Baphomet Rising. Pt. 2

The rise in Satanic Jewelry and what this means to you. That was part of the title in the last blog I wrote. There is no doubt about it, since the last blog post that another bump up on occult jewelry is popping up everywhere. Why is this happening?

Suddenly, it's not just jewelry, it everything "Satanic" that is coming up on product search engines like AMAZON. Yes, Amazon, the biggest product search engine on the planet. Just one of many these days and the most popular by far.

Someone recently told me that Satanism is trending. My immediate reaction was, since when did Satanism become a THING? Satanism has been on the rise with a lot of young people since 2012 when The Satanic Temple began to make waves in the media. By 2013, SIGILOFBAPHOMET.COM was also making waves online. A little known fellow whom always wanted to see a quality made piece of jewelry, in this case, a necklace to get started, was beginning to get listed on sites like eBay.

Since then, there's been other Satanic groups and sellers of Satanic related items being sold online. The Satanic Temple, definitely giving Satanism a bump in media presence. Once people search for news stories online, search engine algorithms pick up on that too. From this, they gather many assumptions about what you MAY or MAY NOT like. Such topics or products with the words Satan or Satanism will then begin to get fed to you in tiny ads within your email account or on your social media accounts. Those pesky ads that pop up and makes you wonder how do they KNOW? Well, NOW YOU KNOW. There exists programing into search engines that pick up bits of information or key words that you put into search engines that might be telling about your personality and what you are into.

The method is much more complicated to explain in detail than what I am stating now. However, the concept is pretty much as I described it without the tech jargon. Most people already know this, however, others might not. Especially younger people. When you type in words on the search bar on Google or Facebook, that simple word or words gets saved in a growing profile of what you do (activity) online. Its like a modern version of cookies that gets constant updates on building a characterization of, well, YOU. So why do I share this bit of info? Because I want you to understand and grasp the point of where I am going with this at the end of my blog, so keep reading if this gets a little interesting so far.

The popularity of Satanism is partly due to the ongoing and seemingly political agenda behind The Satanic Temple and its various projects involving lots of articles written about them, media coverage, legal battles, and social media videos. While its great to have such a force behind some topics that mattered to Satanists, young people jumped on the bandwagon of rebellion and helped spread the messages. Along the way, some PROBABLY picked up a book, like THE SATANIC BIBLE and discovered that they were Satanists.........NOT!!

The truth is, they only read the articles online about The Satanic Temple and self declared themselves to be Satanic. Many would also say they were NOT Satanic BUT they supported The Satanic Temple's stance on political topics that mattered to them. With all this, Satanism was on the rise, ONLINE, that is.

The internet is now a whole new world these days. You can be ANYBODY online. This is something that was said for many years about people like keyboard ninjas. Nowadays, you can be an activist without ever leaving the comforts of home. True story. Just saying. Therefore, you can also claim to be a Satanist without having read The Satanic Bible or thoroughly researched what Satanism is as a RELIGION and not a trendy thing to be. You can also take snippets of what helps make a good argument if you are trying to proclaim yourself a Satanist. Yet, once you keep click on images, research some articles relating to Satanism, the algorithms will pick up on this and you will soon see Satanic related content targeting you. Especially on Facebook. Of course, this sudden rise in popularity also caught the attention of long time Satanists who took notice.

Searches or keywords put into search engines or social media posts that you "LIKE" all are part of the ongoing growing profiles that algorithms create and utilize for companies that will want to direct their articles, products, and websites to target you. The online world can be a difficult way to conduct business considering that it is nothing like just walking into a store where everything is open and exposed for your viewing pleasure. Today, you are targeted with the help of sophisticated sites like News Media sites and product sites like Ebay and Amazon. The exposure these sites provide for sellers, writers, or anyone wanting to grab your attention is now based on targeting those whom are LIKELY to click on it, visit the site, read, buy, etc. Facebook is perhaps the BIGGEST collector of data on people on the planet. They fooled us all for years while it gained notoriety. A free site that allowed us to connect with friends and family in ways that was unprecedented before. Everyone puts the location, their age, their family pics, their various looks and styles and more importantly, THE LIKES. All those LIKES that you click on. A fantastic way to put a profile about you without having to ask you for it, because you inadvertantly put it out there or rather, you also volunteer most of it whether you think it or not. Welcome to the New World Order people. Its how sausage is made in the age of Ultron.

Therefore, I ask you now. Do you see how this ties into how we get bombarded with ads or ad placement in odd places where it seems to be specifically targeting you because you may or may not be a Satanist. There's even Christian Trolls that get targeted with Satanic products. Something so mundane or as simply clicking a product image that takes you to the Amazon or Ebay listing will lead to Satanic related products to be placed in ads like your gmail account, for example.

Now its 2019 and the flood of Satanic articles, media coverage, and youtube videos are abundant, and now we are just beginning to see the surge in Satanic related products. NOW THIS, is where things get a little personal considering that this is MY ARENA.

The popularity or trending of Satanism has given way into mainstream brands that are being sold by a few Satanic sellers, then steps in NON-Satanic sellers. The TRUE Satanists vs the Fake Satanists, you know, those whom READ the Satanic Bible and UNDERSTAND the philosophy and live by it versus those who just SAY they are Satanic because they read a few lines that they agree with. If you agree with some of what you read, it's not enough to declare being a self-proclaimed Satanist. If you want to support Satanic groups, by all means, have at it! Support and BEING a Satanist are two separate topics. Yet, supporters are buying up Satanic inspired products, wearing them in support for what they are INTO. Its quite disturbing to be honest. Its sort of degrades what Satanism means to me. It's like a mockery and that is almost insulting. Satanism is a religion that creates a lifestyle of its own. It's not a sub-culture, like GOTH. Satanism is not a THING that requires fashion statements.

Another thing is, CHINA has stepped into the realm of Hell with us and they are on a mission to capitalize on this TREND! phenomenon. The rise of Satanism in the public is what they will capitalize on. The sophisticated sites that know how to target potential buyers are now being utilized by such foreign companies like CHINA to sell these people on Satanic related products.

Today, with the help of the internet, there's much better access with lots of potential. Now these foreign markets with deep pockets are taking ideas from sites like The Satanic Temple, Church of Satan, Sigil of Baphomet, and MANY MANY MORE, even small businesses on ETSY or Ebay. All ideas are shown and posted and these foreign companies with deep pockets can knock off someone's idea and have it out for sale in no time flat!

There currently exists, browser extensions that you can either purchase or get for free that allows you to visit Amazon and literally PULL Sales information on ALL PRODUCTS listed on Amazon. These browser extensions are used for sellers to get feedback on items that are currently listed. The information that it provides is such things like quantity sold, price per item, sales in a day, sales in a month, how many sold, how much money it made, and seller fulfilled or Amazon fulfilled. SERIOUSLY. This is how foreign sellers are knocking off products on Amazon.

Have you not noticed how my Seal of Lucifer necklace has been knocked off? SO how different is there's from mine? Well, there ARE some differences and this might also relate to why there might be a price difference. The knock-off pictured here, its BLACK plated. Plating is not a difficult process to do. Mine are not PLATED. Can I do a version of this? OF COURSE. I thought of everything. However, I went for design elements that would appeal to the eyes. The beauty of the piece. In order to knock mine off with a twist they went a cheap route, by plating it. My version is polished stainless steel on one side and BLACK on the other BUT with SILVER outlining it around the BLACK. This process to get the pendant to look this way is where the added costs of labor coming. Not by dipping into a black solution for plating. I mean, they don't even sell you the BLACK chain in this case, why? Because its an added expense to have to make black chains. The cheaper the production, the cheaper they can price the product. They are also banking on the popularity of Satanism that is seemingly TRENDING everywhere online. Now you see how all this connects?

Meanwhile, its not JUST OUR WEBSITE. There are OTHER SELLERS out there selling products that reflect the Seal of Lucifer. However, thanks for foreign sellers like the Chinese companies, they are degrading and devaluing the IMAGE of what the Seal of Lucifer means to a Satanist. Do you remember when the Seal of Lucifer was a symbol that NOBODY KNEW what it meant? Well guess what? They know what it means in China and it sounds like alot of CHA-CHING, Cha-ching!

Many of you reading this will think, there is nothing proprietary about the Seal of Lucifer and you are correct. That is not my argument. My argument I wish to make is that people should simply be more aware of how far your purchase will go when it comes to supporting artists or creators of goods that utilize symbology of Satanism. You see, the rest of the world, specifically the corporate world is picking up on all things trending and they would like nothing more than to capitalize on this.

Once they dominate social media and every element of marketing selling knock-offs of either sites like THIS or other sellers who never get a chance to develop their brand. I have stressed alot in the past that everyone should literally "Vote with your dollars". There are many other sellers of Satanic products like Etsy that are trying to get ahead but when companies with deep pockets picks up on what begins to trend online, they have the sources to develop a better looking product in order to kill the small business owner. While diverse creations is good for business, its not an even playing field when someone with alot of money can just steal your idea to run the competition out of business. It happens on many levels, including at MY level as I had shown a quick example above.

I highly recommend that everyone ask questions about the products you consider to buy. Find out if the seller or company is at the very least a Satanist! That would help ensure that the things we buy will remain very much a part of the Satanic community for what they symbols represent and not be degraded or devalued where it's just printed and created everywhere.

The sudden rise in occult jewelry is just ONE example. There are people in other spaces where Satanic symbology is used and there is nothing worse when you see NON-Satanic companies capitalizing on something they do not relate to. Companies utilize tools to find their next big products to sell and they find it by simply watching the habits of people online. The algorithms that picks up on words or clicks made by people on facebook and Google. You may also recall that in the past, I have mentioned that Facebook collects data from everyone. There are far more and more people whom continue to sell themselves online in search of fame or attention to draw attention to their products.

Keep in mind that my items, currently listed on Amazon will eventually be knocked-off and for this reason going forward, new products will NOT be readily available on Amazon after they are launched for sale. Those whom are anticipating the LILITH pendant, I will tell you now, it will ONLY be available on my website. It is also important that you consider other Satanic brands in mind when it comes to seeing versions that MAY seem similar to what a major label might offer. They too are probably knock-offs. Support sellers people..SPECIFICALLY Satanic Sellers!

Lilith Necklace is coming in April. The most anticipated piece of the year.


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