Amazon Knock-Offs

Well now, I know some have seen it by now. The knock off versions on Amazon. Let me be clear. I am a little disappointed that manufacturers in China are replicating my works. Grant it, the Seal of Lucifer and Brimstone/Satanic Cross symbols are "open season' but its in the way that they copied the WAY I DESIGNED the symbols to make them pendants on a necklace. That is what is upsetting. Then, they manufactured them using cheap methods that adds nothing to the value of the piece. They are getting away with copying the size and the chain I paired with it too.

If you read my recent blog posted, I went into detail about the differences and why I HOPE that you will continue to support this brand. I drew some comparisons to recent news we are familiar with like the Toys R Us stores in the U.S. and of course, the recent one that is going out of business is PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE! Matter of fact, liquidation sales start TODAY!

Why does this happen? Its simple. Part of it is due to the ONLINE EXPERIENCE. HOWEVER, these companies could have easily gone by the way of ONLINE SALES TOO. So why didn't that work for them? For some, they lacked the most important thing to every business. The connection with their customer base. Its good customer service and rapport! Hey now, there is a fancy word right? Pronounced RAP-POOR...basically means, establishing a connection with PEOPLE. The people whom support you and you service.

Its one thing to KNOCK-OFF some style in design concepts and ideas but its another that I hold the following to put an end to that bullshit with the power of the internet.

The following I have allows me to get the message out, loud and clear and expose them for what they do and how they do.

If you have followed my social media in the past from the early days, I have often talked about how competitors were gonna step into the space I am in to suddenly take a piece of the action for themselves. You see, I didn't start this venture for the fucking money. I am a 20 year entrepreneur and investor and I make my money in many other ways. This was created simply for the calling I felt I had. It was to bring a SIGIL OF BAPHOMET necklace one could be proud to wear....FINALLY! Everything else was based off that SYMBOL. Hell, even the name I chose was meant for the simple fact that its exactly what it represents!

I encourage everyone to check out the blog if you don't automatically get an email notification when I post a new blog. At the beginning of the year I hired a trademark attorney to start putting an end to this nonsense. I want to make sure no one used the title to start branding themselves as if they were ME and offering items I would never produce. Items that would not hold up to my own personal standards, that is. I talk a little about the mom and pop pagan shops where I used to buy jewelry from and try to adjust it to make it "Satanic". Yeah, we were young once, right? Lol We did silly things like this and grew out of it as we got older because the jewelry was very child-like quality. As an adult, I want something noteworthy! And that call was answered by ME in 2013 when I created this product and wanted to share with with every Satanist worldwide.

You get so much more by getting your items through me. I know the knock-offs will get SOME business but they will eventually fade away when Satanism stops becoming a trend amongst some young people. I intend to stick around for generations to come and be a mainstay brand in the Satanic Community.

I want to know what you guys think of all this I stated in the recent blog. I also want to know ideas you may have in mimd. Please do not ask if I have considered certain things. The issue is not the sources to PRODUCE products...hell, I can invest into a furniture manufacturer if I wanted to but just because I CAN doesn't mean I SHOULD. Its not something I want to do. I considered many things and still do but I prefer to make something people will love, long term. Satanism is sacred to the Satanists and symbology is important to us. So I prefer to make something people will appreciate because no one else will step into the space I am in to make this happen. If there were any in the past, where are they NOW? They simply were not around then and hardly around NOW. Unless you are a knock-off seller trying to churn a quick buck. Support the brands that matter to you most if you wish to see them stay around for decades to come.

I ask this of everyone because it truly does make a difference down the road. Everything I make has rolled over to create a better website experience, social media experience, lower prices, produce new items, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

For example, here is a coupon code for 25% OFF anything you wish to buy and expires by end of President's Day. How awesome is that? Right? I am about to start production on more rings and add that LILITH pendant too. As you may recall, I am redesigning it and starting production as soon as possible. Stand by for that in the coming weeks.

The terms and conditions are as follows. Expires President's Day, NO Free T-shirt when using this code. Free shirt only applies to purchases of $65 or more when paying regular prices, or purchasing Sterling Silver Pendant, Ring, or Stainless Steel Ring at regular price.

Your Feedback is important to me. I would like to hear it. Let me know if there are issues with the code. Thanks again and keep on HAILING SATAN!


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