Getting a bit personal

Hail fellow Satanists!

I am off to a slow start this month. Coming into March being a little under the weather and everything coming to halt on some projects I was working on.

So...lets just jump into what I came here to do. I recently posted this pic on Instagram and said that if anyone wanted to trade in their older ring for an a newer version that is in stock now (see shop page) I would offer 50% OFF any ring purchase from its original price. The offer still stands and lets say that you want to KEEP the older version...WELL, this is an exclusive offer for those who read this blog. Simply drop me an email with subject line, 50% OFF Ring Offer and let me know what size you would like..ONLY ONE CONDITION, however, send a PIC of your older ring version! That simple.

SOME SIZES are currently sold out! So you might want to check the site or ask if I have a size available. If they are not available, you can accept a PRE-ORDER for the new round of rings I have in the works right now! This would be a PayPal invoice transaction for anyone that is interested.

This month, I am already underway to a new ring production that's in the works for more rings to stock and NEW RING SIZES! Finally, I am going to have HALF SIZES available! Thanks to the support from everyone whom purchases anything on the site, I conjured up the funds to roll it into a major ring production to include half sizes. This stuff is NOT easy to pull off, let me tell you. Rings, online pendants that are for the most part, one size fits most, with rings, you gotta have as many sizes possible.

I also wanted to put together a NEWSLETTER by the first day or two of March but unfortunately, I am still a little under the weather and did not get around to doing that. This blog post, is one that I do as if I were speaking to you directly. So there is not much thought put into this as I type. Newsletters, on the other hand, I gotta consider how its going to be worded, picture placement, etc. You guys get it, right?

Did anyone read the other blog on the Satanic Jewelry on the rise on Amazon and the crazy amount of knock-offs floating around? What did you think of that post? Just the other day I saw yet another Sigil of Baphomet pendant...only theirs was a double-sided one with a bunch of writing on the back and of course, MISSPELLED BELIAL, LOL. OBVIOUSLY NOT A SATANIST.

The point I am making lately is that Chinese manufactures follow trends in America. They have NO sense of creativity. They do not understand the value of things. Not to be so critical about other countries but the reality is, COMMUNISM does this to people. A country that has been a communist society no longer values creativity. Everything is quite equal in value when it comes to things like arts or commodities. Since factories are in the business of well, making money like any other company, they research what customers might want, so they can sell you on this stuff. Grant it, we all eat, and everything we use when we eat is made in China except the foods themselves...SORT OF. For example, the plates, the spoons, forks, knives, the napkins (maybe), the glass, cup, etc. All that stuff is made in China...about 90% to be fair.

While those things have evolved to being essential for what we need day to day. Up and coming companies have to evolved to produce new products that might spark interest in the rest of the world. Example, the fidget spinner. That item sparked a craze that was short lived but still, when it took off, EVERYBODY was wanting one and China was having a field day!

Anyway, I can literally write a book on this subject and I don't want to go on forever on how this happens. Basically, everything you need to know about people's buying habits are found online via browser extensions or software that can pull data from Amazon to evaluate products and how well they sell. This is what they do in China. They took notice on the popularity of Satanism via companies like mine and the politics surrounding it like The Satanic Temple's various movements. All eyes are on US...literally, when it comes to America, the world is literally ALWAYS watching. For many reasons, including for business! Hence, here we are now, they are DEVALUING the symbols we once thought ONLY WE WOULD KNOW. How many SEAL OF LUCIFER symbols can you put it on? They are literally slapping it on EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Further devaluing the concept of what it means to a Satanist. Therefore, making the symbol a TREND because now, everyone knows and everyone MUST HAVE ONE. And how do they capitalize on this? By out performing any small start-up company who KNOWS the value and meaning of such power symbolism and using that to create products we know we could appreciate, wear, and display proudly and openly without disdain from those who don't easily recognize it.

Now, unfortunately, its trending so much its on just about anything and becoming so normal that it almost means nothing anymore. That is devaluing the iconic symbol. That is the problem I may soon face some day. Of course, they will have the means to produce symbols that I put into a jewelry form and sell them at a price so low its below wholesale and once the trend is literally killed, they move on to the next thing. The next "fidget spinner". Iconic brands reach an expiration date and they too must move on to other things. THIS...COULD be a reality some day soon. This is why I always thank everyone whom has supported this site. It started with just 2 pendants and no site but eBay only. Now, its recognized globally and still growing. Doesn't mean it can meet its fate some day. It most certainly can.

This month, I am also working on another start-up. Originally considered for an additional product line of Sigil of Baphomet, I had to re-evaluate the situation since the growing threat of foreign markets copying my ideas. The symbols cannot be copyrighted but lets be honest, nobody ever put them into a form of jewelry like I have, and THAT is where the problem lies now. Chinese markets are stealing my concepts and running wild on it. Many other companies do not list on Amazon and I FINALLY understand WHY that is. So this month, I also decided to limit what I list and what I will NOT list on Amazon. At least, not immediately. Amazon will get listings long after I have introduced them new items on the site first. The new company that I am working on is still in its early phases. I am creating a product that is not related to jewelry and that is also part of the reason why it needed its own separate space. Some products WILL be listed here too but it will also have its own stand alone site.

ok guys...I am seeing that this post is rather long. Guess I should cut it now...I enjoy writing. So doing this comes easy and its easy to write a lot...I can go on and on...but then again, who reads this stuff anyway? About 5 of you...LOL there's nearly 90K followers on Facebook and I get 5 people ...weird right? Ehh...Its for the archives. If anything, some day someone can go back and read this and understand what was going on at the time.

I will leave it here for now. Put some thought in to my statements. Always vote with your dollars. Doesn't have to be here but just be wise with your spending and understand how that plays on a bigger scale. Its alot like politics if you think about it.

One Final NOTE...what do you think about the new logo? SICK as fuck, right? I swear I got the BEST graphic designer on the fucking planet. ONLY a Satanist could have come up with something this good...and I FOUND that person.



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