Change is inevitable

Change happens. Whether we like it or not, all things, living or not, WILL change.

I came into 2019 thinking of just that. Change. Where I need to make it happen and how I will go about it. So here's a quick update on what has been going on since the start of the new year.

First, let me explain what this site is about because I think people get conflicted about the merchandise versus what you see on social media. For starters, I am no better than any person on earth. I am human and I am a Satanist. I view the world through the Satanic perspective based heavily on the Satanic philosophy. However, this is not a discussion about philosophical views and who's gonna win the pissing contest by having the last post or comment made on facebook. Not at all.

I want to clarify that social media for this site is a mixture of entertainment plus advertisement. its a new form of television, if you will. We scroll through profiles and get fed pics and streams and the occasional ad drops in. That is basically what I feel my social media does. You follow it because its a good FOLLOW, make sense? Its good content for viewing and engaging with other satanists. We all drop comments, get laughs, talk shit, argue, fight, whatever! Then I drop some news occasionally regarding the satanic community OR perhaps just an update on what I am working on next. I mention this now because I occasionally get emailed or messages as if someone wants to have a discussion or pick my brain on my views. Well, this is why I sometimes go LIVE on Facebook, to engage with followers LIVE. Having to message someone on a case by case basis is hard to do. We are closing in on nearly 100k followers on facebook alone and I am still a one man army! So please understand that while I love the following, I am still very much a normal individual and I also need to stay on top of things to come.

Now that you understand how social media works for at least IN MY CASE anyway, like a television, I still take to a blog to post some much needed updates that I don't want to get it lost on the Facebook feed. You see, in a feed, it gets buried with other content. On my site's blog page, however, its on there for a while and people can revisit the page to get updated on what I am working on next. You can also simply send me an email and ask if you need further clarification. These days, posting a question on a pic on facebook is hard to answer because the content is just getting loaded every few hours a day and with the overwhelming following, its hard to get to all the comments and questions people have. So again, best way to go about things, contact me directly. At best, I can answer everyone by posting blogs like this. Its useful for other aspects like just discussing the changes I planned to make on the site.

SO lets get down to the details. In the recent past, I went LIVE to ask everyone for some feedback. I asked everyone, how you would feel about this site becoming the next EBAY, Amazon, or Etsy for all things OCCULT RELATED?? It doesn't necessarily need to be an auction site, nor a sophisticated site like Amazon or even a simplified version like Etsy, HOWEVER, a platform for ANYONE who wants to sell their items. I am still waiting on that feedback. It seems like that idea fell flat with everyone. I hardly heard anything from that. SO, the concept is still on the table but not going anywhere at the moment.

I ask you all this because this site was supported by, well, YOU. Satanists worldwide. Those whom have made purchases helped roll out more items and grow the platform to what it is now. That method of growth is solely based on the support of many and it also requires some feedback when I put it out there. Otherwise, I change course! I try different things. One can only come up with so many Satanic jewelry items that I felt compelled to add new items relative to Satanism or occult in general.

This year, I am phasing out some jewelry items that are slow moving. Meaning, items that I had introduced that people were not finding them popular. So be it, its the risk I took, right? I want to offer things that people would REALLY want! Some items are things nobody would have ever thought of. That is what separated me from the rest in the past. Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry brand is the MAIN reason why occult jewelry has become so popular now. Even the CHINESE are knocking off my products because they want to sell you shit so they can turn a quick buck. However, nobody can match the quality and craftsmanship as I have. Not to mention the customer service and the warranties that come with my product. Try buying a knock off on Amazon and see what happens when you try to return it! Good luck with that. THEY WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK but they WILL keep your money!

Such is the case recently when a customer contacted me on Amazon. He had purchased a knock off THINKING it was one of mine. I told him he bought a knock off version and he could not get it returned or a refund. So he decided to buy the better version from me. Unfortunately, he spent more than he needed to due to not doing due diligence when buying the original piece in the first place.

Anyway, the site is going to go through some transformations in the coming months ahead. The one thing that will remain will be the service and quality you'd expect. However, there is a good chance that the NAME WILL CHANGE! Yes, imagine that, Sigil of Baphomet dot com will probably be something different some day soon. Most likely, these changes will not happen until late in the year or even in January 2020. That is yet to be determined. The look and feel of the site will also change. A fresh new look for the fresh new name! This is just in the idea phase right now. The research has already been done and the estimated costs and time is already calculated. The only thing I am working on now is phasing out inventory to allow for new items as things progress. The seller platform is also an idea. I am not sure if I will make the site into a platform for other sellers or just keep it as it has been.

New Plush doll colors will be added. New Crochet dolls too. More complex jewelry pieces like the likes of the LILITH Necklace, more rings and oh yes, I want to drive the prices down too. This month, I am rolling out specials on nearly 90% of the inventory to further push the items out. I will likely even create a CLEARANCE PAGE...a FIRST for me! I am also going to add BAND T SHIRTS! Classic Metal band shirts and what ever else I can get my hands on. Maybe more clothes and accessories?? Your thoughts?

Sigil of Baphomet started as a jewelry brand and will remain a focal point. I want to be known for that, more than anything, however, I also want to introduce things so that you can find it all in one place. And ONLY if it meets my standards of quality and craftsmanship. That is exactly what I am known for and I am sticking to that no matter the changes we go through.

I will end this blog here. No edits. if you see misspellings, fuck it! I was in a rush! Alot is going on here and I can't keep putting these out as fast as I would like. For now, its all TEXT, no pics on this blog. lol.

Respond to this via email or on Facebook. I will try to get to all the questions in a post eventually. Let me know what you think? This is OUR SITE, FOR SATANISTS, BY SATANISTS. Your opinion matters. Would you rather wear something from some dinky child's play shop?? My lawyer says I can't bash big name shops anymore to avoid getting sued, but you know which ones I am talking about, RIGHT?

Have a great 4th of July weekend and always toast to Satan!

Darkest days are coming. Ave!


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