Socialism. Corporations. Where do you THINK you really stand on this?

Every time I see an argument against the rich or corporations I see a picture of Jeff Bezos. As if he's the poster boy for all the hate against successful companies and people. They love you when your poor and watch you work hard to succeed. That 'feel good' story about someone starting from a garage and working their way out of it. All is swell on self improvement, self investment, and the rise to a successful business or website. It's always a 'feel good' story on the way UP but once you get there, the tables seem to flip. They hate their status and your company because it's their fault for everyone else's shortcomings. Nothing was learned as we watched this nobody become somebody. Nothing was learned from a garage business to a corporate business. Nothing was learned on how we have the freedom to apply these concepts and be able to reach the same results. Maybe a few won't reach the SAME results but definitely comfortable when you're on the rise. I didn't vote for Trump. But I can honestly say, the dumbing of America is in full swing. This administration should never have been elected. Funny how 'shiny object syndrome' is so effective til this day. We saw with Carter, a farmer, who was replaced with a celebrity, Reagan. We had Obama whom we changed out with another celebrity. History repeats itself. Stop blaming successful people for everything. Work on yourselves. Invest in yourselves, and START VOTING and stop fooling yourselves with these celebrities and rich people. Its a delusion on both ends. I mean, suddenly The CEO of Starbucks looks more appealing than the CEO of Amazon. Like that's fighting fire with fire? Have some common sense. Stop looking at images of Jeff Bezos and Amazon and talking about how it doesn't pay taxes. Try building a business that big and grab an understanding of why that is. Stop blaming everyone and start looking at your current situation and figure out your next move to never be an nonessential employee of the future. The one thing that this pandemic can teach you right now is that everyone is getting a taste of socialism. The government is literally giving out checks for individuals. I believe its $1200 per person, $2400 for married couples and $500 for each child. Depending on where you live in the country, this is helpful or not enough. Why is it helpful for some but not enough for others? Funny how Satanism teaches you to question everything and the only thing you think to question is another religion but nothing else. Does this make sense up to this point? IF so, keep reading.

I wanted to start by asking everyone, who is the CEO of KILLSTAR? That's right, that apparel company. Maybe you are aware of their Instagram or Facebook page. Who is the CEO? Is it a woman, a man? What can you tell me about them? Try looking it up. Get back to me when you find out.

Did you take a break from reading this blog to check with Google? Let me ask you more. What is their origin story? How did they get started? Ok...enough of this. I hope you are awakened by this because its likely that nobody ever dared ask about this company. We live in a society that has tunnel vision and literally is unaware of it at best. Everyone knows that I preach about how important it is to support small businesses that serve the Satanic community.

Here's another couple of questions and this time, I will not ask that you dig deep into them. Black Craft Cult, everyone wears their clothing line. It's hard to say whether or not anyone is a Satanist these days because they have made clothing that made Satanism into a fashion trend rather than a philosophical way of life and perspective on life. Talk about using a rebel as a means to promote what you claim you stand by. Look, I am not going to tell you to not buy BBC, if you like what they have to offer, by all means, do what thou wilt! The origin story is rather short and lacking. Truth be told, based on what I have personally discovered was that they began around 2012-2013. That was around the same time Sigil of Baphomet began. SO begs to be questioned, right? How do two companies in relatively the same space start around the same time and end up far from each on the SIZE they are today in 2020? The answer is simple. You see, I am not writing this blog to discourage anyone from supporting a business that you like. By all means, support what you want, HOWEVER, think about what you SAY and POST of Facebook when you talk about your hatred towards CORPORATIONS AND RICH PEOPLE. Capital Investors is most likely the reason why companies like KillStar and Black Craft Cult got so huge. Its not because they garnered organic sales and grew rapidly. HELL NO! It was a huge injection of capital that was created for growth and expansion.

Before I go on, Sigil of Baphomet is not a Fortune 500 company, nor do I claim to be "RICH". Far from it, actually. I started in 2013 and grew the website and following organically. It is 100% based on support from the buyers. No Capital was ever raised to expand and grow this site, EVER. Plus, it is not intended to ever go that route. However, what you will NOT find in researching this from the two main companies I mentioned is EXACTLY THAT. My 20 years experience as an entrepreneur KNOWS that such fast growth and expansion does not reach this level as the companies mentioned without a little help from wealthy investors or the likes of some form of cash injection. Starting a business is easy. Growing a business is the most difficult thing on earth especially when you are very much a one-man-army. Even APPLE COMPUTER, or as it is now simply known as APPLE did not just start from a garage with 2 guys selling computers door to door. Their parents lived in Silicon Valley, a place KNOWN for the TYPE OF PEOPLE that lived there. If you ever heard the saying, "its not what you know, but WHO you know" well that definitely applies here with APPLE. Steve Jobs had family friends that were major players in Chinese manufacturing in a time where the INTERNET did not exist the way it does today. Needless to say, having internet access the way we do today is a total game changer because now ANYONE can have access to Chinese manufacturing and for that matter, anywhere in the world! Funny how you LOVE AND BUY APPLE products but still hate corporations. They are are corporation but because you don't hear about them not paying their "fair share" in taxes, then perhaps you don't hate them as much, right?

Black Craft Cult had filed for an IPO in recent memory. An IPO is short for Initial Public Offering. It means that this major corporation, much like the ones you love to hate on, was going to go public and start selling stock on WallStreet. Another major thing I see people hate on, WALLSTREET. Such ugliness going on, right? In 2019, I discovered that Black Craft Cult had pulled away from pursuing an IPO because the Securities and Exchange Commission (the S.E.C.) began an investigation. Most likely an audit because BCC had not been filing financials with the SEC as IT IS REQUIRED.

So as things stand, they remain a private company. Most likely funded by investors (still). Had they gone public, these investors would be millionaires on their opening of their IPO. Just saying. It happens ALL THE TIME. Meanwhile, KILLSTAR remains a mystery. They are private and likely not going to ever reveal financials and nobody will even know their CEO. So long as they never speak about politics on social media and piss people off.

Apple will never bring manufacturing to the USA. There, I said it. Did you forget about that time when they said they would? That was 10 years ago in the Great Recession. We are in another recession and they remain silent on that old topic...again. Remember folks, these are corporations you should probably focus your hate on...MAYBE. I don't know. QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Jeff Bezos. Did you read what I said earlier? Did you like that story about how he started in a garage? HAH! SO funny. A FORMER HEDGE-FUND MANAGER. Yeah, look up that fancy title. HEDGE FUND MANAGER. In charge of collecting data for the firm he worked in. He took alot of data with him to see an opportunity only a guy like HIM could have used to benefit from it. It was NATURAL that he start Amazon because he KNEW US better than we knew ourselves. I love those "business started from a garage" stories. Sigil of Baphomet began in a garage, but my story was REAL. I was going homeless. Rented a room from an older lady that rented rooms for rent. I was going broke fast and I didn't want to lose my belongings to a storage unit. I asked her if I can bring my stuff in to the garage. When I did, I was looking through inventory that I had from a business about 10 years prior. Found out that my eBay account was still in good standing. All I needed was to do a password reset and get started up again on old inventory as a means to pay rent. Once I felt I had my groove back with eBay, I kept going. Eventually I didn't make enough and went homeless. My story lead to other things and that lead to selling a popular necklace, The Sigil of Baphomet. Amazon became a great starting point to take the site to a new level and these days, I limit what I sell there. Focusing more on my own site than someone else's site. So stop worrying about what Jeff Bezos and what he's doing and start worrying about what YOU are doing today to be like HIM tomorrow. Or as close as you can, anyway.

Moving on..

I am not a Trump supporter. I am not a Republican. I am a Green Party registered voter and have been for well over a decade. Long before Ralph Nader ran for president, if you can think that far back! I do tend to vote Democrat 99% of the time because the Greens lack strong political figures. I am not in denial of my own political party. I intended to write this blog so that it can sorta make people think a little more about these arguments they share on Facebook. All the hate towards the things you do not know well enough. You got but 1 vote, use it wisely and stop being critical of everyone that doesn't meet every criteria you may have. Its always a work in progress when it comes to presidents. This is why we get to vote again every 4 years. You hope that a better person comes along each election year. That's how it works. Start investing in yourself. Stop complaining about what you don't have and start thinking about what you do have and what you can do with that for the time being, until things get better. In other words, stop being so short-sighted. That is the real issue facing the country today. The coronavirus situation is literally putting some of you in a Socialist lifestyle. Where you may or may not be working but get a check from Uncle Sam. Its NEVER ENOUGH. I get it. Stop bitching about what corporations are doing or not doing. Keep a mental tally and vote in November.

When things get better, I hope that you continue to support companies that have a real story to tell. Something that is organic and true to the game of business. A business that caters to the needs and wants of YOU and YOUR FAMILY, on any level. No matter the product. That is my advice.

If you are struggling during this time, I would advise taking the time you have available to plan what your next move will be. Start learning a new trade or skill. Maybe consider an education for a career that will never lay you off again. Become that ESSENTIAL employee of the next recession! This is the time to do it. Not the time to watch YouTube videos and Netflix. You have the time that was probably forced upon you so USE IT. Sitting in front of your computer to blame everyone for your current situation will never produce anything for you other than temporary release. Trust me, venting will not work. Vent but take action, if anything.

Now, on another note, I am going off topic just a bit here. Anyone remember iSatanist? Its a site that has been a shell of its former self. If you think Satanic Jewelry is easy, there is a reason why they come and go, ALL THE TIME. This site bit the dust a while ago. Still the site stays active but its hardly what it was. As a matter of fact, the owner was EX-communicated from the Church of Satan. Funny how everyone failed to mention that. Oh that's right, it was held back from the public, like the other companies I mentioned. Church of Satan MEMBERS probably already know this, but there are many that did not. So if you wonder why there's nothing coming from that camp anymore, now you know. I know someone will come with, COS has a new member with a new site, etc...

That's the old EMPORIUM site from 15 yrs ago, give or take, that went out. Being in business is easy folks, but staying power is hard to maintain. Anyone can start a business but staying alive is a different story. Sigil of Baphomet is strong today because of the support garnered from buyers like you. There will always be a new player in the space we are in but like any experience businessman, you do the research and stay on top of it so you can continue to produce the items you never knew you would need or want until you see them! I am not worried about any competition. I welcome it because it keeps my edge. To stay sharp and continue to grow, I watch what is coming and I focus on the very thing that got this site to where it is today. Quality and Craftsmanship....and YES YOU CAN QUESTION THIS SITE< THIS COMPANY< AND THIS BRAND>>>EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We keep it real, and Satanic. The ONLY way to be.

~ Xerxes

This blog is an opinion based social media posts, news outlets, and personal experiences. This is not a news outlet. This is not journalism. It is up to the reader to read reliable sources that may or may not be the views of this blog post.

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