Well guys, what do you think of the recent news I shared on Facebook/Instagram?

Lilith has officially gotten pushed back to much I eventually even started the project all over again! As time passed and the more I looked at the pendant, I just hesitated to get production underway. There was just SOMETHING not complete about the piece.

Most of the look felt right. However, since I started looking for artists, I ran some pictures by a friend of mine whom was making a few T-shirts for me. Her husband is quite talented and draws quite well too.

Since he had the time, he took the liberty to draw the pendant and he added a few touches that just blew my mind away!

Simple touches and changes can really go along way. This is why most artists I hire are instructed to not follow my every direction on this. I want them to have some freedom to add their own spin on things. This way, creativity helps them guide the things they will do and I feel that this is HIGHLY important when working with artists. Call me crazy or perhaps its a different approach but this is how I approach the concept of working with artists.

In this case, my friend's husband literally added some touches that made me realize that the LILITH pendant as I had approved previously was lacking some Satanic aesthetics that should NOT go without.

The current Lilith design appears more "angelic" and I think people would prefer a more "demonic" or devilish style to the piece. After all, this IS a Satanic Jewelry website.

So...As of now, the projects gets started again FROM THE BEGINNING.

I also want to touch up on other things. I have yet to hear from people regarding THIS blog post page. Its more personal. I can share more detail and really have more room to discuss things. Feedback is important. I am just seeking input and silence will simply be enough to let me know its time to just quit and move on. After all, if no one is engaging then what's the point, right? I think its important to have some dialogue regarding where things are going now that Satanism is vastly becoming popular and MOST LIKELY for all the wrong reasons!

Anyhow, I will work on my next short video. I will experiment with a little bit of editing to cut out the errors, mistakes, etc. I want to make sure I stay on point with the subjects. I hope that some of what I say will start some dialogue amongst the Satanic community. If you haven't heard the podcast I was a guest in, I recommend it because there was alot of topics that we did not dive into and I wish we had. This is where I will start from and just go from there.

How do you feel about these topics?

If you haven't heard them, well, DROP YOUR COMMENTS HERE. What would you like to have a conversation about? Wanna know MY thoughts on some this subject matter? Let me know. I would look forward to develop the channel for what it CAN be...If it doesn't develop well over time, then I am more than happy to shut it down and just stick to what I have been doing ...creating more jewelry for the ages!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone. That is, if you don't work on Monday.


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