Growing Pains.

Can you believe it's been nearly 8 years since this brand of jewelry called Sigil of Baphomet began? It's definitely been a journey of ups and downs and after nearly 8 years next March, I can honestly say that I have finally arrived at a point that I used to dream of.

If you have taken notice the last month or so, things have changed! Some items are dropping out while new ones are coming in. Not to mention that killer jewelry box! If that doesn't reflect where things are headed, I don't know what does.

Clearly the jewelry products are getting more detailed attention these days. Its no longer a rush to market the new stuff. I am more and more involved in the articulate details of the designs. The symbols I chose, the colors, the aesthetics of the finished product; that is what I focused on this year. Literally pushing the boundaries of what you can do with STEEL as jewelry. Its not just plain silver color these days. I am truly stretching the potentials to new limits never achieved by anyone before me.

Make no mistake, the Satanic brand of Jewelry is all due to you, the buyers, whom have come to appreciate the quality and the respect the symbols deserved that we admire.

What's Next?

The year is almost over and I already have been launching some much needed changes for 2021 and beyond. The most significant change that everyone seemed to react to what the jewelry box itself. That high quality premium box where the new jewelry will be stored in really put things in a new light. It gave a sense of the complete picture of what this jewelry is about. Quality and Craftsmanship, right down to its packaging.

This is what is coming in the new year and so much more. More boxes, more jewelry, more items NOT jewelry related. I am literally stepping out of my comfort zone to offer a much more premium product line than what is being offered by others in the occult space.

Such growth and expansion requires more funding for all that needs to be done. These are the growing pains of every business. Every entrepreneur has to wake up to this reality at some point. Part of the solution is that prices must go up. The cost of living and other worldly living expenses increase around me, so I too, must adjust. However, I am quite savvy with numbers and I have been disciplined to keep things fair on my product line. Not only has my prices been beyond fair for this long, but I managed to never increase the prices at ridiculous numbers. This brand is founded by a one man army and does not take Venture Capital investors, or ANY OTHER type of investments from anyone. This is purely SATANIC COMMUNITY SUPPORTED! There is no "going public" like that which Black Craft Cult has attempted (and likely has taken up investment money for growth and expansion). Would you believe that they started just 1 year before ME? Yes they did. So how did they get so big? Its likely due to one thing, INVESTORS. In the world of business, its sometimes WHO YOU KNOW that makes you or breaks you. Therefore, I clearly state this as an opinion that this was the case for them. I grew organically, 100%. Hard core marketing and advertising like a mom and pop. We are not over 110K followers on Facebook-strong and 23K followers on Instagram and I never had to take a pic half naked!

On November 10, 2020, I am going to have to adjust my pricing to all inventory. Some items will remain the same while others are likely to go up. I have done this before on just a handful of items in the past but they were small and did not cut deep into people's pockets. 2021 will be a year where I am needing to find a way to fund much bigger projects and perhaps have the means to produce things a little faster. There is never a rush to market on anything new I introduce. Some jewelry items takes months because I have to get the details right and working with stainless steel is nothing like working with gold or silver. Those metals are heated to much lower temperatures and can bend to adjust any corrections or to simply sculpt around areas. In some cases, it's just casting a mold and the energy required is much lower to melt silver and gold than it is to melt steel.

In order to produce better packaging and to cover expenses related to the high demand I am putting on the factory, I need to make sure they are kept happy and productive enough to meet the new demands I have for what I stand for when I say HIGH QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. Prices will go up and new items will not have price increases. They are set for what I needed them to be. Such items like the LILITH necklace. Very difficult to produce. So difficult, in fact, that I sold out of this a month ago and I have not yet had it in stock. We have run into some issues and we are trying to get it back as soon as possible. Normally, this item would have been discontinued by now if its not worth the price we need to continue to bring this piece out consistently.

In short, the LILITH necklace WILL eventually make its way back in stock and more items are also coming due before the year is over. This will be inventory that was meant for the 2021 year and we are likely ahead of schedule on them. Expect a Newsletter regarding new items that are here now and new items that are coming. And as always, I will open it up for PRE-ORDER!

Please look for the next Newsletter as there is so much more I need to share on social media but I want to give the subscribers the benefit of knowing FIRST on what's ahead. I cannot share all this on social media because people are just too much in it for the entertainment aspect of it. The pics and memes, etc. While all that is fun to see, please drop in some feedback on jewelry posts. It lets me know if I am doing something right, or wrong. I am always ready and considering what people think. Remember, this is YOUR brand. Based on our philosophy of life as we know it. The Satanic perspective. This brand represents our religion through our jewelry and other items. In a respectful manner that isn't always about fashion and glamor. You helped grow this. If you want to see more, please feel free to comment or make a suggestion. I may not take ALL the suggestions but I DO consider them and apply some of what I read and see into future projects. Certain aspects or details of a suggestion may come into play on future items. That is how this works.

In closing. I cannot thank you all enough. Its been a long hard road, out of hell...Pun...

Seriously though, a journey of epic proportions. I hope you understand why the price increase will happen and be happy to know that I will not cut deep into the pockets of buyers.

Comment on social media, smash the like button. At times, it feels like social media on Facebook is dead unless a half-naked girl's pic is posted. I mean, I get it, great to watch but help a brotha' out! Give some feedback on our brand. I wanna know.

Until next time...

Keep Hailin' Satan!


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