Coronavirus: Impact on New Items in 2020

The Corona Virus. If you have not followed my Facebook page since the beginning of the year, then you're a little late to what has been going on with this news and SIGIL OF BAPHOMET website. For the sake of having everyone updated that comes across this I will repeat some of what I said before and what the situation is now and where they are going. So here we go.

At the start of the year, I mentioned that I had quite few big projects lined up for 2020. New Items that are going to be designed and produced for my product line and introducing other products that are relative to the people whom have supported us with their purchases. I am talking about bringing in T-shirts, band shirts, other apparel or novelty items that may appeal to you. Obviously, we will remain a jewelry company above all else but the plan was to diversify the site with other things.

The reason for change is simply because the corona virus was likely to put a hold on many productions I had planned for in 2020. I decided to instead work with producers of brands that are lesser known but have something good to offer the community I cater to. This is just underway and ongoing.

As of now, China is experiencing a slow recovery from the Corona virus. They are not 100% fully operational but I am told they can begin to work. However, there may be some delays but eventually they will come through.

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I wanted to introduce the Grimorium Verum Seal of Lucifer signet ring. However, this news came just before the supply chain was about to get affected heavily and I made a decision to hold off on this until things improved.

Now here we are, with news that the virus has come to America and it is spreading fast! The stock market has crashed FAR WORSE than the Great Recession of 2008 and it is being compared to the crash of 1987. I personally remember 1987 very well. So what does this mean?

The stock market crashing is basically a sell-off because investors want to cash out and keep cash on hand for what is likely to happen over the corona virus. The supply chain is drying up and this includes SIGIL OF BAPHOMET will likely have some minor set-backs on this for jewelry. I had decided to diversify the product line and work with other brands to bring to the site but we will remain a jewelry mainstay for the years and months ahead. There is no telling how much worse things will get. However, what I can tell you, as an investor myself, is that this is NOT LIKE the 2008 Recession.

That situation was a housing market crash. A little bit different. The impact of the supply chain drying up will be felt by Summer or maybe MID-SPRING. You will find certain items not available anymore as they begin to sell out. This doesn't mean that they will never come back. It just means that unless China shows faster recovery times, the supply chain will not get moving back to its full potential until then. This also means that inventory will run low on us too and to be honest, I held off on new items for 2020 in the jewelry space.

Making a pivot to introduce something different other than jewelry is not easy. Its not my specialty or a space I am good with. Fashion is a very difficult market for myself and there is currently alot of people currently doing this now and I find that jewelry is something that nobody has been able to do as good as I am. Therefore, it is the reason why I will remain a jewelry mainstay for the most part. It is definitely turning into a very difficult year for me and I am sure many of you too when it comes to dealing with all that is going on with corona virus and the stock market. This decision is definitely a difficult one for me and I am treading on water with this idea.

The stock market does not always predict what the future holds for the economy. It can be a good predictor but its not always a bad thing. So just for informative purposes only, I will share what I think will happen, why it will happen, and you can decide what to make of this. I am not an expert in finance and/of financial matters and I cannot advise anyone on what to do.

With the stock market crashing, and the corona virus affecting the supply chain for all businesses in the world, it basically means that there WILL BE an economic slowdown. Yes, it can probably be called a Recession too. With the possibility of having short supply and nothing to offer, it literally means that there is no business to be had without a product to offer. That does not mean that a SERVICE cannot be offered. So there will be winners and losers in this coming recession. Everyone will take a hit, one way or another, including myself! I am likely not going to have anything new to add or perhaps very little. Recessions can last approximately 2 years but its likely going to be short once things get moving again with the supply chain. It's just a matter of time before we see how this plays out. The coronavirus will affect business and daily life too until it goes away. Or we get a grip on how to avoid catching it so easily. It's truly an unfortunate thing to have occurred. Not every business is going to talk about it. They want to sound as though its business as usual and you know what? It IS...FOR NOW.

Right now, I can honestly say that nothing unusual is happening with SoB. However, that does not mean that it will not begin to slow down in the days ahead. There is alot of speculation on many fronts and the best thing to do is to just be PREPARED. Therefore, Grim Verum Seal of Lucifer Signet ring is still on hold. I have prototypes and I have pics but I am reluctant to share them because I am going to do another pivot on how I operate and I will be taking on a new hurdle while I wait for this chaos with corona the stock market to clear up. This will only benefit the company long term and I will share more information on this as it unfolds. I cannot share much of the plans ahead because competitors are keen to follow me on social media to get a jump on my next move. That is not something I will allow because they are looking to take ideas that I will be first in creating into jewelry-form.

Anyways, lets wrap this up. The point of this blog was to simply discuss this dilemma in some degree of details and what's in store for the near future. I get alot of requests for updates on the Grim Verum ring and I thought I would mention this. I have at least 6 prototypes in the works right now and I am glad I didn't mention any yet because the requests for updates for just one piece is overwhelming.

Some of these projects are going to be upgrades to the items listed now. They will be small changes that are more for aesthetics and other projects are going to be hit/or miss. I hope that you will like them and give them a chance when you see them. This also includes the BOX design.

SO, that is the extent of details I am comfortable in sharing. I cannot go in depth in these areas, again, because the haters are watching and want nothing more to steal my creativity or my methods by which I formalize my business model. Truth be told. I hope that I still have your continuing support. This brand is not like KillStar or Black Craft Cult. Right off hand, who's the CEO of these companies WITHOUT having to Google it? Exactly.

Who's the CEO of Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry? EXACTLY. The guy who wrote this! And everything having to do with this site. The guy to keeps it real. FOR SATANISTS BY SATANISTS.


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