Spring/Summer 2021

Its TOM BRADY, What would YOU EXPECT? What do you think?

I know I asked a question VERY similar to this on Ground Hog day and the result was rather intense and quite controversial. SO the answer is very simple, it depends on who you ask.

Some people will say THEIR TEAM will WIN or THEIR TEAM will lose. Again, depends on who you ask and what team they refer to. Then there's some that will say, I do not know, I didn't follow these teams and I don't know much about them during the season. Yet, still, OTHERS will say, I simply do not know who will win or who will lose. I could care less since they are both NOT MY TEAM.

My point is this. I am one of few that will say they don't care. I was not engaged in how well they played during the season. Tom Brady was thought of as too old, washed-up and so on. He is 43 yrs old and is considered "old' for the game. I guess football is considered a young man's game these days? I don't know. Today, people are different in many ways. You can't base things on what you THINK you know or how one looks and acts. I based things on his personal history. Until he starts losing lots of football games, only then, would I assume that he's too old for the game.

I wanted to make a point about this because my question on Ground Hog day was posted to trigger some conversation about a touchy subject. I was not aware that most people were so upset over how I post something on social media. They never bothered to ask what I meant by it. It was an automatic jump to assume. I wondered what else people thought about me since I rarely share much about my personal day to day life. I only tell a little about my story in general terms but never in details. I mean, nobody cares, so why bother?

Social Media is a wonderful thing. Its a great way to promote a small business and a great way to share your thoughts and opinions. Some people have garnered a large following based on that too. They use social media to champion their causes or agendas they want to draw attention to. In some cases, you can judge people based on that since that is what they share about themselves. Its what they believe in and they want their audience to know about it. In my case, I have only shared that I am a full time entrepreneur and I make my living in various ways related to business. I have shared my story on how and why this site was created and what the intent of wha this page was for. Satanism is celebrated, honored, and respected here through the products I offer for sale.

I am also a very active owner of this site, particularly because Satanism is personal for me. I am a Satanist. I don't always agree with some of the comments I have seen posted but I allow people to share their thoughts and comments anyway. It is a cardinal rule of Satanism that not every Satanist will agree. Satanism does not BLOCK OUT the things you don't agree with. This is not a religion that sets out to give everyone a kumbaya utopia. Satanism is a selfish religion, not a communal one. It is not for everybody.

I know people were upset over the post, I get it. I clarified my position and clarified what what was meant by the post and people chose to read otherwise. At such a point, I cannot help you understand. That's when its time to move on. A debate is not what I do on Facebook and not the intention of the page. People want it to be and I get it. There are times the subjects are such a hot topic that people cannot help themselves. Either way, I stated my case and it was time to move on. This site is not about educating anyone or having a need to clarify who I am and what I am about. It is NOT about me. It is about a product and I invite people and they have easy access to me because I choose to be active on social media. Most people with large followings only stick to Twitter, which I do not use at this time.

I want to end this topic by Congratulating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Super Bowl Championship. What would you expect from a 7 time Super Bowl Champion with 10 Super Bowl appearances in his career? He could have lost, or he could have won, in which he did. So its TOM BRADY, what can you expect from him? It's JUST A QUESTION, no need to answer it. If you feel you must, by all means, share your thoughts. That's what the post was intended for on Ground Hog Day. And that's what it is meant for THIS POST. Nothing More, nothing less.

Spring/Summer 2021

Seal of Lucifer Victorian

By now you have seen this posted. I wanted to bring this back early this year (2021) but when it came down to go into production, it was accidentally left out! There will be an attempt to go into production later in winter for a Spring release or a Spring production for a summer release. At this point, I can only say this piece will make its way sooner or later.

I also teased a pic of another Seal of Lucifer pendant. The Morning Star Seal of Lucifer. I dropped a few pictures, one in Silver color, another in Black, and a third in Black and Red, much like the one you see on the left here. However, reaction was a bit less than expected. I have a feeling that most people didn't care for it. Grant it, a few liked it and said they would buy it, but there is more that I look for to determine my decision. I felt that the Morning Star pendant will not be released this year. We will launch the Victorian version. Seal of Lucifer Black and White Victorian will not make a comeback. The jury is still out on that for the time being.

I am also proud to to say that I am going to start dropping some teaser pics. The teaser pics will be pics of prototypes of pieces I am working on. They do not reflect the final piece. It can be larger, smaller, different color, or even some design changes that are not shown on the prototypes. You will get an idea of what I am going for when I introduce them. The next piece I am working on is CHOAS.

As you begin to see pics, by all means, share your thoughts on this. These are not the final say on what the outcome will be. There is always room to make changes before we go into full scale production. As with all my jewelry pieces, some of these were based on some of the feedback received. This is jewelry made BY Satanists FOR Satanists. It is best to get some input from those who are going to want to purchase it. So it only makes sense to share a little about what I am doing and where I am heading with it, design-wise.

This year I introduced some Valentine's Day gift ideas. These ideas are basically a combination of what I currently have in stock with something NEW that can be a seasonal item.

I started early and to my surprise, nearly all the new items I introduced have sold out. Everything sold out almost as soon as I made a few announcements. What is left, is not much now but this does not mean I cannot combine it with other items. If you are interested in jewelry and an item that was not recently part of my inventory long term, feel free to contact me.

The Immortal Rose will be a seasonal item. Nearly all the stock has sold out in the first few days of sharing pics of it. At this time, only 1 Black rose and 2 Red roses remain. I also introduced some Fine Chocolates. This too, is seasonal since they carry an expiration date. If you have followed my site and the products I offer, you will know that I offer quality as a big part of what I MUST have when it comes to everything. Feel free contact me if you wish to purchase some of these new items and combine it with a jewelry piece for a discount. I do this to be a little different than what you will find elsewhere. In the end, just like the inventory I stock, you will determine what should remain or get phased out. I truly appreciate the ongoing support over the years.

The site and the following is growing and it doesn't take much for people to twist your words and run with it. I feel quite lucky, to be honest, that I hold such strong support globally. I understand a few will dislike me but I am fully aware that I cannot make everybody happy. I want to thank you, the few who reached out to me via messenger and emails in support of the onslaught I was getting on social media recently. However, rest assure that someone in my position knows how to handle himself on days like this. I did all I can do and I cannot help everyone that doesn't care to understand my mission for the site. You have much bigger problems to worry about if you worry about what I say and how I say anything when it comes to celebrities that don't know your name and would never pay your bills. They are celebrities and their actions have consequences. What one thinks of them should not be important if you are not affected personally.

I have more news on items I want to bring. I am not sure if they will launch this year. You must remember that this is another Covid year, much like last year was. Small businesses, although they do not mention it openly, they are struggling. This site took a major toll last year too but we are hanging in there for the long run. SO quickly, I wish to jump into what I plan to have but only time will determine when they will launch. I have NO pics to share of these items at this time.

  1. Sigil of Baphomet Oswald Wirth - Multiple Colors

  2. Sigil of Anton LaVey - New Version(s)

  3. Brimstone - New Version

  4. Seal of Lucifer - New Version

  5. Pentagrams - More Colors

  6. Wallets - Men's and Women's

  7. T -Shirts

  8. Coffin Rings

  9. Sterling Silver - Premium Jewelry

  10. Earrings - yes, MORE

  11. Rings - more and more rings...will not disclose what type yet.

The list goes on but we are then talking about 2022 and beyond. This is just for THIS YEAR. The current state of our economy will determine how soon these things will be a reality. Be patient, save that money, and by that I mean, save it for something USEFUL, PRACTICAL, and of GREAT QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP!

That is all I have for this lengthy blog. I hope it comes across with some clarity and understanding.

Stay Dark my Friends,

~ Xerxes

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