Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver .925

It is finally here. Sterling Silver .925 and most importantly, made in the USA. Real professional jewelers and real STERLING SILVER. Certainly nothing questionable here.

Pictured here is the digital CAD image of the real thing. Pics will be updated on the listing sometime after this blog posts.

The image shows a black bail loop, where the chain would run through but that will also be sterling silver and NOT BLACK. The rest of the blackened areas WILL BE Black.

I hesitated to bring a sterling silver pendant to market because the cost of silver has gone up so much since the Great Recession that it sort of priced itself out of the market for most people. This was something I had predicted 5 years ago when I started this website. The goal was always to go with stainless steel to keep things at a price people can afford and still get the joy of wearing something that is respectable and good quality.

Since then, I had introduced the Sterling Silver Signet ring. That to me, was a milestone since no one in history has every produced a Sigil of Baphomet signet ring for sale to the mass market. It may have been in existence only as a custom made item. However, the price tag is rather steep for many people. The one thing to consider when buying precious metals is that the value will hold its value over time. It is NOT like Stainless Steel. Precious Metals are defined as Gold or Silver. For the most part, their value NEVER goes down. When it comes to selling it for its weight, you would only get just that. The going cost per weight of gold or silver. However, when it comes to a custom made piece, being that its so rare, it holds its value even better.

If you buy any type of silver today, over a decade, it might be valued the same price as you paid for it ten years prior IF NOT MORE. In most cases, it's due to the rising costs of things like inflation. Some people might sell their jewelry for slightly less than what they bought it for it they want a quick sale. Others, however, understand that their jewelry is so rare that it's worth MORE over time.

Sterling Silver is definitely an investment. It's an investment you can wear and maintain value of it. The other reason for me bringing this to market is because I have also gotten some stories regarding other sellers whom have literally taken buyer's money and never delivered on their items. My reputation is high. In quality and in service. A speedy service at best! Many of the stories I hear tell me that there is a lack of communication that goes along with the possibility that the customers feel they will lose their money and never get a response nor an item purchased. Others simply had such a bad experience that they choose to never go that route again. Now, there are options and I am the one to call upon to fill that need for what SHOULD be treated as VIP service. I mean, these items are expensive and requires a lot of communication and attention. An order like this gets 100% of my time. All communication sent to me is responded to as soon as possible. No questions unanswered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We can even discuss other more PERSONAL CUSTOM MADE PROJECTS. There is no limit to what can be done.

If you are interested in this pendant PLUS a ring I would like to hear from you. Price break can be considered when purchasing both. These are truly remarkable pieces to have for the ages! The type of jewelry that can be passed down for generations and have it increase in value.

More items are going to be added in 2019. This is the first for the year. It's a milestone for me since its all about my capabilities of products I am able to offer.

I share this post with you today so you get an understanding of what buying precious metal jewelry is really about. It's more than just something you can wear. Its a long term asset for the ages.

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