Welcome Satanists!

Welcome Satanists!

This is one of the features available to MEMBERS. Membership has its privileges! This is MY own spin on social media outside of the social media giants and their ridiculous policies. Not only do they have such crazy policies, privacy is non-existent! Maybe you have not yet been a victim of that second part of that statement, or perhaps you are not even aware of it yet!

Whatever the case may be, I felt it was a good idea to provide a place FOR Satanists, BY Satanists. Yeah, I know the site offers products, but how else will this stuff pay for itself? Facebook was not free in the early days either. Grant it, the public did not have to pay for it, SOMEONE DID! Have you not seen the movie yet? Yeah, that CFO of theirs got screwed. If they do it to themselves, they can do it US. Remember that when your content is exposed. Perhaps you should share it with those you REALLY prefer see it rather than those other ingrates whom are always looking for a way to burn you at the stake like a witch. JUST SAYING.

Recently, I was a guest of a Pagan Podcast that is on the rise and with that, I also launched the beginning of the Xerxes Channel. Check out the recent BLOG I posted regarding the pagan podcast (links available) and what the Xerxes Channel will be about.

HERE, this is gonna be my personal blog. I am going to start to get away from Facebook a little bit when it comes to sharing my personal THOUGHTS on certain topics. As things grow with this site, seems like things can get pretty political at times. Other times, people are more engaged with pictures and video I share on facebook. So for more IN-DEPTH dialogue, I can share a little about my life and projects here with some of you and we can take it from there.

After all, that's the point of this. Not to get TOO personal but its good to get to know people, right?

So have you checked out the site? Have you read the FORUM yet? Anyone can post or start a conversation there for everyone to see. The blog space in your profile, that will serve for those who follow you here. HOWEVER, you can also USE LINKS to share with people on facebook to direct them here too, DID YOU KNOW THAT?

Have a little fun with this, feel free to use as you wish and do not worry, there is no nipple policy here. Over time, rules MAY develop as things progress...only takes a few bad apples right? SO right now, the slate is clean for all to use.

I am gonna post a pic on this JUST to give it a try. Seems like no one member so far has utilized this space....so I guess I will start.

Take care and ENJOY ...I am gonna work on some more content.


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