Pagan and Grotesque Jewelry

New Box Design!

Introducing a NEW Box Design!

I still have some of the old box designs reserved for current inventory, until the boxes are gone. The new boxes will be featured in new items I am bringing back and using for new items too!

The website currently went through some needed changes. A page was renamed INSECT AND FLORAL to feature more insect/taxidermy and floral jewelry and decorations. These are real insects and flowers! Take a look, I am sure you will find it to be quite impressive.

The new box design welcomes back the jet black box I once had before but rather than keeping our logo attached to the box, we decided to simply put the Maurice Bessy Sigil of Baphomet with NO wording. The Sigil of Baphomet is FOIL print. Yes, shiny RED FOIL print. This is an expensive print for packaging. We kept it simple and it was INSPIRED by Twin Temple's Lucifer Lipstick packaging. While I personally do not wear make-up, they have a very nice lipstick offered on their site and I couldn't't help notice the packaging. The efforts made into it was so impressive, I wanted to incorporate a little of that into this new box.

Website Changes

As previously mentioned, the site had some minor changes as well. The Insect & Floral page will feature some insect/taxidermy and floral jewelry and decorations. These are items that are also going to be featured on another site I operate,

Xerxes Jewelry

Due to the complexity of building the site, some options couldn't be made easier on some listings when we tried to make adjustments. SO, you will notice that items that come in different colors will also have an option to choose Chain Length, ONLY THIS TIME, you will need to literally just type in the size rather than choosing an option with a click of the mouse. The Color variation option will remain as simple as clicking the mouse but not for the chain option. This is done for future updates to these listings that I anticipate will be handy.

Aside from the new box design that is coming soon to ALL of our jewelry, the site will remain the same until further notice.

What's Next?

Back in stock are the Scorpion Heart Necklaces and a FEW Floral Heart Designs for the ladies.

Cross-promoting these for the Xerxes Jewelry site. You can get these on THIS site without the need to pay a separate shipping charge.

But Wait, There's More!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

And by the way, I TOTALLY understand that this is NOT "Satanic".

Satanists wear other jewelry too. I mean, its not all ROCK AND ROLL in your life, is it? Ok...let me rephrase that, lol.

You get my point. The stock is minimal and OPTIONAL.

During these times, I am still working on bringing about NEW jewelry that caters to Satanists PLUS the Xerxes Jewelry site will soon be featuring some items that can cater to the Pagan Community. So PLEASE understand that some cross-promoting will be occurring for a time being while the site under-goes some changes to appeal to the Pagans.

The Pagan community is used to having jewelry designed and manufactured by sources OUTSIDE the US and UK. Until now, nobody has truly tackled the big manufacturers in this space. ONLY ARTISAN jewelers have done so for years but none have risen to the level where they can be a highly recognizable brand of jewelry.

Today, I plan to finally shake-up and disrupt that industry!

FOR NOW, HOWEVER, allow me to introduce something different that MAY appeal to a few. The ladies certainly wouldn't disagree with this much.

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