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Its been 7 years this March since this venture began. Seven years of quality and craftsmanship of our brand and if you don't already know this, the best CUSTOMER SERVICE you will ever know ONLINE!

As of recently, I am finding out that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be making their annual rate adjustments, so needless to say, expect some slightly higher shipping rates. This is something that has been going on for the past year or two. Do you remember when they talked about Saturday delivery and/or possibly eliminating the Postal Service altogether? This news from a few years ago. The problem was that the Postal Service is BROKE! But before you jump to conclusions, let me just tell you now that the USPS is NOT a business that needs to make a profit. In fact, its a GOVERNMENT SERVICE that is provided to us but those that manage the system had really screwed things up for years to the point where they were broke! NOT GOING BROKE, BUT BROKE FOR YEARS! How did this service continue to run and operate? That's simple, tax payer dollars. The government CANNOT just eliminate the service that employees millions of people. Can you imagine the bad publicity that would bring? Its like saying our government goes bankrupt! However, this just gets added to the national debt and so on. They still maintain ledgers and the USPS remains in the red for years to come until they figure out how to fix this to put them back in black or a break even point. This is generally how government services work. If its not 100% funded by tax payers dollars, it is funded by those that pay for the services itself!

Fixing the USPS issue was simply a matter of better management on the financial level. Raising rates consecutively for a few years and perhaps having some help from FedEx to reduce their operational expenses is basically what has been occurring over the past couple of years. I share this bit of information because it affects EVERYONE from Amazon, to Ebay, to Websites and anything related to shipping goods. There is a good reason why FedEx and UPS rates are much higher than those of the USPS. Those companies are publicly owned and answer to investors. Investors generally need to hear that the company is making profits, growing, and expanding. The USPS does not need to show profits. The government is NOT in the business of MAKING MONEY on the backs of its people. This is where things get a little political. ELECTING a president that says I will run the country like a business is JUST SO WRONG! You gotta run it like a NON-PROFIT! Now, this is where Trump comes in, if you ask me. Part of the abuse of powers in his impeachment is that he was doing things that were for his own personal benefit and not the people. Now, you can disagree with that charges made against him and you are entitled to disagree, but that is what is currently part of what is going on in politics. I will not go in depth on this, I simply wanted to point out how the USPS situation draws into this comparison. The big picture of things, if you will.

Amazon Canada

Last last year in 2019, I mentioned that I was sending some inventory to Amazon Canada. Well, I TRIED and failed....SORTA.

A huge shipment went out just in time for the Xmas season. Unfortunately, there was some major hang-ups in the process AFTER it had shipped and the shipment was literally returned. Therefore, we missed our deadline for Amazon Canada.

As of right now, I have tried again with a smaller quantity. ONLY Sigil of Baphomet Lapel Pins were sent to Amazon Canada. Seems like most of the orders from Canada were only Lapel Pins and now you can get it straight from the Amazon Canada site. This makes things go much faster on delivery than having it shipped from the U.S.

Since this recent shipment was successful without any hang-ups, I plan on send more items to the Canada warehouse. The qualities will be small but consistently going to be sending until all items in stock are in the warehouse shelves. Afterwards, larger quantities will be sent depending on the demand for particular items. If you are in Canada and wish to see something that Amazon can ship on my behalf, IN CANADA, let me know. For the meantime, please hang in there with me, I am doing my best to get this there.


Twin Temple recently kicked off their tour in EUROPE. If you have not seen a show or are familiar with their music, I highly suggest visiting their website for more information on their tour dates and locations. I am a fan as I am a supporter of all that they do. And by ALL MEANS, BUY THEIR JEWELRY! Support the band by purchasing their music and other products. Most importantly, try not to miss a show! They are simply incredible to watch LIVE.

Grimorium Verum Seal of Lucifer

Everyone wants to's the situation:

February 2020, production begins!

Its that simple. The prototypes ran late in 2019. Just like the Amazon Canada situation, there were a few set-backs. The Pentagram Rings also ran late but managed to get them into production and this is why they were the newest item for 2020. Now I am ready to get started on the long awaited Grim Verum Seal of Lucifer. This is based on a CUSTOM MADE STERLING SILVER RING from about 4 years earlier. I know alot of people cannot afford CUSTOM MADE JEWELRY but I offer very great detail in STERLING SILVER using experienced jewelers and technology that is unmatched. No other seller has been able to do this to date! I can mass produce the Sterling Silver designs upon demand or it but currently on a 'made to order' basis only.

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