Eliphas Levi Baphomet Sterling Silver .925

Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry brand is once again making history. We were first in servicing the needs of the Satanic community in the jewelry space and produced some of the most beautiful jewelry that can be worn with pride (a Satanic Virtue). We were then first in ever producing symbology into jewelry forms setting the trend for other sellers that have since followed to fill the space.

Our popular Eliphas Levi Baphomet pendant in stainless steel was a first of its kind. Since we have produced it, we also began to venture into producing Sterling Silver Custom Made items. Our first was the Sigil of Baphomet Signet Ring and we followed it up with the Sigil of Baphomet medallion pendant.

Now, we introduce our Eliphas Levi Baphomet pendant in STERLING SILVER .925 The ".925 means that it is nearly 93% pure silver. Like all precious metals like Gold and Silver, other metals are mixed with them so that they can have structure to the piece when it hardens. 100% pure gold is naturally soft. SO soft that is softer than clay, almost like a putty. It is mixed with other metals to create an alloy that makes good for shaping gold into anything. The same applies for silver only that silver is much harder than gold and therefore, you get more silver in your purchase because it hardly requires any other metals in the mix. This is the reason why gold is sold as 10k, 14k, and 24k gold. The more karats, the more gold in the piece, making it softer, vulnerable for scratches and dents, and of course, more expensive. Not the case with silver. Silver is mostly pure and only the purest is legally allowed to be stamped .925. Some jewelry in silver that is NOT STAMPED with .925 is NOT pure silver. It means it has silver in it, but as an alloy. Meaning, with a blend of other metals NOT SILVER. You get what you pay for and perhaps not understand why that is....and now you know.

OUR Silver and gold, is real silver and gold of the best quality AND our jewelry is custom made in the U.S.A. Real skilled jeweler's hands and with the use of high end technology is what it takes to produce even the smallest of details. In our new Eliphas Levi Baphomet pendant, we literally did a 3D scan of our Stainless Steel pendant and recreated a mold for SILVER pouring and productions.

Still, the process takes high end technology and real skilled jewelers. Our manufacturing partners have produced jewelry for companies like Tiffany & Co., Zales, Shane Co., and many more recognizable jewelry companies within the U.S. and around the world. YES, WE USE THE SAME MANUFACTURING PARTNERS as these major big leaguers of jewelry! Now making Satanic Jewelry SPECIFIC for our brand, Sigil of Baphomet.

Until now, despite having the Stainless Steel version out for some time now, nobody has considered to produce this in Sterling Silver. We are first again and making history. This is still only the beginning as this brand continues to grow with the support of Satanists worldwide.

Thank you for all the support until now and going forward. You have made this possible and we hope to continue to grown and normalize Satanism as a religion that refuses to remain underground since the passing of Anton Lavey.

~ Xerxes

Eliphas Levi Baphomet pendant does not include a Sterling Silver chain. Please visit the listing for further d

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