I am pleased to announce that Warner Bros. producers of the show 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" had contacted me to feature one of the necklaces I created.

I wish to personally thank Jen from Kaos Kult, a shop based in Canada for giving me a heads up and making this a possibility. It was through her that I was given a heads up ahead of the actual contact made.

I could have simply made a Facebook about this, however, I just can't help bring up the recent past regarding this Netflix show. Many in the Satanic community still remember the famous lawsuit regarding the Sabrina show and a Baphomet Statue.

First, I want to clearly make it a point that I do not know all the details on what went on there. I know as much as anyone reading this blog that may recall the story, as many of us have via news outlets.

I will also say that I was one of the earliest supporters of that organization back in 2013 when I began this website. Since then, I have not always agreed with everything that they do and how they handle certain situations. I'm not going to discuss all that I like or dislike about the organization. Everyone has an opinion and I reserve most of mine these days. I WILL have to say, however, something about this situation.

Laws are typically written by the first man that broke them. In this case, how people handle situations sets the precedence for future matters. The fact that the producers contacted me, while I thought it was great and all, was really NOT NEEDED!

I have mentioned this to a few close people and SOME have said something along the lines of, "Oh, they are just covering their ass", referencing the lawsuit indirectly. Look, I haven't forgotten either but honestly, there was no ass to be covered with me. My jewelry is getting knocked off by Chinese sellers under different private label brands on Amazon. The produces could have easily chosen a necklace from any other brand and just gone on with the show.

The fact that they reached out, was a very honorable thing to do and I respect that. I totally understand if they didn't want to take any chances. I personally feel that they didn't need to do this but the fact that they did says alot about what happened (since the lawsuit was settled).

As you may not know, the Baphomet Statue has been taken off after the first season. No matter what the end result was when this was settled, they chose to not feature it and be done with it the following season. Little do they know, they can probably use another statue and not have to deal with such frivolous lawsuits in the future. As with my necklace, they could have easily chosen someone else's and besides all this, it would be hard to prove that I am the creator of any items featured on the show.

I am ecstatic that at least ONE necklace will be worn by a character on the next season of the Sabrina show. I think it speaks volumes on whom ever is consulting their staff for some relevance to all things occult. I personally feel that had this past lawsuit been a long drawn out situation, future opportunities would be closed off. I mean, having something featured on a show would be great for exposure. I wouldn't even need a credit to be honest. Though it WOULD be nice to have.

Now you may think that perhaps the organization wanted exposure for the use of an IMAGE of the statue, not an actual picture (the image was more or less a replica and not an exact pic of the statue) but this would turn people off if permission needs to be sought after for every little thing shown on a Netflix show. Not only that but what did THIS say about the Satanic organization? Was is for more exposure? I mean, they certainly love media attention. They feel they gotta go on news outlets to educate the public on Satanism. Something anyone can already do by simply picking up The Satanic Bible.

These are my thoughts on the whole situation. I always thought that the producers would simply drop this image that drew a lawsuit out of the show, and they DID! But now they are probably on edge over every little thing. It could close opportunities for people whom have items that can be used as props or costumes etc. for future episodes. It would be a shame to know that base out of fear that occult-based shows will hardly be produced due to the hassles of having release forms needing to be filled out. I responded to the Warner Bros. producer and I made it very clear that should they need any other item to feel free to reach out, the store is literally open to them, no need to ask for permission. I would rather work with them than fight with them....

AND FOR THE RECORD, NO DISCUSSION of the lawsuit or any mention of the Satanic organization was mentioned in any way, shape or form when I responded to Warner. Bros.

P.S. FUCK YOU (You know who you are)

According to Jen from Kaos Kult, the show was probably around half finished for the next season. I was told by producers that filming the new character would start immediately and the necklace in question, The Seal of Lucifer, was going to be utilized. I did not ask for details nor would I share much of what you can expect to see if I knew. In fairness, I've heard alot of good things about the show and I would recommend people start watching and get acquainted with the storyline on Sabrina.

All statements made in reference to people or places are strictly MY opinion and for the sole purpose to discuss the news that a product will be shown on a popular Netflix show. I embrace the news as this also shows that my brand of jewelry has reached new levels of recognition. I appreciate that Jen in Canada was able to let them know about this brand and its likely what made them want to buy it. I am told that they have frequented her shop often. If you are in Canada, I also recommend checking out their shop and social media. They have a wide variety of items worth taking a look.

With that, I end this to let you decide what you think of this blog. They didn't call upon other sellers of Satanic Jewelry. Not everyone will agree with how that past situation was handled and its highly unfortunate because it probably wasn't needed. Unless it was about money. The so called "church", and non-profit.

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