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  • So I definitely should’ve started with this but my names logan I’m 26 years old and a single father of a 7 year old son who is the best thing in the world and my everything. I have been a satanist for many years, though I did fall out and go to the Catholic Church for a while, but turns out It was not for me as I do not do well with being told how to live my life and what I can and can’t do. career wise I am a journeyman electrician, I love what I do and I also have been doing the art of magic for 19 year, which is and always will be a passion of mine. What drew me to satanism was when I picked up the satanic Bible at the age of 13 and reading it it was basically describing me to the T. I felt that everything I had read was exactly how I felt and what I believed. I was also raised by a single mother who pretty much let me express my self and be who I wanted to be and believe what I wanted as long as I was a good person and didn’t try to force it on other. She always and still does encourage me to strive to do whatever I can to make mine and my sons lives better and successful. Anyways I’m also a huge skateboarder and hockey fan, I love baseball as well and so does my son. I’m pretty much an open book for any discussions, it doesn’t have to be about satanism but I’m really into conspiracy theories and ufos and aliens. I love writing and educating people on topics I’m familiar with and if I can enlighten someone that makes me happy. Please done hesitate to write me, email or whatever I’m open for any discussions and love to learn new things. So just wanted to give a brief overview of who I am and I am a new blogger on this site. So anything you want to discuss or see written please send me an email or comment under this. Thank you all and hail Satan.

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