Killing Baphomet - The Trade War Impact

This year started out really bad. Well, bad in the sense that I had anticipated many things to happen that would ultimately affect what I introduce to the site. Just before 2018 ended, many Chinese manufacturing companies were literally knocking off my designs. This was only possible because they observe Amazon. All listings on Amazon get observed and there is extensions that you can add to your browser to pull information from Amazon to see sales figures and the sort. These companies get on the Amazon site to gather information on what is trending with buyers. Naturally, they picked up on a brand that was on the rise for some time now, Sigil of Baphomet. A name based on what I originally intended to offer. A better Sigil of Baphomet medallion...that lead into being a necklace (when I later added a chain to it). That was 6 years ago, the VERY beginning.

Late last year, I noticed that they were literally copying my designs. Not that the symbols are trademark worthy, they are not. BUT the STYLE by which I created pendants out of these symbols. That is what opened up their minds to a new concept of producing jewelry when using symbology. Not only that, but I had taken things a bit further. Adding COLOR to it. In this case, BLACK. The most desired color of choice. In doing the coloring technique, my pendants were of course, a bit more expensive because of the added labor and methods by which to apply a color that will not chip off like paint. Grant it, it can still come off under certain conditions relating to weather and/or body chemistry. A combination of both can make the color come off. It will look like a very hard sticker. Almost strong as a hard plastic but peeling like a sticker. The color is not a sticker. Its a resin that is a power laid into the etched portion of the pendant. Flushed to make the surface flat and the pendants get baked by a few thousand degrees at which this resin melts to a liquid and spreads out evenly into the engraved etching of the pendant where it lies in. After the pendants are cooled, they get polished to a shine. This includes the surface with the color applied. The color literally does not come off so easily. My technique is so good, that I guarantee the pendant for at least 2 years before you can see any defects...IF ANY AT ALL. Depending on the environment or how often it is worn, the pendant will likely show some normal wear and tear but for the most part, the color will not come off so easily. What I really enjoy about the pieces is the way the color is applied on one side with a nice silver edge outlining it, plus, if you desire for just a stainless steel piece, simply wear it backwards and the back-side is plain.

Until last year, the knock-off manufacturers began producing the same piece that was copied but without going the extra steps to keep the cost down.. Instead, the made a few that are just stainless steel or coated it in black. The black coating is pretty good but they cannot do just partially black. Its a solution that the entire piece must be dipped into and allowed to dry and bond to the steel. It will still wear off over time but still lasts a fairly good amount of time. I was disappointed that they had copied the way I created a pendant out of the symbols like the Seal of Lucifer and the Brimstone/Leviathan pendant. I don't mind that they went a cheaper route because mine would set itself apart from the rest. Not only that, but the way it was created, the shape and all. That was my idea. But in business, this is a normal thing. The next big corporation comes around and they knock you off. Such is Life.

Everyone seems to like the cheaper versions and I learn from this. Price is more important to some than quality. I get it. I have plenty of the Seal of Lucifer necklaces in stock but that size will eventually be discontinued once it sells out. The Brimstone necklace is nearly sold out. Only 2 remain in the Amazon inventory as I write this. That piece is not coming back either. OR MAYBE...

I am currently rethinking this process and I believe I will bring it back into a smaller size. Smaller size means better price and the fact that I garnered a lot of support from the start, I am also now able to have PURCHASING power. The more I buy, the cheaper they can get! Its that simple. SO that is something I will be working on for the months ahead and probably into 2020. Meanwhile, I am going to reduce the prices on a few items to move them out and invest into new ideas and sizes that are more competitive and hopefully, they will not get knocked off anymore. Competition will meet its match soon!

Now, this brings me to the picture above. The trade war has officially taken affect on me. Early this year, I knew what was going to happen. Many of you probably do not understand that the current president has a history of wrecking businesses in his path. He has a history of simply filing bankruptcy and walking away to start a new disaster. If you are a Trump supporter, YOU MUST understand that this is FACT and I am not saying this to take a political stance on some of the politics going on lately. I have been an entrepreneur over 20 years and I have also been an investor and fully understand how these waves move in the economy. I am one NEVER to wait until something strikes me by surprise. If I see a red flag, I react NOW, not later. If it walks like a duck, its a duck. If I KNOW the history of his behavior, I plan ahead for what may be coming. In this case, this was anticipated. I did not, however, anticipate being affected when it came to the PLUSH Dolls. We were all familiar with the politics at the time when they said there will be a tariff on steel. I was already prepared months in advance and had restocked inventory before the tariffs took place. Thereby, allowing to keep prices the same. However, the PLUSH DOLLS were a different story.

Perhaps I waited too long to go into production on the dolls. By the time I was ready to talk to the manufacturing plant, they had raised the prices on the dolls. Still I waited, thinking that the Trade War escalation will go back to normal. I waited patiently and then I send a message to my agents. I got a new response. Prices were yet again, even higher! The price of the plush dolls had DOUBLED!

Then I decided to go into negotiations with the manufacturer and unfortunately, as things are now, we cannot come to an agreement on the price. They doubled the price and I don't think its a fair price. In the end, its a lost opportunity for everybody. I am not sure when I will be able to bring them back. If things do not get better in the political sector, this will remain and I can only hope that it does not affect jewelry down the road.

For the time being, the best I can do is to go back to having CROCHET DOLLS. Crochet dolls were the inspiration for the Baphomet plush doll. It was originally a crochet doll and I wanted to make a move into having it done into an actually soft plush doll. Now due to the trade wars and inflation, we are taking a step back to keeping things at the crochet level, for lack of a better of putting it.

Despite the disappointing news on this, we did take crochet doll making to a whole new level. We are now able to make custom crochet dolls. If you have a friend or family member that you wish to create into a crochet doll, NOW YOU CAN!

I started by introducing the new Anton LaVey crochet doll. A doll like this has NEVER been made. This is truly a CLASSIC crochet doll worth collecting!

Crochet dolls can be made of any celebrity or person. All we need is a picture and we can create a cute doll for you. Nobody else does this...but now you may soon see others start going into that direction. MAYBE. You see, I partnered up with a MASTER CROCHET doll maker in Brazil. If you have followed my story from the beginning, you will already know this. I support a doll maker by listing her dolls on my site. So long as they are relevant to what we might appreciate, it gets LISTED!

Moving on....

This month also marks the fact that we are finally over 100K Followers on Facebook. This site is still very young and highly dependent on YOU the supporters and BUYERS of these items. I started with the desire to finally bring something of VALUE that Satanists would be proud to wear. The Sigil of Baphomet necklace was my very first production and it has transformed a few times SINCE THEN. Each time, the quality exceeding previous versions produced. That has been the goal the entire time. Now that I have produced common symbols into great quality pieces we can all be proud to wear, I am beginning to introduce things are are not so relative to Satanism but more like Dark culture. Shirts are just a small batch right now that are new and of course, jewelry items will still be introduced with time. All original pieces in the way they are created. I am literally spreading myself into other categories but we are FAR from being the likes of great companies with HUGE budgets to advertise.

This is where you can help out out. Keep sending those amazing photos wearing our gear. Always love sharing. I will also be more active this month in doing contests where you can win something you have not gotten yet. If you own a piece already, be ready to take some selfies for a chance to win something new to your collection. If your pic gets chose, you win! This will be one contest that will roll out frequently until I garner some great photo content to share. Nothing like sharing REAL PEOPLE than paid actors!

Check out the new T shirts I got in stock now and continue to follow me on facebook and instagram for updates on new items. Also, keep in mind, MEXICO Sigil of Baphomet is going to be sending some awesome rare finds to offer up for worldwide distribution from the U.S. SO keep that in mind too in the following weeks ahead.

I will try to do more blog posts to share more details on what is coming up next. There is SO much to say but not enough space to put it in so a blog post is a good way to do this for the time being. I am still very much a one man army operating this site so please bare with me.

Also, take advantage of the Pink Baphomet plush dolls that are also nearly sold out. Once they are gone, its hard to say when they will make a come back. The trade wars are gonna get uglier and I hope to keep prices fair.

Please continue to support Satanic companies. True Satanic companies and not Chinese sellers whom only look to play on your heart strings by posting cheap items with lots of Satanic imagery to sway how you VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! They are fly by night items that have no staying power. They do not know Satanism and they steal imagery and ideas to make a quick buck. The real scenario is in supporting a REAL Satanic company to keep providing the things we want, long term.


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