Facebook's TOP FANS Badge and WAL-MART?

Facebook's TOP FANS badge. Maybe you don't follow my Facebook page often. Perhaps you are there only for the entertainment value. The Xerxes' Angels, Memes, and other funny shit that rings true to life. You may have missed it when I mentioned this unknown feature by Facebook.

In the recent past, you may have noticed the Top Fans badge that is given when you engage more with the pages you follow. This was definitely a defining moment for social media. Well, more for Facebook because this sets a new precedent that has never been done before. Unfortunately, they rolled out weak marketing to announce what the intended or useful purpose this TOP FANS badge was for. Including myself, I was lost as to what that was about!

I had no idea that this TOP FANS badge really had any value until one day I was trying to post something on Facebook and I began tinkering about the features that I sort of ignored when they popped up, new or old. I thought to myself, I bet nobody ever bothers with this stuff. We just wanna post, read, and laugh and go on about our day. Then as I began to see what this TOP FANS badge deal was about I realized that this was a new calling for the failed GROUP PAGE concept.

Don't get me wrong. I am sure some pages out there that have PRIVATE CLOSED GROUP PAGES might find that concept useful. I for one, never liked it. I thought it was stupid. A private group page sounds good but when they start putting up these questions that you must answer in order to get approved to join is a big turn-off. Everyone is always curious as to what goes on in these groups and yet, its just another public style Facebook page where nobody is really engaging. I assume its because now the new closed group page is even smaller than the private one.

Anyway, I always felt that my page should remain open because it allows everyone to jump in. This isn't Stanley Kubrik's "Eyes Wide Shut" secret society bullshit, its Facebook. Its about being social. And the point of a business having a social media page is to engage in what customers or potential customers might be thinking. How many times have you thought that CEO's of major companies do not engage in what their customer base is thinking? This is true of many companies, big and small. The key to success is solve a problem. I often heard that in business over the years. To solve the problem, you must understand what the problem is first. Understand why there is a question about obvious problem that exists. Grant it, jewelry is not a major problem, per say. But its a desire that people have and that creates a problem IF there is not an item that existed that would be desirable.

Therefore, we often ask ourselves, wouldn't it be cool if such and such existed? I am sure this questions hits the bullseye with everyone. Wouldn't it be cool if a pill can make you lose weight? or if you can just order groceries like you order pizza? The questions are endless. I answered this very question before too. Wouldn't it be nice if there existed a Sigil of Baphomet necklace where it was high quality and craftsmanship put into the creation...and by the way, one WITHOUT THE HOLE at the TOP of the piece itself? Because at the time, there was one that existed that way. I thought it was awful. A hole on the top part of the pendant itself where the bail runs through it which the chain runs through that. Plus, it was NOT stainless steel or sterling silver. These are legitimate questions you ask yourself when trying to produce the next great product line and social media, today, plays an important role in that you can get on there and literally ask the ones that matter the most. YOU!

You matter the most because I am trying to use my funds and resources to create something that you will love and appreciate. Something that you will stand behind and support, long term. I also made it my point to let me story be known from day one that this brand was going to be based on the desired demands of those who truly want to see something that they'd be wiling to buy from. I was not going to be a one night show or someone trying to turn a quick buck to turn around and utilize the funds for other projects that mattered only to me, NO! I wanted this brand to matter to EVERYONE that was a Satanist! This was the usefulness of social media...or in this case, Facebook.

Facebook made it possible beyond just socializing. It created a worldwide network of information about each other. For businesses, it made it easier to reach more people than just a brick and mortar solely dependent on foot traffic. SO in having said all this, Facebook is revolutionary in what it can do these days. The Top Fans badge, is one of those little things that helps connect with those who really want to know MORE IN-DEPTH into ME, XERXES or my brand. Why? Because now I can post something that will only be seen by TOP FANS only. I can share some news with them ahead of doing it by other means. This includes having to send out a newsletter. I can quickly post something as it happens and get some feedback. Feedback is important because this is a Satanic brand on the rise. It will some day be NORMALIZED to see Satanic brands on store shelves. The Satanic Revolution is not just about politics, its about acceptance and waking people up to the reality that Satanism is not just kids with a Quija board or some cooky idea that Hollywood loves to bank on. Its a real religion and we are coming above-ground with it! It is important to hear what Satanists think of the items I put out there. If it sucks, I am sure someone will say, its not as great or something, anything. Its your brand, by Satanists, FOR Satanists. I would not want to put some Mickey Mouse, Hot Topic products out there. Needless to say, nobody works harder to gain your support on what I have done so far. Its going on 7 years since Sigil of Baphomet started and we are STILL only just beginning. Just when you think I reached a new level, another opportunity opens up. This is why it bother with newsletters and blogs, and now personal posts in TOP FANS when I feel I want to reach out to those who really do FOLLOW my Facebook page. In order to earn a TOP FAN badge on Facebook, you must engage with the page. I am not exactly sure if just clicking the LIKE button is enough. Actually commenting once in a while and engaging will automatically trigger the TOP FAN badge. This is solely done by Facebook algorithms. I have to admit, I kinda like the idea because it takes the guess work out of knowing who's comments to take seriously. TOP FANS will see these specific posts and they can literally drop in and let me know what they think or just engage with other Facebook followers. It does not need to be about SIGIL OF BAPHOMET. You wanna talk politics? Go ahead...mind you, I MAY or MAY not engage too much on touchy subjects. I have been advised that I need to be a bit careful. You know the saying, the bigger they are, the harder they fall? It true. Someone is always eager to jump at the chance to be the ax that took that final swing to bring me down.

Top Fans recently got notified about the possibility that Sigil of Baphomet might be available for sale on Wal-Mart's website. That was surprising news for them and NOW you get to know a little about what is going on. But for that, I may need to hold off on discussing the story on how that happened. Its a short story but I would want to save the content for another blog post. I want to talk about a time I worked for Wal-Mart in my early 20's. A time I sold Sigil of Baphomet jewelry on ETSY and how things are shaping up now with all that you may or may not know.

Most of you know that I wanted to work something out with The Church of Satan in the beginning. Then came The Satanic Temple and that was short lived. Nowadays, I work with some bands in the local scene and one in particular that is rather famous at this point. So the stories are plenty and I don't mind covering a little bit of every experience I had. I am sure the Wal-Mart story is quite a shocker right now...so look for the next blog or newsletter. I will be pretty busy in the days ahead.

Be a Top Fan. Your feedback matters. Make Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry ....and GIFTS your choice for all Satanic related items.

Hail Satan!

~ Xerxes

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