Website Updates & Some 2021 Plans

Website Updates:

Xerxes Channel Tab removed. The YouTube channel is still in existence but hardly active since I launched it. I seriously have not had the time to focus on that and well, it is what it is until further notice.

A new page is in the works.

A new page within the website is being constructed to add a new category of products I plan to introduce in 2021. It will be its own website as soon as it's developed. The page will give us a chance to launch something new faster but there is also the possibility that I will launch a new site instead. These products will cross-promote into the current Sigil site and my other jewelry site:

That website is still under construction. I am a bit slow on things because the focus is mostly on THIS site and it consumes much of my time. Xerxes Jewelry will likely go in a direction of precious metal jewelry that I design and perhaps some other interesting items that may not be fitting to be referred to as "Satanic". The new look of the Xerxes Jewelry site will launch soon and with minimal product line. Again, its a painstaking labor of love and I am keeping it basic for reasons that my focus is on THIS page now and the upcoming site and product line I am working for that.

I also want to take the time to say that I am attempting to pull away from Amazon in 2021. Well, let me say that its an effort that I am likely not going to follow through on much. The problem with Amazon is that an increasing amount of Chinese sellers are jumping in and listing knock-offs of what other sellers are offering. Some of you guys may thing its not a big deal but sure as shit, you jump on someone's case when they don't tag a picture on social media. Trust me when I tell you that someone knocking off your product is much more damaging than an image. It has major problems down the road. The thing most of you do not know is that when you are a seller on Amazon, you are privileged to information that allows you to see what the sales of other SELLER'S products are. You can analyze another seller's sales figures. Crazy right? Think about this for a second. If a competitive seller sees what I am offering and they see how often it moves via sales and the revenue it generates, it makes you want to copy that product or create a very similar spin off your brand to mimic the success you are having and have buyers get swayed over to their listings. The problem is that creativity goes out the window at point. Makes one quit making an effort to produce great stuff if its only going to get stolen. Then, there is the fact that some of these listings literally copyright your content listings, word for word...or VERY CLOSE. In other words, they use the same descriptions, almost identical to your listings in hopes to make the reader feel they are buying from the original producer of that product but because they put very little effort on quality and craftsmanship, they are able to offer it at a lesser cost. Two people lose here, the original producers of the products and the buyers for not getting what they COULD have gotten. Look, I get that a buyer's bottom line is the dollar. The cheaper you get it for, the better, right?

I am not alone in this situation. Its the same reason by big names that we all know DO NOT SELL on Amazon nor eBay. But we all have to start somewhere and these platforms are great for exposure. Its a complicated argument to make, like a love/hate relationship ordeal. It sucks. If you ever why things "aren't what they used to be like anymore" then this should sorta give you a reasonable explanation. Why would anyone want to put their best skills, knowledge, and experience out there only to have it stripped away by someone with bigger pockets to out-do you? So you settle for cheap quality because of the cheap price and the ones that can do better, simply give up. Isn't that the whole reason why people go into business in the first place?

How many times have you heard, I got into this because there was nothing better before I came along? Or something like this just didn't exist. Well guess what? What do you think I have said many times in my past blog posts and rants on social media? Exactly.

Its hard to say whether or not I will stay away from Amazon. Again, its a love/hate relationship. Exposure is essential when yo are a small business. Plus, the way things are going, everything is sold online! So that is where I am right now. I can't win, if I don't play. This game can suck sometimes. Such is life.

For the most part, I can share that my most newest items will never reach Amazon or eBay ANY TIME SOON. I might even give it a year or two. The thing is, these items really did not exist before. Maybe you see images but never an actual product. Not many can take the risk to fund such an overwhelming task. The only way to avoid getting my numbers looked at by these Chinese sellers or others that are searching for their next great idea is by simply not offering them up on Amazon. Ebay is a different story. Nobody has any special privilege like that of what Amazon does for its SELLER platforms.

SO having said all this, understand why some new items will not be seen on Amazon. Sorry NOT SORRY. Its the way sausage is made. I have lived and learned from this harsh reality. However, speaking of knock offs, I am considering creating a website the likes of Amazon. Crazy right? Amazon is huge, but I intend to take a big bite off their marketshare for everything occult, dark, and/or gothic. That is something I will look into for 2021. Anyone want to invest? Hit me up. This is going to be a very large project if I can get it started even.

Another thing I wanted to bring up, have you heard the story about Elon Musk and what he said on Twitter? Apparently, he stated that he once asked Tim Cook of Apple if he was interested in buying Tesla. Tesla was hemorrhaging funds in the early days and he was unsure if it would survive. Tim Cook never bothered to have that meeting with him. Well, look where Elon Musk is today? I am sure one day these two will compete in the car industry but there is already alot of car companies in existence. There is enough business for everybody. I doubt it will be an issue for Musk. This story struck a cord for me. You see, when I was in my 2nd year in, I really want to exploded into the 3rd with something big. I wanted to create a comparative necklace for The Church of Satan.

I reached out to the admin on The Church of Satan website. Mind you, I am not a member and at this point, I am glad I am not. That is a story for another time, however. At the time, they seemed like they have not done much as far as something that was publicly known by Satanists. I sorta dug into that fact and said look, I have a simply solution. I want to create a necklace for the 50 year anniversary of the founding of The Church of Satan. The response I got was one that was so nice. They said they were indeed just ask active as ever. Which was hard to accept, personally, because The Satanic Temple was making waves in the media at the time. They mentioned that they had someone else in mind whom eventually launched a website. They were only going to deal with members and no one outside. I thought it was an interesting response because I would have at least asked more details about my offer. My offer was meant for something more long term and would have benefitted the organization. Something which they did not get with the person whom they were considering at the time. And mind you, that person is no longer a member of The Church of Satan. He's been excommunicated and the site has officially went OUT OF BUSINESS. In short, they said they were not the least interested.

I didn't take it personal. It was worth the shot and I know where I was heading with all that I am doing til this day. Eventually I contacted The Satanic Temple and I produced some items for them. That relationship was short lived but I have no regrets. For what it was at the time, it was a great experience. I really got a kick out of the Elon Musk story because it resembles what others go through in business sometimes. You are at the crossroads and a decision that may not go your way can change the way things turn out. Most times, for the better! I wanted to share that tale because its a true story that I find interesting even to me for having lived it. I look back and think, I am glad that it didn't work out. I think I would have been limited.

So that's it for my updates on the site, what I am planning for in 2021, so far...I can go on and on. More jewelry, yes, of course. What are you thoughts on this? Share it on Facebook. I read it all. Did you know Facebook doesn't allow me to take a poll anymore? Its a feature that was taken out not long ago. I have been wanting to ask what you guys think on some ideas I have. Its always good to read the feedback.

I know everyone is wondering what the new site will be. It will be the start of a new business that I feel that cross promote into the jewelry space too. Very different than what any other jewelry site online is offering. Only time will decide if this new concept will work out. I think it will. It will be a game changer for the industry I am stepping into. More than likely, they will begin to change the way they do business too, who knows.

That is all I have for now guys, just a rant of sorts. Drop me a line, comment on the social media post, etc. Let me know you are alive out there. And as always, THANK YOU for making ME your BEST SOURCE FOR SATANIC AND OCCULT JEWELRY!



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