. Instead, maybe I can do this with other people as well. In due time, we can expect this.

Look for more blogs in the near future but perhaps MORE SO in the Xerxes Channel. I would really like to dive into that more to get that going. If it goes nowhere, then I will eventually take it down. All things are based on the support of many and unless it is supported, then it's time to cut its ugly head off and let it die, right?

Let me know what you think of it. I am open to ideas and concepts. One thing I wanted to do was to also open it up for other people who want to share videos but don't really want to go through the trouble of doing it on YouTube or perhaps are not yet ready for something like that. What ever the case may be, let me know. I am open to work with you. Perhaps you want to sell something? Perhaps you want to talk about something? This is more or less a private channel set up for members who sign up but that can also be changed. If there is content that needs to be made specifically for paying customers, let me know. We can make an arrangement.

This concludes the blog tonight. See you at the channel ...

Darkest Days my friends.


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