Pentagram Rings

Pentagram Rings are finally here. This ring was based out of the comments read and conversations I had with many people over a period of time. For some time now, I have been wanting do more with pagan related symbology. The pentagram is an obvious one and mostly overlooked by jewelry producers.

Just like the current inventory that is mainly serving for Satanists, pagan jewelry has been around for the longest time. However, the problem is simply that most of the jewelry produced is made in countries like China, Thailand, Guam, Philippines, get the point? There is nothing wrong with the items being produced there, HOWEVER, culturally, they are not known for having pagan communities as most places in Europe and the Americas. Therefore, after much research, considering that I'm in the business, I strongly believed that jewelry producers basically follow trends.

Trends that stem from historical content such as the Middle East, like ancient Egyptian cultures or places like England, Ireland, Norway, just to name a few.

Many foreign businesses find their successes by introducing products to the biggest economies on Earth, the United States being one of them or perhaps the main one. This is true of nearly all type of businesses no matter what you are selling. Thus is the case with jewelry. Just like all companies, they do research to figure out what the market will want to buy. There is always alot of hits and misses until they land a successful product. From that point, the product is produced heavily to meet demand and they build on that foundation for all things to follow that pattern. Since the United States is where modern Satanism was formed by Anton Lavey, it is no surprise that at some point they figured out that it would be ideal to cater to Satanists for things that may appeal to them. Again, this is all common knowledge on "how sausage is made" when it comes to business. I have to mention this so you understand the angle by which this site was founded on and WHY.

As things progress with a single product, companies begin to follow trends and try to understand their customers. For a long time, especially in the 80's and 90's Wicca was a big deal. Much of the jewelry still in existence today are based on jewelry pieces that have lasted this long and still in production for new Wiccans and Pagans coming of age. Little was done for the Satanist because the Satanic Panic put alot of scare into the public and companies were not willing to produce products they felt would get rejected by the market. Meaning, people will bring bad publicity to the product and the company and people will simply not buy it. SO why invest into a bad idea in the first place, right? That was then....and I AM NOW. That's what happened in 2013...XERXES happened.

For over a decade before 2013, I had been an entrepreneur with a strong desire to have a custom made ring of the Sigil of Baphomet. About the only thing that ever came close was a necklace, not a ring. It a was pentagram and it was not the Sigil of Baphomet, just a pagan pentagram. In most cases, I would see others that would buy it and they would transform it into an inverted pentagram to make it more appealing to what they felt best represents them, a Satanist.

Myself include, I was one of those people at one point in my life. Browsing those metaphysical shops, sourcing for something I can sorta make it my own style for what would be a best representation of Satanism. Everything always catered to Wiccans and Pagans. ALWAYS! One day, I decided this needed to end since nobody else, not a single company, was making the call to fulfill an underserved market. I had a feeling as to why that would be, fear and risk. I knew that if I could do something about it, the marketplace will turn on its head when they realized what a mistake it was to never consider the Satanist as a customer.

In 2013, Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry was formed and it has taken the internet by storm. As of now, there has been an increase of Satanic brands coming out of everywhere. Black Craft Cult was one of the earliest T-Shirt labels that was started before this site. It was one of many T-shirt labels at the time that began to cater to Satanists. These days, they have expanded to more than just T-shirts and are more or less a fashion label and beyond. Still, JEWELRY remained an uncharted territory. The fashion labels coming up were solely focused on clothes. Failing to recognize that not all Satanists wear black. A prejudice that seems to be a part of people who think a Satanist is somehow a Goth. Two separate things. One is based on music and sub-culture of fashion and lifestyle while the other is based on the religion of Satanism the the lifestyle that evolves from that and BLACK is not always a must. In fact, if you have followed my Instagram, you will see that I have shared pics of Satanists that look like every day people wearing the little pieces that give them away like a Sigil of Baphomet ring, necklace or earrings. The little clues that are personal to them because we are a proud group of individuals. Thus, Sigil of Baphomet began to produce its first set of necklaces, with the pendant of a large black Sigil of Baphomet Maurice Bessy design that was adopted by the Church of Satan that was highly been recognized by all Satanists worldwide.

Soon after, companies like KillStar, that had formed after this site launched began to take notice. They were mainly a goth fashion label by all accounts of their earlier items sold. They have their roots in the U.K. and have created distribution networks in various parts of the world, including a distribution center in the United States. Not just KillStar but many other gothic fashion labels that were known for their dark clothing were suddenly making shifts towards occult styles that were catching the attention of well, occultists. Still one in particular was not part of it, Satanism...UNTIL this site began to grab the attention of many and a new cult following began. Suddenly, these companies were printing Sigil of Baphomet symbols on their shirts and clothes, the exception being Black Craft Cult, they continued to grow on what made them famous from the beginning. Others caught on fast. They made a shift and before we knew it, artisan jewelry artists were also creating jewelry that was servicing the Satanic community. At some point, major companies with deep pockets began to copy my designs. Again, keep in mind, this happens as a result of the ever growing internet presence and the fact that it is easy to follow trends with so much data being shared through social media. Whereas before, the 80's and 90's was based on Sales figures and where things would lean towards. The news stories on Satanic Panic would also take precedence on whether or not to service the Satanic Community. These days, the internet changed everything and Sigil of Baphomet pioneered the movement in the jewelry space. Everyone else is simply jumping on the bandwagon vying for a piece of the pie.

This is definitely an interesting story to tell for the ages on how I set the trend for all things Satanic Jewelry. Its fascinating to say the least. I am one of those whom has outgrown the goth fashion but felt the need to keep myself grounded with a little piece I can wear day to day to simply reflect my Satanic philosophy. I am sure many would agree that they felt this way too. While the fashions that are out today are fantastic, jewelry will outlast them all because you cannot damage it with multiple washes or tear a hole in it. Its one the beautiful things about jewelry. If you take care of it, should last a long time.

NOW, here we are, the angle I am coming from with the Pentagram rings. For a long time now, I have wanted to service the Pagan community. Something that was just out of reach of ONLY Satanic jewelry. You see, these major companies that caught on to the underserved market like the Satanic community have had plenty of time to UP their game on the items that they had been selling for decades. Instead, they see my brand and decide to replicate or create their own version to fill in the space I created. Which is perfectly fine. They say variety is the spice of life. I agree. It keeps me on my toes to be 10 steps ahead of the competition because one advantage I will always have over most of these companies is that I am a Satanist. I know our philosophy, I know the occult. I don't need to research trends to figure out what to do next. I aspire to serve Satanists the best way I know, by being true to myself as a Satanist. These very companies that could have simply produced an improvised jewelry line of their current Pagan jewelry abandoned it to compete with me. They literally could have just stepped up their current items that have been flimsy, cheap, dull, pieces of Pagan symbols for jewelry and just gone in that direction. So while their focus is on my Satanic brand at the moment, I have decided that 2020 will be a year that I will dedicate to Pagan Jewelry.

Pagan jewelry has long been neglected and especially in recent years. When these major companies abandoned their pagan line for Satanic ones because I started this trend that they felt they want to compete it, It simply opened an opportunity for me to cycle back to serve the Pagan community NEXT! Just like what I did for Satanic jewelry that was never up to quality standards that I have set for others to aspire to, pagan jewelry has not looked any better for decades. In 2019, I dedicated the year to bring more items to women since I considered 2019 a big year for women around the world, that will certainly continue to be the case in 2020 and perhaps for more years ahead. In continuing to create more items for women, I introduced the modern version of LILITH and now the Pentagram ring. In 2020, this will continue to be the case, more women related product line and for the fellas as well (Grim Verum Seal of Lucifer Ring), Pagans will be all the rave for the year. The pentagram ring was as a result of a SIMPLE pentagram ring not being in existence. There are star rings in existence but some are large and oddly shaped. They wrap around the finger and it takes away form the look of what the ring is supposed to show, the pentagram. Now, most are just star rings, intended to be worn as stars. My "star" has overlapping lines. Just like when I created the Pentagram necklace, simply listed as INVERTED Star Necklace (Name will be changed for 2020), the overlapping lines is my artistic expression of a hand drawn pentagram. Its indicative of what it would look like if it was hand drawn, with the lines overlapping is like the pattern made when drawing the pentagram. I felt that without the overlapping lines, it would simply be more like just a STAR than Pentagram. The pentagram ring also has the shaft (sides) connecting NOT at the points of the pentagram, but on a side leg. If you look carefully, this is made so that the points on the pentagram are not disturbed with a protruding attachment to the shaft. To make it sturdy, I added two attachments on both sides of the pentagram. Its a simple ring, that is DONE RIGHT for what its supposed to represent, a Pentagram. The points don't get lost when it hugs the finger like other larger rings. Plus, the curvature, for comfort. Having a flat pentagram would cause snags. This was considered during the design by asking a few close friends that helped develop the final details. And there you have it, The Pentagram ring and the story behind it and the direction we are going into for 2020.

No other company has this type of disclosure with its supporters. You helped create this brand and grow it. BY SATANISTS, FOR SATANIST...and we are growing into more to serve other OCCULTIC spaces. Our Jewelry has a 2 year warranty. Nobody else does this! NOBODY.

Buy it now and get this limited edition Sigil of Baphomet crush velvet jewelry pouch. They will be listed available for sale soon as a separate item. The option to choose a box or a pouch will also be considered soon. We are also going to produce new items, HOPEFULLY, on a MONTHLY basis in 2020. That is the intended intensity of our growth plan for 2020. I seriously hope we can maintain it. If not, its likely due to manufacturing not being able to keep up. Only time will tell.

Thanks again everyone for a great year. Let me know what you thought of this blog on Facebook. Your comments are read! Your support goes a long way.

Ave Satanas.


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